Are those Memories even Yours?

We live in a reality whereby almost everyone derives their sense of self through the memories that unceasingly spin on the carousel of their mind. What scientists have discovered regarding memory, however, is that up to 50% of them are false; we make stuff up and believe it to give our personality a sense of continuity. 

Maybe this is why so many people’s minds haunt them daily because they allow lies to define them. Most pain we experience, physical, mental and emotional is self-created, on some level. Our thoughts, feelings and unconscious perceptions can have a detrimental effect upon on our wellbeing if we allow them to run automatically.

The creative power of the mind is so powerful that even if you create a false memory and believe it happened to you, it would affect and shape your biology in the same way as a real memory. In some mental health practices, therapists instruct their patients to create happy, false memories for this very reason. This is because the brain can’t differentiate between experiences in the outer world and a thought in your inner world; they too, affect your neurology in the same way. 

Dr Joe Dispenza put it this way: “So if you wake up in the morning and start to think about your problems, the moment you think about the memory of that problem, you’re thinking in the past. Since each memory has an emotion associated with it, the moment you feel that emotion, the body is now in the past. Because thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body, now your brain and body are completely in the past. As a result, when you feel unhappy, frustrated, sad, or deflated from the memories of your problems, your body doesn’t know the difference between the real-life event or the memory that is creating those emotions. Thus, if those negative emotions are driving your thoughts, and you can’t think greater than how you feel, you are thinking in the past. As your feelings become your means of thinking, you create more of your past.”

Let’s take this concept a step further. What if no memories are false, but they belong to different timelines? Stay with me. As the frequency of our planet has elevated over the last decade or so, we’re witnessing the collective consciousness become more aware of phenomena such as synchronicity and the Mandela effect, being just two examples. 

Synchronicity and the Mandela effect are proof that time isn’t linear; we just believe it is. If this is true, then all our experiences, past, present and future, must coexist simultaneously in the same moment─the eternal now. 

The Mandela effect especially is also showing us how parallel realities or alternative timelines are fundamental in the structure of the multiverse. We’re going beyond theory into the experience, collectively speaking. Millions of people believe that their past was slightly different than it is today, and you know what, they’re not wrong! 

Regardless of all the chaos ensuing around us, humanity is waking up─just as when an individual discovers who they really are; they still have to deal with the baggage representative of who they aren’t. Similarly, our civilisation is in the stage of its evolution where it’s dissolving lies. Everything that happens in physical reality, in our world, is reflective of the changes occurring in the collective consciousness. As an example, the great efforts that are happening worldwide to clean up the world’s oceans. The water on our planet is representative of humanity’s emotional body with the plastic, the baggage, symbolising the fear-based belief systems at the root of our trauma.  

Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka, is an extraterrestrial being from 700 years into the future. He states that every moment we experience, linearly speaking, is the same moment from a different perspective. But he also takes the memory concept to a different level. He claims that when we make changes within our consciousness, our perception, that we not only change where we’re headed in the future, but we also rewrite our past! 

So, maybe what’s happened when scientists claim that people have false memories is that they’ve moved to a timeline where the memories that are between their ears are no longer relevant to them? What if the thoughts in our head belong to a different version of us that exists in an alternate timeline? And more importantly, what if the only thing perpetuating your trauma is the belief that the memories in your head are yours when they probably are not! I touch on this in my new version of my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind:

“Scientists have conducted experiments on memory, and the results were conclusive; in some cases, their test subject’s memories were up to fifty-per cent incorrect. People make stuff up and believe it to add a sense of continuity to their personality.

Maybe their memories aren’t wrong per se; perhaps they changed themselves to such an extent that the person they are now has a different past? In my experience, I recognise that the changes I’ve made within myself have taken me to a different timeline; altering my past and potential future to align with the version of myself I’ve become. These multidimensional concepts are difficult to fathom at first, and I can only write from my perspective; what my mind tells me are my past experiences, however, feel anything but mine!

As an overview, the fact that we’re capable of going beyond our personality proves that it’s an illusion. When you see that the continuity of the old self is being perpetuated by your unconscious decision to align with the idea that the past has moulded you, then you’ll be able to connect to other versions of yourself. The present moment is your place of power; from this space, you can align with any past or future version of yourself; cease believing you’re limited to just the one between your ears. Be malleable; fluid; be whatever life calls you to be!”

On this note, let’s focus on building a new self with future memories. Earlier, when I mentioned how some therapists tell their patients to create happy, uplifting memories so that they can feel elevated emotions such as gratitude and love again, these memories also, aren’t false. According to Bashar, anything you can imagine is real in some reality because we’re incapable of imagining nonexistence. Thus, if we design a model of how we wish our future to look like, we can signal our genes and mould our biology to match our desired self ahead of the experience. All versions that of you that could imagine or remember exists now. The multiverse is a library of emotional states or versions of yourself you can choose to embody.

“You’re either defined by a vision of the future or the memories of the past.” -Dr Joe Dispenza

Physical reality reflects your state of being. Your perception of the environment is created by how you think, feel, believe and behave. When you wake up in the morning after a good nights sleep, you have a choice to either continue perpetuating programs that don’t serve you or to embody your future self, but how does one go about in doing the latter?

When imagining a future self, you can go as far up the timeline, linearly speaking, as you wish. If you want to become the you from five or ten years into the future, then you must have an idea of what you want to do and who you wish to become within that particular timescale. 

Let’s say you wish to embody the state of your future self, five years into the future. What would you want to have already accomplished in five years time? How would you feel daily if you were already that person? Close your eyes and imagine being them. If you wish to be wealthier or more successful in your chosen profession, then imagine scenes of you buying things you can’t afford today, or being awarded for your achievements. Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work hard to become who you wish to be in five years, but what imagining and connecting that version does is give you the wisdom, intelligence, insight and inspirations they have. This enables you to become even better at doing what you love to do. If you practice this consistently and also become aware of the programs within you that contradict the blueprint you’ve built, then you’ll behold your reality bend to your intentions. 

We must supply a model of our future self and hand it over to the Higher Self, which is beyond linear time. Once we provide a blueprint for the self we wish to become and align our beliefs, actions and thoughts and emotions with it, then life can do nothing but support you in your endeavours. 

So, in summary, memories are false on one level, but on another, they aren’t. It all depends on the level one of one’s perception. On the level of the time-bound physical mind or ego then yes, most your memories are no longer relevant to you. But from the Higher Self’s perspective then all memories, true or fabricated, are representative of the timelines you have or could shift to via your unconscious belief in their validity. 

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Siriusly Doh! Cetaceans Teach us How to Swim in the Ocean of Consciousness

For the most part, we live in an ego-centric world where human beings believe they’re the centre of the universe. Blinded by religious dogmas, and other unconscious perceptions, people generally aren’t aware of how small of a possibility it is that we’re the only sentient forms of life in the cosmos─heck, we’re not even the only type on our own planet! 

Enter the cetacean nation. 

