Align with Your Promised Land

Before incarnating in physical reality, you made specific agreements with the collective consciousness. You agreed on the role you’d play in the game of life, which karmic themes you’d be exploring and also your life’s purpose, which is intrinsic to the desires of your heart.

Many are living under a tremendous amount of self-created pressure. According to recent studies, the average person is subject to the hormones of stress for 70% of their day. Unless you make the required changes, that’s 70% of your life in the stress response. How can we be happy and live an enjoyable life if we’re stressed the majority of it? How can we align with our dreams and desires if we’re living in survival? We’re motivated by fear and anxiety when we’re stressed; thus, we can’t enjoy life in such a state. Inner peace must become your priority if you’re to align with the divine plan.

The main reason people are so stressed out is that they don’t trust in the way their life is unfolding.

I define the Promised Land as the fulfilment of your God-given purpose in life. Those activities, hobbies, talents and interests which set your soul ablaze are no coincidence─your passion is your purpose. This is why you need to be true to yourself and not the beliefs of those around you. Until you liberate your perception from the beliefs of those around you, you’ll never reach your personal Promised Land, as you’ll be too busy searching for someone else’s!

“The universe is centre everywhere circumference nowhere.”─Paramahansa Yogananda

The Promised Land is your natural state, your core vibration, which is unique unto itself, just as you as an individual, are unique. According to Yogananda, every single atom is conscious and imbued with the intelligence of creation, which is the universal mind─the source. Every soul, every fragment of the infinite consciousness, can’t be replicated by another.

If you consistently embody your natural state by focusing on the present without resistance, you align with the divine plan─the desires of your heart manifest in perfect timing as a result. To maintain such a state is to allow life to unfold the way it needs to, and not the way you believe it should. Of course, it would be unrealistic to expect someone to maintain the state all day. Once you’ve noticed that you’ve fallen from grace, however, it’s important to move back into the flow as soon as possible. By doing so, you learn to surrender to the power built into your consciousness.

When people generally hear the word surrender, they believe it means to give up their power or control, and on the level of the ego, it does. You aren’t just the ego; however, you’re also a Higher Self, a Soul and an Oversoul, which are ready to support you with their nonlinear intelligence the moment you get out of your own way. True surrender then, is to recognise to the power latent within the deepest crevice of your heart.

As I wrote previously, the core vibration of your individualised consciousness, can’t be replicated by another. No matter how many star systems you travel to in the vastness of infinity, you’d never find another you─and that is your power. Your core vibration is a current that leads you to your purpose─the state attracts everything you require to fulfil your destiny. Have you noticed how many of the things you wanted a couple of years ago now is already yours? You may not have even realised it, but the universe has already fulfilled your needs. It’s only your linear, timebound mind that refuses to believe so.

The key is a level of faith that borders on unshakable. You can help develop your confidence in the order of things by examining your life. Look back at all the times you’ve been supported by existence. Even the situations you felt were undesirable the moment they manifested, later, you found out they were necessary to teach you things you needed to learn. My point is that all situations can serve you positively if you tweak your perspective of them.

Everyone naturally feels inclined toward certain forms of activity. Yet, many are afraid to follow the call that echoes out their hearts. Doing what you feel called to do goes hand in hand with aligning with the Higher Self. If you lack the self-belief and confidence to go after your passion, you must dig into your unconscious to discover the beliefs preventing you from doing so.

Many hold themselves back because they’re afraid of what others think. The irony is that most of those people are also scared to follow their passion. Be a shining example for those who are around you daily. Show them, with your actions, that they’re as capable as achieving their dreams as you are by manifesting yours before their eyes.

When you muster up the courage to act on your passion, you realise that while performing such actions, you feel free, light and at peace. This is because the impressions of the past fall away the instant we do what we love. We’re plunged into our natural state when the fires of passion set our heart ablaze, as that fire burns the debris of the fear-based beliefs adjacent to the old self.

You’ll only miss your purpose if you continue to live via the hormones of stress most of the time. I’m not saying that you won’t have challenges when you move into your natural state, as it can bring up residual pain that needs transmuting. Challenges such as these, are also part of your destiny and should be validated the moment they arise. What I mean is, however, living under the hormones of stress all the time won’t only break your body down, but it also moves you out of alignment with the synchronising flow of the universe. The path of least resistance is in the flow.

Swimming against the current is the most exhausting thing you can do. When you let go and allow the current to guide you through your intuitive perception, you realise the effortlessness that comes along with being in harmony with existence.

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Rei Rei is an Astrologer, Author and Teacher from Liverpool, England. He is dedicated to creating a more coherent and compassionate society.

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