The Transformation of the Ego

Life is an experience of transformation. One of shedding who you believed you were in order to embody your true self. The transformation of the ego is why we incarnated in physical reality.

According to neuroscience, most of our conditioning occurs during the first seven years of our lives; this is because children’s brains are significantly more receptive than adults. Theta brain waves (which their brains are locked in) are hypnotic. As a result, children are easily programmed in this state of being. They’re so impressionable that they learn things merely by observing their environment. Due to the unconsciouness prevalent in our society, by the time they become teenagers, there will likely be a cocoon of limiting beliefs obscuring the light of their true self.

Nature is full of symbols that reflect the journey we go through in the rediscovery of our true nature amidst the web of society’s lies if we look at them from the right perspective.

The transformation the caterpillar experiences to become a butterfly, one of nature’s most adored creatures, for exaample, is comparable to the awakening process many are undergoing.

The caterpillar stage of the insect’s life resembles when we walk the earth without the awareness that there are wings or great potential latent within us; waiting to be realised. Many reading this will likely know how it feels to live below your potential; trapped in patterns (emotional, mental, habitual) you can’t seem to shake off. I lost count of the number of times my conscience ate me alive every time I walked home from a night out with the lads back in the day. I knew I had so much more inside me, but I didn’t know what…

Looking back at that version of myself, I feel nothing but compassion and great appreciation for him. I cherish those caterpillar days because, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The contrast those days presented me with enabled me to see the light of my truth. We can only see the stars shine at their brightest when they are surrounded by an endless chasm of darkness; we realize our truth after experiencing what isn’t, first.

After so many disappointments in my young life; allowing my happiness to be dependent on external conditions, I realized that no one or no-thing was ever going to give me the joy that I yearned. Everything in this world is transitory; having a beginning and an end. Many believe they’ll find eternal happiness in the forever fleeting experiences of the cosmic drama, only to hit brick walls thanks to the primrose paths their false beliefs lure them down. When I had this realisation, I decided to become a hermit; this is what’s known as the cocoon or more fitting with this article, the chrysalis phase.

“Most people unknowingly conform to a fear-based worldview; they’ve bought into a plethora of beliefs that unconsciously dictate their lives. These unconscious perceptions convince them to perpetuate behaviours that don’t serve them because everyone around them is doing the same; monkey see, monkey do.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

When the caterpillar begins its metamorphosis, it stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or a leaf and spins itself a silky chrysalis; within this protective casing, the insect transforms its body, to eventually emerge as a butterfly.

There were many inner demons I had to confront during those times of great solitude. Meditation and bouts of introspection were required for me to become aware of the limiting beliefs sheathed around the core of my true self. These fear-based perceptions convinced me to behave out of alignment with the light of my truth and to fear illogicalities. I realised there was a plethora of limiting beliefs hijacking my perception; they’d been there since I was a child, but I was unaware of them as I roamed the earth as the caterpillar.

We’re incapable of perceiving beyond our current state of consciousness. I was unaware of fear-based beliefs as I lacked the awareness to see them at the time. Many beat themselves up because they lack the awareness to see their self-sabotaging patterns, but I encourage you to go easy on yourself. We’re always shown what we need to know in perfect timing; this includes the lies in our mind which force us to misperceive what’s in front of us.

There were many aha moments when I realised how illogical it was to believe in such limiting and self-defeating ways. Awareness of my unconscious beliefs has freed me more than anything else has. Our post-natal conditioning forms a chrysalis around our consciousness that obstructs our wings from spreading, but there’s another interesting fact about what happens in the chrysalis before the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly that I’d like to share…

Scientists have conducted various studies on caterpillars while they were in their process of transformation. In one test, they purposely broke the chrysalis prematurely while keeping the insect intact, only to discover that by interrupting the natural metamorphosis we inhibit its growth. The struggle the creature undergoes to escape its chrysalis enables it to develop the strength it needs to grow its wings; when we do the work for it, the insect doesn’t reach its full potential.

Sad story, but it’s true and the same can be said for us.

Many are struggling to break free from the chrysalis of society’s lies have been wrapped around their essence since they emerged from the womb. The struggle, however, doesn’t need to be defined negatively. The ups, the downs; the good days, the bad days, the emotional rollercoasters; the challenges are what help us grow. I’m not saying, in any way, shape or form, that we MUST suffer to evolve; but I don’t know one human being who hasn’t suffered so we’re not there as a species yet.

The challenges, the tests, the trials, form your wings. They develop your character, humble you, and break-down what isn’t you so what is can emerge. Try to see everything in life even-mindedly as the Bhagavad-Gita teaches. Go beyond humanity’s definitions of right and wrong. All challenging situations manifest to help you expand and become the butterfly you were created you to be. What you believe is inhibiting you can be a catalyst to help you realise your potential. Trust in the process, allow everything to be, as it is.

Diamonds are adored by human beings and are extremely pricey because of their pristine quality and beauty. Yet, it takes immense pressure in order to create one. Similarly, the pressures and challenges of life can create a diamond out of you if you respond to them with consciousnes. It’s not what happens but what you do with what happens that counts.

One day, you’ll look down at your empty chrysalis, in the transcendental bliss of your natural state, flying in skies of higher vibrations with fluttering wings; thankful for the struggles you experienced as the caterpillar. My wish is that you all learn to use your wings this year; embodying levels of joy, bliss and love you never thought possible. May the love of the divine guide you in all you do.

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