Cetacean life, in my opinion, is the most mysterious aspect of our oceans and seas, which, by the way, covers more than 70% of the planet. This makes our beloved Mother Earth a Waterworld, which must also mean that most of its life must exist below sea level. 

The vast majority of the world’s oceans remain unexplored, as they are too deep for us to down and take a look. Strange-looking, alien-like creatures which glow in the dark have been found roaming the darkest corners of the world’s seas. The most intelligent, however, are species’ that we’ve become well acquainted with over the last century─the dolphins and whales. (Orcas are dolphins, just throwing that in there). 


Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka, is an entity who claims to be from 700 years in the future. He speaks to us through, from his perspective, his past self in Darryl. The channel claims that all forms of cetacean life are actually alien consciousness within our own planet that are telepathically connected to the Sirius star system.

According to the same source, the Sirius star system is the home to a sentient form of beings known as the Os. They are amphibious in nature and live underwater for the most part, although they can exist outside of it for some time as well. The Os civilisation of Sirius B, are the same beings that visited the tribe in West Africa thousands of years ago, called the Dogon, who, for thousands of years, have had star maps and data of the triple star system known as Sirius A, B and C. 

Even our own scientists have yet to discover Sirius C; we’ve only recently found Sirius B! But how would the Dogon know of these additional stars’ existence if not for some alien intervention? To me, the proof is in the pudding.

Bashar gave us this Sirius symbol a few years ago

During a seminar titled, the Interstellar Enneagram, Bashar gave us a symbol we can meditate upon to connect with Sirian consciousness, which I have posted above. He carefully instructs people only to visualise the symbol for no more than fifteen minutes. Still, I wouldn’t recommend anyone do it for more than ten unless you want your circuits completely blown like mine were! 

Sirian consciousness is 6th Density and is like a tsunami hitting your consciousness. Unless you know how to surf on those ridiculously high vibrations, you’ll be tossed and turned inside out. I’ll share my experience with you.

In 2015, I meditated on the symbol for ten minutes. After that, I felt sleepy and didn’t think anything of it, so I went to bed. The next day, I woke up with the biggest throat infection I’ve ever had. The day before I was fine. No itchiness in my throat, no cough, nothing. The high-frequency blue light of the Sirian consciousness literally brought up a host of negative beliefs in the form of a throat infection. Ha! It is only as I write this now that I realise the limiting beliefs were in relation to my self-expression─hence why there was a blockage in my throat. 

I took antibiotics for a week and eventually fought off the infection. I remember the vivid visions I would have as I lay in my bed of a white underwater temple. Intuitively, I knew I was being shown glimpses of the Sirian world.

As I stated before, Sirius exist on a level, even higher than our own Higher Self, but because they’re higher, they commune to us on that level. In 2010, I had contact with a being from Sirius, but there wasn’t a verbal exchange─it was an intuitive telempathy, a heart to heart connection. There was no fear, only the recognition that I was perceiving another aspect of myself─Siriusly doh!

Dolphins, Whales and Orca, and yes even Billy Beluga out of Finding Dory (I’m kidding) are all connected to Sirian consciousness. Connecting to these creatures then, can also help you establish a more clear channel to Sirius, which is the brightest star in our night sky for a reason. They are the ultimate example of a race of people who’ve mastered the art of swimming, not only in water but in the universal ocean of consciousness. 

This is also what they’re teaching us through the cetacean life on our planet. I find it very interesting that cetacean beings use echolocation to see─and in a sense, we must do the same by becoming aware of the frequencies all around us that we can’t see with our eyes. In other words, we must become clear channels for our own Higher Self, which, like the radiant Sirius A in our evening skies, leads us to the shores of the fulfilment of our heart’s desires when we allow it to guide us home. 

We’re swarming in consciousness, much like the fish and the cetaceans are swarming in water. Many believe space is empty, but Tesla discovered that every cubic inch of space is teeming with energy, and energy is consciousness. The universe is a star ocean─and we must learn to swim if we’re to transcend the contrast on our current version of Earth. 

The waves will come, but it’s not that matters what happens, but how we respond to, and how we define what happens. All circumstances, as Bashar and many other Masters have taught since time immemorial have taught, are neutral until we give them meaning. Most people’s minds have been programmed to assign fear-based definitions onto everything that happens automatically. Getting beyond the old self then, which is simply you believing you’re the person between your ears, is the key to discovering one’s innate timelessness. 

“Assumptions are unconscious defence mechanisms to protect the ego from the unknown; it likes to be in control of every aspect of your life. When given too much responsibility, though, it tires under pressure because it’s incapable of doing the job of the higher self. The role of the ego is to perceive what’s happening in the present moment; thus, you’ll only be capable of using it properly when you trust in life.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind 

The Orca, especially, are near and dear to me personally. I’ve had a few dreams that I was swimming with them and have always felt a resonance to their energy ever since I watched Free Willy as a kid. As I write this blog, I’m almost 34 but still, watch the movie from time to time. Bashar did comment on the Orca briefly in a transmission in 1988 called Self-Awareness; this is what he had to say about them: 

“For those not familiarised with what we’ve discussed. What you call the Orca, represents the polarity energy of the consciousness of the whale and dolphin lifeforms upon your planet, which is the other alien species upon your world. You have two─human, cetacean. The Orca represents, loosely put, the samurai or the sorcerer of the sea; the path of absolute conviction─no turning back. You have to be, shall we say, very clear, very clean, very pure when dealing with the Orca energy or it will collapse very strongly upon you.”

After my experience of the throat infection back in 2015, an idea came to me of a story, set on Sirius B that I have named, Blue Orca. It has taken me almost five years to build this universe, which is fictional for the most part, but still has many deep and underlying Sirian tones encoded within it. Stay tuned to this website for updates, Blue Orca: Awakening will be released next year. 

There are many ways we can connect to Sirian consciousness through the cetacean nation. The symbol I posted above is one method; another is to swim with dolphins in a safe environment. Whale watching is another way to feel their presence and connect with them telempathically or even just listening to whale or dolphin sounds can also attune you to their vibrations. 

So, to summarise, the cetacean nation is teaching us how to swim, how to flow with the currents of the cosmos which take us where we need to go when we trust how life unfolds. Only by going with the flow do we end up where we need to. Swimming against the river by resisting in life because it doesn’t look or happen in the way you believe it should is a sure-fire way of missing out on the great things creation could offer you if you’d just gracefully let go and allow it to work for you. 

Life doesn’t need your help; only your willingness and cooperation. Remember that. 

If there’s one thing the Orca has taught me is that it’s essential to find your Pod, your tribe. You can’t do this alone. It would help if you had people around you who will support you when you’re down, who reinforce your desire to expand your consciousness by having the same passions, and also inspire you to better yourself daily. Those are yo people! (Yo isn’t a typo).

I hope the rest of your 2020 goes swimmingly, pun intended.

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The Lunar Nodes: Embrace your Destiny!

The Lunar Nodes are the most mystical aspect of the natal chart, without question. Wherever this axis falls in your horoscope, largely determines the karmic themes, you, as a consciousness, have chosen to explore before incarnating in physical reality.

Many believe the conditions of their existence are accidental; other more religious people believe their creator flung them from heaven, down into this reality. As an astrologer, and having observed literally thousands of people’s charts over the last decade, it’s pretty clear that the time and location of one’s birth is a predestined. Simply put, we’re born when the heavenly bodies are in mathematical alignment with our karma.

What is karma? Again, many erroneously define the concept as a punishment system, set up by some wrathful God who sits on his laptop, recording our sins in some confined corner of space/time. This assumption, which stems from deep-seated unconscious religious programming, couldn’t be further from the truth, however.

From my understanding, karma has two aspects─the first is the law of cause and effect; physical reality is a reflection of your state of being, which consists of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and the behaviours formed as a result of those perceptions. A man reaps what he sows.

The second aspect is the themes we’ve chosen to explore in the spirit realm. Many ask me, why would I want such a difficult life, or why would people in third-world countries choose starvation and famine? My answer is, we don’t choose our life as an ego that is spellbound by the illusion of linear time, we do as an immortal consciousness─in this state of being we know nothing that happens to us in the world can tarnish our indestructible core.

“It is a scientific fact that between the ages zero to six, children are significantly more receptive to their surroundings than during adulthood. Their brain is locked in theta brain waves, which are akin to a recording device. They absorb beliefs, behaviours and reactions merely by observing those around them. Their family, friends, schoolteachers, pretty much everyone, has contributed, in some way, to conditioning them to fit in with their culture.

No one is to blame; this book isn’t about pointing the finger at others, as you chose your culture before you were born. The limitations you’ve inherited are the challenges you’ve agreed to overcome in this life. You incarnated on this world to play the game of self-discovery, to unveil your true self amidst a plethora of darkness, limitations, and illusions. Physical incarnations are self-imposed on a level of consciousness your thinking mind cannot fathom; acceptance of this reality, however, can work wonders.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

The illusion of linearity hypnotises us the moment we come out of the womb. As we experience the physical life where everything appears to be happening linearly, we become spellbound with a moment to moment awareness without realising that all experiences are the same moment from a different perspective.

“What you call the past, what you call the future, are the same moments from a different point of view.” ─Bashar, Channelled by Darryl Anka

All realities exist now. All versions of yourself you could possibly imagine and embody also exist now. The here and now is the window to all experiences, all realities, therefore the concept of reincarnation is an illusion if all lives happen simultaneously.

I had an experience in 2010 during a profoundly deep meditation where I made contact with a blue, ethereal humanoid being. The being told me he’s from Sirius B─and that he’s a future me. I was gobsmacked, initially because this experience peeled the linear, space/time illusion from my windows of perception. I realised that every incarnation has its own individualised soul and that clusters of individual souls merge to form what is known as the Oversoul.

The Oversoul, which is beyond time in the spirit realm, is the deepest level of your being; it is experiencing all it’s lives simultaneously and making connections between different aspects of it. For example, you may feel a deep connection to Japan, and that’s because you, as the Oversoul, have a life living there that exists now, but the you in America, as an individual soul, for example, never lived in Japan. You connect to different aspects of the Oversoul subconsciously to draw information, knowledge and even take on some of their traits, behaviours and skillsets. As the Oversoul you’ve lived in Japan, USA and probably Mars as well (lol) but as the individual self, you have this life only, so make the most of it!

Now that you have a general understanding of karma and how the universe is structured, let’s examine two of the most karmic points in the natal chart─the lunar nodes!

These two opposing glyphs symbolise the moon’s nodes (see picture above) in the natal chart.

Many believe the South Node represents past lives, and the traits you’re bringing into this life as a result of your karma from previous lives. But true Astrology is beyond linearity. We need to transcend these space/time (Saturnian) illusions to perceive the truth as Saturn is the Father of lies himself (Satan).

What’s actually happening in the South Node is precisely what I wrote a few paragraphs before about us subconsciously connecting to different aspects of our Oversoul, taking on their traits, sometimes even talents and hobbies.

Many have a rather dull perception of the South Node, but for me, I see it as the karmic seed through which the lotus of the North Node must blossom from! Until one masters their South Node, by completing the karmic themes associated with it, they won’t be able to move into their destiny and align with their true, magnetic North Node!

The Oversoul seeks to learn through it’s individualised soul’s experiences. It has made the connections you have in the South Node for an important reason. The South Node then, is the best place to start when you’re seeking self-improvement in the birth chart. You must close the karmic connections with the coexisting lives’ who’s traits hold you back from embodying your authentic self. Take what works for you from their lives and throw the rest away, as no person has ever been perfect in the totality in creation. Yet, that imperfection IS perfect as the stars can’t shine without darkness─through the illusions present in the South Node, you’re able to glimpse the light of your true self.

The North Node represents experiences your Oversoul has YET to experience, thus, it very much represents the unknown, which is of course, scary to most people. Many prefer to live below their potential because they feel safe, comfortable while doing so in their South Node, but let me state that your comfort zone is anything but comfortable!

Living below yourself is one of the most harmful things you can do. Negative, fear-based emotions over time, destroy the mind and body. It is a scientific fact that if overindulged in over a long period that the hormones of stress create disease. You must burst out of the cocoon of societies beliefs and soar to new heights if you’re to realise and awaken your North Node.

“It may be challenging initially to embrace a new set of feelings. Leaving the comfort zone, of course, is going to be difficult since your body is chemically addicted to wallowing in the same old emotions. This is why it’s common for people’s fight or flight response to activate when an unfamiliar situation arises. They panic because they unconsciously believe all that’s unknown to them poses a threat to their survival. There is a threat in the unknown, not to your true self, but the old self─and this conditioned aspect of the mind knows this.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

The universe expands through the experiences we have. The divine consciousness that is the origin of all existence is constantly evolving its understanding through us. The source is ready to experience something new through you; it wants to write a new story through your life─a story of victory, success, integrity and compassion for all beings.

As a result of the karmic themes, you, as an Oversoul chose for the individual soul, your North Node is aligned with your true passion and excitement. What sets your soul ablaze? What creative activity plunges your consciousness into the purifying fires of the present moment effortlessly? Your passion is no coincidence; you love what you love because you’re here to DO that.

Sometimes, what we love isn’t something we’re particularly good at, however. This is one of the major stumbling blocks in the awakening of the North Node. People are afraid to suck at something initially while they go through the process of mastering a new skillset. Talents are rarely mastered without practice and dedication. Rafael Nadal, for example, never become a nineteen-time grand slam champion simply because he was born to play tennis. He’s put in thousands of hours of hard work and dedication, mastering the sport on the practice court. So, trust in the process and embrace the unknown, also have confidence in your ability to figure things out and get things done. You’re a lot smarter when you’re aligned with existence. Move into alignment, blossom like a rose, but even the rose has thorns. Allow your imperfections to be perfections─use them as contrast to see, where life wants to take you!

If you’re interested in a reading where I help you identify the things holding you back in the South Node, and also assist you in realigning with your North Node, then please, visit my Karmic Astrology Readings page.

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Racism, Alienism is Taught; Not Instinctual

I can’t believe it’s 2020 and I have to write this shit, but here we go! 

Let’s be brutally honest; this year has only highlighted just how divided we are as a civilisation. The coronavirus pandemic has, without a doubt, brought out the best in many by showing us how essential the medical services are to our survival. Instead of worshipping Hollywood celebs, maybe we can start to appreciate the people who actually make a positive contribution to our society more? 

The coronavirus, however, also showed us how selfish some are. During the first few weeks of the outbreak, when panic was widespread, people were literally fighting over toilet paper, canned and dried foods, and other stuff like hand sanitiser. I remember walking into the local supermarket, and people were rushing around everywhere with their trolleys, hoarding everything for themselves. The pasta aisle was empty; there were about three cans of beans remaining. 

Weeks later, there were photographs of people’s bins outside their home in the local newspaper; they were full of food that hadn’t even been opened. Those people bought a shit load of stuff, depriving the elderly, mainly of it and didn’t even eat it! This was discouraging, for someone, like myself, who believes in the potential for Humanity to evolve, to be honest. 

Then there’s the George Floyd incident which has only intensified matters. The innocent African American man was murdered by local law enforcement because of his skin colour, which has understandably caused an uproar across the United States. People are even rioting, looting from stores, and the protestors have even killed some innocent people. Black Lives do Matter, of course, but so does every other form of sentient life on this planet. Life matters. Those who believe their actions are justified by stealing from and killing innocent people are just as bad as those who murdered George. 

Protest yes, but let’s cease shedding blood. All life is sacred and precious. When a firefighter goes to fight a fire, he doesn’t extinguish it with more fire; he uses water to cool things down. Similarly, we can’t solve these issues by fighting fire with fire, or violence with more violence. A peaceful approach, a higher state of love, compassion is required to transform our world on all levels. 

What is racism? Many believe it’s instinctual, that it originates from when we were cavemen, and neighbouring tribes that looked a little different would fight each other. We’re not fucking cavemen anymore though! We can’t use this as an excuse. We have a more developed brain, mind, intellect and perception, and most importantly, a heart of compassion. 

“There is a story of a church in one of the southern states of America; it was a place where only white people are allowed to attend the services. Jim, the African American janitor, wanted more than anything else to be permitted to worship with the congregation on Sunday mornings. ‘Jim’ the minister explained to him. ‘I’d love to have you join us, but if you did so, you know I’d lose my job.’

One night, Jim prayed brokenheartedly to Jesus. ‘Lord, why can’t I worship in there with the white folk?’ 

After some time, he fell asleep, and a vision was granted him. Jesus Christ appeared in a great light, smiling compassionately. ‘My Son’ Jesus said. ‘Don’t feel too badly, for twenty years I’ve been trying to enter that church myself, and I’ve not yet succeeded.'”

-Paramhansa Yogananda: The Essence of Self-Realisation

Racism, separationism, is taught. No babies are born racist; children embrace people of different races equally; there are no questions asked. They love and share their toys with them, smile and hold their hand. The unfortunate thing is that today’s media is created in such a way that it promotes racism, violence and hatred toward people who look a bit different than us. We’ve been programmed to only focus on our differences instead of our commonalities, which are far more significant. 

Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed” – Will Smith 

Racism is Taught

It is a neuroscientific fact that during the ages of 0-6 that the brain is locked in theta brainwaves. Theta is akin to a recording device and is the same state of mind hypnotherapists work their trade on their patients. People are far more impressionable in this state, and it’s why people tend to become just like those they spend most of their time with as they were growing up. Unconscious beliefs and perceptions, habits and attitudes are passed down from generation to generation this way; it’s nature’s way of allowing us to adapt to our environment. If a child is brought up in a racist community, then it’s unfortunate that they’re probably going to grow up racist too. We must get to the root of all this separation if we’re to transcend it, together as a civilisation.

I stated before that our commonalities are far more significant than our differences, but what are they? We’re all children of Gaia, of God, regardless of how we look. We all bleed the same colour blood, have the same beating heart but most important, have the same consciousness! 

There is only one energy in existence, and it’s become every little lifeform that appears to be separate on the surface level of reality, but in truth, all are one and have always been. Don’t be fooled by appearances; everyone is an extension of your greater self, any time you belittle or discriminate against someone for any reason, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. 

I can’t even imagine how our society would react if an extraterrestrial civilisation appeared who looked nothing like us. In the current state of our collective consciousness, they’d be demonised and branded as children of Satan by the baptist Christians and members of other dogmatic faiths. Alienism will become the new racism if we’re not careful.

The countless sightings in the sky of ET craft are only intensifying as time goes by. I’ll go on record by saying that I, myself, am a contactee. I’ve spoken to an extraterrestrial. They only appear, however, to individuals who have already transcended the boundaries that separate us as a society. They’ve been observing us for aeons, but they won’t come down and force us to change, that’s not the answer. A forced evolution isn’t the way forward. We must get our own house in order before we go out into the universal world of the cosmos. 

World peace isn’t enough; we must be willing to embrace, not only each other but all races by focusing on universal peace.

But what if these civilisations are a threat? Your mind is probably wondering due to all the Hollywood movies you’ve seen about them that project our tendencies onto them. I’ll let Dr Steven Greer, the ufologist answer this question for you in the quote below: 

“At one point… asked, “Well, what if these life forms are hostile?” I looked at him and I said, “You know what? You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation if they were hostile given the fact that the technologies that they have are so advanced that they can alter the fabric of space-time. If they were hostile, in a nanosecond, the earth could be turned into a cinder floating through space and you know it. And insofar as we have been doing reckless and dangerous things against them for decades, the fact that you and I still are breathing the free air of earth is abundant testimony to their non-violence.” He just looked at me.”

-Dr Steven Greer MD: Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge

It’s crunch time guys, all life matters, and even beyond this little blue sphere, we call our home. We can you do? Teach your children to love and embrace everyone from a young age, so the media can’t program them to do otherwise. Impress their minds with thoughts of equality, how the love of God is present within all, regardless of nationality. I believe it would also help if children were taught meditation at school, as meditation helps one see beyond the superficial boundaries many unconsciously allow to hijack their perception. 

We are one being, one consciousness and until we come together, and drop these outdated, primitive collective mindsets, then we’ll never be able to explore the cosmos and become instruments for the love of the divine consciousness, collectively speaking. 

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The Eternal Now

Time is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Spellbound by the illusion of linearity, we wander through physical reality, believing each moment is an isolated fragment. All times, places, circumstances and beings, however, coexist simultaneously in the eternal now. The definition of synchronicity is a coincidence in time, but from my understanding, there are no coincidences, nor is there time.

“Synchronicity is being experienced at an accelerating rate as more around the world awaken to their true selves. To me, synchronicity is proof of a higher order, a cosmic intelligence that oversees the cosmos. When one observes their life with awareness, they see that all things, beyond appearances, are ultimately one.”

-The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

Think of the person you admire the most throughout history. Your mind has been tricked into believing that by their passing, they’re no longer in this reality, but it isn’t so. They’re still living today, and by studying their lives, or meditating on their presence, one can connect to them to withdraw inspiration. Mediums do this already when they connect people to their deceased loved ones.

When Paramahansa Yogananda wrote his commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita, known as God Talks with Arjuna, he stated in the introduction that he connected to the consciousness of Veda Vyasa, author of the Mahabharata, in which the Gita is merely a chapter, to decipher the scripture. He understood and perceived that all time spheres exist concurrently and opened himself up to become a channel for the wisdom of the great sage.

In today’s society, we use social media platforms to connect to people all over the world within the blink of an eye, but even these platforms are bound by the condition that we can only talk to people living in this time sphere. By peeling the linear, space-time illusion from your windows of perception, you connect to a vast network, which enables you to make contact with any being that’s ever existed. This contact can occur in various ways such as lucid dreams, visions, meditative experiences or inspiration while you’re in a creative state.

A few years ago, I had a super-lucid dream while I was studying Yogananda’s commentaries on the Gospel. I dreamt I was witnessing the scene of Christ’s betrayal as the Roman soldiers arrested him in the garden of Gethsemane. Furious by what I was seeing, I was asking his disciples to help him as I already knew his fate─and so did he. Jesus gazed at me compassionately and shook his head; it was then that I realised that he was the only one who could see me.

Enlightened masters, such as Christ, see through the veil of linear time, that’s why their teachings are timeless. They’re aware of their oneness with the ocean of consciousness─the source of all things, people, places and realities. You’re already, one with the source as they are, the only difference between them and you is that they’ve realised time, space and separation for the illusions that they are. Self-realisation is simply the realisation that you’re already one with God, and everyone else.

“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” 

-Albert Einstein

Not all illusions are negative, however, we’ve been programmed to believe so when in fact, without the side-effect of time, space, we wouldn’t be capable of having a physical reality experience where we progressively become more of ourselves. There is no growth in a timeless state as in your timelessness─you’re aware of your oneness with the infinite self.

“Time remember, is a side effect, a side effect of your consciousness shifting over and over and over and over and over again to different points of view of the same single moment of existence.” 

– Bashar, Channeled by Darryl Anka (You are All Time Travellers)

Once you know how creation is structured, then you can align with any version of yourself (past, present or future) you prefer. If linearity is just smoke in mirrors, you’re capable of connecting to a future self, let’s say, for example, ten years down the line and withdrawing knowledge and information from them. All realities exist now. Peel the linear, space-time framework from your windows of perception and become aware of the multiverse, in which the physical universe you’re currently residing in, is just a drop of its ocean. There are countless realities or time spheres in creation─this is why Christ said in the Gospel:

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” 

-John 14:2 

So, close your eyes and imagine the best possible version of yourself. What would you be doing? What would you look like? Who would you be with? What would be your occupation? What dreams would you have already accomplished or realised? Connect to that version. Feel how you’d be feeling if you were already your future self. Create a wormhole between that version and you, so that every time you sit, meditate and feel their state of being, you pull them a little closer to you. What you perceive as a version, ten years ahead of you, could arrive a lot quicker if you practice this consistently.

You can also speak with your past or future incarnations. Reincarnation, as it’s taught in this world, has been misinterpreted. If all realities and people exist simultaneously, that means that all lives are also existing at the same time. Every incarnation has it’s own soul, it’s own consciousness. When people believe they lived in Ancient Egypt, or Japan in a past life, what’s actually happening is that they’re subconsciously connecting to a life existing simultaneously, that’s why they feel drawn and inspired to places they’ve never been in their current life.

There’s a level of our being beyond the individual soul, which Bashar and his civilisation call the Oversoul. The Oversoul is the level that’s aware of all your incarnations at the same time; it is your true self. But from an individual soul level, you’re the person you are now for eternity. For example, you are those incarnations from Japan and Ancient Egypt from the Oversoul level. Still, one must realise that from their current state of consciousness in physical reality, they are different people to you. Every single moment and version of yourself, in fact, is a different person entirely.

The eternal now is the presence of all that is, was and ever will be. Feel this reality by practising living in the present moment, as it’s only in the here and now can you connect to the beings or versions of yourself you desire. Align with their state of being while also honouring where you are in your awakening process. Take off the linear-tinted shades from your windows of perception and see eternity for what it truly is─a vast multiverse without end.

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The Pangs of Awakening

ACCORDING to NASA, the media and our governments, the search for extraterrestrial life and our place in the universe is still ongoing. The likelihood that the only sentient forms of biological life exist on our planet is 0000000.1% when you consider the size of the cosmos, but according to them, we’ve still not answered the fundamental question; are we alone? 

Or have we? Maybe, the truth is stranger than fiction.  

I’ve always been fascinated by what’s deemed ‘paranormal’ by society. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had the answer to that question rotating on the carousel of my mind. The existence of ET life has never been in doubt to me. I vividly recall scanning the heavens for visitors from other star-systems with a pair of cheap binoculars in my hand when I was just six years old. 

Excited by the intuitive hunch that the truth is indeed, out there, my pursuit to investigate the unseen realms began at a tender age. This world has a way of making you forget what you came here for, however… 

I once read that it’s no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society; I learned this the hard way. I was born with childlike excitement glistening in my eyes, but when I reached my teenage years, my passion for the unseen realms was buried beneath the lies of those around me. Defining yourself through the eyes of people who don’t know you or themselves, is challenging, to say the least. 

Before I knew it, I’d become just like everyone else. Mother Nature’s way of forcing us to adapt to our environment did a number of me. I dressed, spoke, behaved, just like my friends; and truth be told, they weren’t a good influence on me.

At this point in my life, all that mattered was the satisfaction I got out of fulfilling my whimsical desires. I suppressed the yearnings of my inner child with booze, which became the vehicle for my downward spiral into severe depression and anxiety. Fear of ostracisation controlled my every behaviour. The need for acceptance fuelled my restlessness; I always felt like an outsider; even around close friends. 

I’d become another cog in the machine of this profoundly sick society with mental health issues; my childlike self, all but forgotten. The irony is, even though I hated my life, I somehow felt comfortable as my self-sabotaging ways suppressed the screams of my innermost child. For eleven orbits around the sun, I was in limbo; misaligned with my true self. They say life begins where your comfort zone ends; boy did they get that one right! 

On my way home at the end of each night of partying with my friends, my conscience pleaded with me to cease perpetuating such a meaningless existence. I knew I had so much more inside of me, but I was too scared to go looking for it. During a cold winter night in January 2010, however, everything changed…

“I’m off!” I stood up and slipped on my shoes. We were at a party at a friend’s house, it must have been around 2:30 in the morning. I took out my phone to call a taxi as dance music pumped fiercely in the background. I had to move to the bathroom and close the door while I ordered a cab. 

“Aww, you’re leaving!?” one of the girls asked as I returned to the living room. I nodded. She noticed that I looked pale; I also felt nauseous after realising just how shallow some of my acquaintances were. “Are you gonna be alright?” she squeezed me tight in her chubby arms. The stench of her perfume almost knocked me out. 

“Should be, yeah!” I smiled while pulling away. I appreciated her concern but knew it wasn’t genuine. This is what most of the people around me did; they faked their feelings and were only concerned about you when they wanted something or were loaded or a combination of the two. There were only a handful of people in my life who genuinely cared, and most of them lived under the same roof as me. 

A huge part of me didn’t want these people in my life any longer. I’m not judging when I say this, but some good people aren’t necessarily good for you. I know firsthand from experience, that if you spend too much time around the wrong people that their ways begin to rub off on you. We must be selective with the company we choose to keep as the environment is a powerful force capable of convincing us to do things we know we shouldn’t. 

At twenty-three years old, I already hated who I’d become. I had no idea who I was; I felt misaligned with the universe. You could say that I was winging life, but even that’s a compliment to who I was back then! 

 After some more hugs and goodbyes, I left through the front door as I heard the cab beeping outside. I felt relieved to get out of that place as I embarked on the fifteen-minute journey home. 

An eerie feeling arose in my stomach as I gazed out the cab window. Maybe it was because I was sobering up, but everything looked so fake, so artificial; even digital. Physical reality has always felt digital to me, like a simulation or something. Being an avid video gamer, I’ve defined life as a game ever since I was a child. I remember pondering this concept dozens of times in the back of my dad’s car. 

“Had a good night, lad?” the cab driver broke the silence between us, interrupting my chain of thought in the process. He could probably smell the booze and assumed that I’d been out with my mates. “Cold tonight, isn’t it?” he stopped the cab as the traffic lights were on red. 

“Freezing!” I rubbed my hands together to try and stay warm. For some reason, he didn’t have the radiator on in his car; it must have been broken. “Can’t wait to get into bed!” 

“I know the feeling mate, been working all night!” he resumed driving as the lights turned green. 

“Yeah?” I didn’t know what else to say, so I glanced out the window again; I still felt tipsy. There was a thin sheet of white covering the roads, parked cars and patches of grass; we were in the middle of winter, after all. After around ten minutes of listening to music on the radio, he turned a corner into my mum’s road. 

“Just drive to the bottom mate,” I directed the driver. “I live there.”

He nodded without saying a word. “Alright mate, here you go!” he pulled over outside my house. 

“Just keep the five mate!” I handed him my last chunk of change. I was skint again; something I’d become accustomed to over the years. I survived barely by begging my mum for money and living on benefits; mediocrity was my comfort zone. 

“Ta mate! Take care!” the driver said before slowly driving away as the roads were slippery due to the wintery conditions. 

I quickly unlocked the front door, pushed it open and headed for the kitchen to grab a bottle of water out the fridge. I noticed some fried chicken left in a bucket in the oven; someone must have ordered some while I was out. I took a piece and ate it before walking upstairs to my room. 

After going to the toilet for a slash, I slowly pushed open my bedroom door…

“Aww!” I was delighted to see my dog, Chico, lying on his side at the end of my bed, waiting for me to come home. Chico was my best friend at the time; although he’s passed away now as I write this, ten years later. My dad surprised us one Christmas when he brought him home as a puppy; he slept with me that night, it’s something I’ll never forget for as long as I’m alive. 

His tail wagged as my presence woke him. I sat next to him and rubbed behind his ears; which he loved. He returned the favour by licking me ferociously on my chin. He could probably smell the chicken I’d just ate and wanted seconds. I felt much closer to him than I did to any person; he was always there for me. A dog’s loyalty is priceless

I was getting tired, so I got changed into my shorts and shirt, switched the light off and slid into bed. Chico let out a sigh before resuming his sleep. 

As I lay in bed, surrounded by darkness, my conscience was at it again. Flashbacks of the night and the people I’d interacted with kept appearing in my mind’s eye. I noticed that my breathing accelerated a little. Tossing and turning to try and relax, my thoughts started attacking me. 

“What’s the point in such a meaningless life? Aren’t we here to do something worthwhile? You can do better than this!” 

In hindsight, when I look back on those thoughts, I realise they were supportive, but at the time, they triggered me into a panic attack. My palms were now sweaty and could hear my heart racing amidst the silence of my room. Tossing and turning a couple more times, I found it harder to breathe by the second. 

Next thing I know, I burst into my mum’s room crying for help; I thought I was going to die. “Mum! Help, I can’t breathe!” I held my hand on my chest.

Mum turned in bed and stared at me with squinty eyes. “Just open the window and get some fresh air, you’ll be fine,” she rolled back over. The moment she said I’ll be okay, the terrifying symptoms started to diminish. I switched off her lights and carefully closed the door. 

I wiped the sweat off my face with the shirt I wore to the party before dropping it on the floor. Chico sat on my bed with a concerned look on his face. Needing a drink after that episode, I unscrewed the lid of the bottle of water and took a sip; it was ice-cold. It was then that I remembered what mum had said about opening the window. 

I stood up and patted Chico on the head before heading to the window to open it. When I looked outside, I saw something that I wasn’t expecting. Living in the UK with its cloudy atmosphere, clear nights are rare, combined with the light-pollution, seeing constellations are even rarer. 

“Wow…” I muttered, awe-struck by what I beheld. Billions of light-years canvassed before me in the skies of infinity. My eyes welled up as I felt a presence that connected all galaxies, solar systems and worlds, including our own. 

The only constellations I knew at the time were Orion and the Pleiades. A star southwest of Orion stood out the most; it shone so brilliantly. I didn’t know its name, but it immediately caught my attention.

I sat there in awe, marvelling at the omnipresent stillness of space. A few seconds later, a shooting star traversed the sky. Recollections of my child self came and aroused a smile after I saw one of the most beautiful sights Mother Nature has to offer. In keeping with the belief that wishes come true when you see one, I closed my eyes and asked for liberation from society’s chains with my hands together. 

The second I made my petition to the heavens, a firm conviction arose from the deepest crevice of my being that I’d never felt before. After suffering a panic attack, I felt an unseen presence telling me that it was time to change my ways; it was now or never. 

I didn’t wish to suffer any longer. My life was already in pieces; I had no job, no goals or passion, no healthy habits; I’d hit rock bottom, and when you hit bottom, the only way is up. I clenched my fist as hard as I could with tears pouring down my face; this was the moment my life changed forever. 

“That’s it!” I held my hand out the window and told the universe that I was going to take my life back. I declared, with all my conviction, that I was going to align with its plan for my life. I didn’t ask, I didn’t beg; I told the source that I was going to change myself. 

And that’s precisely what happened…

The following morning, I woke up a different person; the change was subtle, but it was there. The first thought I had upon opening my eyes was that I’m going to find God within myself; I’d never had that thought before. Being born into a Catholic family who believes God and his creation are separate didn’t allow such thinking. I’ve never been a religious person, but I knew there was something to it, I just didn’t know what. 

I noticed the picture of Mother Mary on the wall in the lobby on my way to the bathroom. Even though I knew nothing about her, pictures of her helped me feel at peace, at ease. 

I now had no desire to continue indulging in the lifestyle that had depleted my health on every level. 

Motivated by the experience I had the night before, my first goal was to improve my health and fitness. A couple of days later, I started running at night under the stars. I remember my first run like it was yesterday; I only ran half a kilometre; my lungs felt like they were on fire!

I also began meditating to help me quell the subtle anxiety that followed me everywhere I went. Listening to a few teachers on YouTube helped me find the space within where the past has no power over us. Thanks to meditation, I knew that in my inner self, I was already free. Bringing that freedom out into the outer world, however, is a challenge so few conquer. 

Often, my friends invited me to go partying with them, but I’d refuse; this angered some, others weren’t bothered. A few of us would play footy sometimes, but others slowly started to fade out of my life. I’d become a hermit, a loner, by choice. Being around people who don’t understand what you’re going through can be difficult, for sure. 

During the initial months of my recovery, I’d meditate every morning and evening before bed, and go running three to four times a week; I also took a break from drinking. My fitness improved slowly in the initial stages; throughout this process, I realised there’s no substitute for hard work and dedication. When you want something more than the alternative, you’ll do what it takes to make it a tangible reality. 

Many incorrectly assume that just because you’ve awoken to your true self that you no longer have any difficulties or challenges; I’ve found just the opposite to be true. I’ve had to come to terms with why I was living out of alignment with my Higher Self and allowing my worth to be determined based on how people perceived me. The initial awakening is what gives you the strength to start confronting your inner demons because you’re in touch with that space within where you know that nothing is impossible. 

Indeed, my journey was just beginning

The state of our world saddened me and still does to this very day. I’d often go downstairs and see my parents watching the news. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie or watching the footy or tennis, but the news channels, in particular, I believe, have the power to control how people see the world. Any time I’d walk into the living room and see an update on some war in the Middle-East on the television, I’d walk straight back out. 

After meditating for months, I was getting better at it. I could go thoughtless for a couple of minutes and felt rejuvenated every time I came out from my inner chamber. I began studying the lives of the sages and great teachers from India such as Paramhansa Yogananda, Mahavatar Babaji and Lord Krishna. 

My spiritual search brought me to a world that I forgot existed; reading about their experiences helped reignite my passion for the unseen realms. I felt my inner child coming back out to play; I even started looking at the sky for UFOs again! 

I stumbled across a channelled teacher called Bashar, who’s message was on another level to what I’d heard before, it was thanks to him and his teachings that I become aware of the erroneous beliefs that were hijacking my perception.

I was often alone in my room with Chico, pondering what my next move was going to be. I noticed that the more layers of falsity I shed during my soul searching, the more I desired to be of service to Humanity, but I felt I wasn’t ready. I’d only been clean for six months; even though my fitness and health had improved, there was still much to discover about myself. 

I had a vision during meditation on my bed one night. I found myself in the sky, surrounded by white clouds as the sun’s light shone brilliantly on the horizon. A powerful voice spoke. “We are one body!” 

I sat up confused; I knew there was something big I had to do in this lifetime; I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. Even though I read that everything happens in divine timing, the question below was often in my thoughts…

“How could I be of service to my civilisation?”

End of Part One (More to follow)

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Newsflash: You Don’t Kill the Ego!

I’ve heard so many people assert, with great conviction, that the path to enlightenment and true inner peace is to kill their ego; what they don’t understand, however, is that without ego, you couldn’t exist as an individual being. The individuality of the ego goes far beyond the physical realm.

Many mistakenly define the voice in the head as their ego; they correlate their conditioning with their individuality. But, if people are conditioned to fit in with society by adopting the same beliefs, perspectives and tendencies then that’s the complete opposite of individuality. All too often, people lose their true self by immersing themselves in the stream of society only to realise that they’re not being who they are; but who everyone else believes they should be.

“Most of the things we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us are false notions we have unconsciously bought into from the minds of other people as we were growing up. This is the complete opposite of individuality, yet many define our social conditioning as our ego; see the contradiction? Our ego is our individuality and has nothing to do with what we’re told to be by others!”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

The conditioning impressed upon the ego isn’t the ego, but simply beliefs and behaviours one has installed into their mind as a result of their past experiences.

In the picture above, we see a wonderful illustration of what I’m saying. The true ego is a blank canvas or in this case, a blank house. You get to decide what colour you’ll paint it, which door you’ll have, what kind of fence and so on.

Our true self isn’t even a person, but consciousness. In this cosmic drama, we call existence, we’re playing the role of a human being. If you’ve incarnated as a human (which I’m sure you have if you’re reading this), beyond this reality in the more subtle astral realm, you’ll still be you; a person, with a spark of individuality no other being in existence, is capable of replicating.

Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, so too is every sentient being in the universe dowered with individuality. No one is capable of being you, and that is your power so embrace it. Why would you want to kill that aspect of yourself? Your true personality is divine. ‘Spiritual’ people desiring the kill their ego are being fooled by the belief that they can’t be a soul and a person, simultaneously. That is what life is all about; finding that subtle balance, a foot in each world, being in the world but not off it.

“At the most fundamental level of our beings, we’re all projections of a single universal consciousness; we are all one in this sense. The ego, however, exists for a very divine and specific purpose; let us accept our oneness as a fact so we can simultaneously thrive in our God-given individuality. We maintain our individuality for a reason: without it, we wouldn’t even exist as physical beings! The reason we possess an ego is to enjoy our experience in the physical realm and to express our true selves through it. We are all musical instruments and God, the cosmic composer, plays a unique song through each of us; the ego is the instrument.” ─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind


The Hindu God, Sri Krishna, is often depicted playing the flute, which is symbolic of the spine and its seven chakras or energy centres. As I say in the Labyrinth in the quote above, the divine wishes to express itself through each and every one of us in a unique way; becoming homogenous isn’t the point of having a human life.

Your individual focus is your ego; you’ll always appear as separate from other beings and perceive the reality in front of you, whether its physical or astral, through a set of eyes. Refining your ego by dissecting the unconscious beliefs and behaviours that aren’t aligned with your true self is the purpose of the awakening journey. When you let go of what you’re not, you embody who you’ve always been.

The voice in your head isn’t your true ego, it’s a false entity who pretends to be you. When you believe in the lies between your ears, they define you. When you’re able to watch your thoughts without believing them, then you’re on the path of discovering your true self, not only as a soul but as personality.

When I look back throughout history at some of the most influential human beings, such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Beethoven, Mozart, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Bruce Lee or John Lennon; these people had a strong personality that was able to rouse the divine spark in others and influence them positively. They fully accepted themselves and their lives are reflective of that acceptance.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” ─Oscar Wilde

Contrary to popular belief, you can accept the truth of our oneness while simultaneously embracing our individuality. In fact; there’s no other way to live a happy life. Human beings are social creatures; a collective consciousness. We aren’t meant to live alone, but together, with our family and friends, embracing life in its totality.

Our collective resembles a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece representing a person. You’ve been designed by the divine as a specific shape and size; this is your true self. But if you’re being someone you’re not, then you won’t fit into the puzzle picture. By believing your fitting in, you’re actually ostracising yourself from the collective consciousness. Again, people believe their conditioning (who they’ve been told to be by others) is their ego but its the complete opposite. You can only fit in with the collective by shunning those lies and expressing your soul qualities through an untarnished ego, which is divine.

The soul, in a sense, is the ego if you think about it. If your consciousness is one with all that is, then the concept of an individualised soul is illusory; the ego is that illusion. Not all illusions are negative; this one is a necessary component to have a physical experience.

As you saw in the illustration above, the decoration of the house isn’t the house. Once you become truly present and mindful of what you’re doing the canvas of the ego turns blank again. I touch on this in my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. 

“This is why Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese master, said the universe surrenders to the mind that’s still. This is because the canvas of the physical realm turns blank every time you become still. He understood the neutrality of all things and that we can easily change how we look at the circumstance at hand when we’re able to go back to zero. When a challenging circumstance manifests in your life, go within, retreat into the core of your being and be still. All the answers to your questions, all the solutions to your challenges are inside of yourself, and nowhere else.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

So, embrace your individuality; you have it for a reason. There is nothing, nonspiritual about physical reality because every single atom is made from spirit, consciousness. Align with your integrity and strip the colours from your house that don’t truly represent who you are.

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Limiting Beliefs Hijack your Perception

We enter this world with such joy, optimism and excitement glistening in our eyes as a newborn baby. The adults around us are in awe as they peer into our eyes; as they can see their own, divine self, gazing back at them.

A few years later, as the ego begins to take shape as a result of our interactions with our environment, that light begins to fade. We start to walk, talk and behave like everyone around us; this is what it means to become conditioned by our surroundings. We’re influenced so easily during the first seven years of our lives because the brain is much more impressionable during them. The average person’s brain is in Beta brainwaves for the majority of their day; children’s however, are locked in Theta brainwaves; which are hypnotic!

This means children become conditioned merely by observing their environment. The information decoded through their senses sets the foundation of their personality structure for the remainder of their lives. We must be careful of how we behave in front of children as they pick up on the smallest reactions and copy them; monkey see, monkey do.

“A third story concerns the plasticity of the youthful mind. I heard my mother remark occasionally: ‘A man who accepts a job under anyone is a slave.’ That impression became so indelibly fixed that even after my marriage I refused all positions. I met expenses by investing my family endowment in land. Moral: Good and positive suggestions should instruct the sensitive ears of children. Their early ideas long remain sharply etched.” – Sri Yukteswar (Autobiography of a Yogi)

By the time we reach adulthood, we have a host of habits, mental and emotional patterns and we have no clue how we’ve acquired them. Our reactions become just like those we spend the most our time with; probably our friends. I’ve noticed that most teenagers react to situations in the exact same way their friends do; why is this? It’s purely because they unconsciously believe, on some level, they need to fit in order to be accepted by everyone around them.

Humanity can be said to resemble a jigsaw puzzle, with each person representing a piece of the puzzle. We’re created by the divine to be a particular shape, size and colour so we can fit in with the rest of the pieces to form the picture. Many believe they’re fitting in by being just like everyone around them; but each piece is individualised, unique. Your true self is nothing like you’ve been told to believe it is. You can’t fit in if you’re trying to be a piece that you’re not by copying everyone around you; when you become your true self, you effortlessly click into the collective consciousness and inspire others to do the same. Trying to be a piece you’re not is the most painful existence there is; suffering is the end result.

Each piece, each person is of the same value because the picture would be incomplete without them; that’s how valuable you are; Humanity would be incomplete without you.

Your reactions are driven by your unconscious beliefs, and until you bring those beliefs into awareness then they’ll continue to control the way you perceive and react to the circumstances you manifest. When we were children, we absorbed the most dominant beliefs of those around us by observing their behaviour; this is because our beliefs are the basis of all our behaviour; yes, I said all.

Many believe that their habits aren’t a choice, but they are. The subconscious is the habit mind; when you were a child, your mother probably had to remind you for a couple of months every night before you went to bed to brush your teeth, eventually, it became second-nature; but that doesn’t mean you lost your ability to choose whether you should brush your teeth or not; you do so because you believe brushing your teeth serves you in a positive way, in which it does.

You’re still motivated, to this day (I hope), to brush your teeth because you know it benefits you. The same can be said with all your other habits too! You only keep choosing them because you believe they serve you more than the alternative does. So, if you have a bad habit that you wish to drop, you need to come to terms with why you believe the habit serves you; and ultimately why you’re choosing something you don’t prefer on a daily basis.

We always feel motivated to do what we believe serves us best, but if we’ve got a mind full to the brim of unconscious, fear-based belief systems then our motivations and behaviour will reflect those beliefs. You’ll avoid things, people and places you shouldn’t out of fear; you’ll also shun your passion and soul-driven excitement for the mediocre, the mundane and the familiar.

Bringing these beliefs into conscious awareness, and then realising how the belief is total nonsense is the key to dissolving them and changing your habits. I said realising for a very important reason. Realisations rewire the subconscious; once you see the truth about a situation, you can never go back to your old ways. Realising how these beliefs are illogical and just flat out lies is the best way of reprogramming your mind. The subconscious controls around 95% of your power, your energy, the other 5% is all you have left for your conscious mind to work with; but even the smallest touch of conscious awareness can pave the way for great change and transformation if done correctly.

An example would be the best way to illustrate the points I’m making:

When I was just eight weeks old, I had life-saving surgery on my aortic valve attached to my heart. I’ve been fine ever since, thankfully. Every couple of years I have an MRI scan done just to make sure everything is in working order. Growing up, my mother drilled the belief into my mind that I had something wrong with my heart (even though it wasn’t even my heart but my artery which was repaired).

Ignorance truly is bliss because for years I wasn’t even affected by this belief; I would go running, swimming, play football and not even worry about my heart. Yet, I would often have panic attacks and worry about my health all the time during these years. My spiritual awakening began in 2010 as a result of this awakening, I become aware of the belief that I believed something was wrong with my heart. This triggered me into fearing to raise my heart rate at all for a few years. I was scared to walk upstairs, walk uphill, go running, swimming, play football; all because I become conscious of the belief. Becoming aware of the belief wasn’t enough; because I saw that I had it but it was still controlling my behaviour; I was too afraid to go beyond it. Yet, one night I had a major epiphany…

I realised that the complete OPPOSITE is actually true. The heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle, if you don’t exercise then it gets weaker. I believed staying indoors and being less active was keeping me safe when in fact, the opposite is true; the safest thing someone with my medical history can do is be active, fit, healthy and strong. The doctors always encouraged me to exercise and I told him about my struggle and he was super sad to see me go through what I was; he told me that my mother shouldn’t have said those things to me but the past is the past; I don’t blame her for my beliefs as it was me who chose to buy into them. Upon having this realisation, however, the fear of exercising faded. I’m running again now, without fear and feel fantastic.

The majority of our beliefs are unconscious. I knew I had the belief that I had something wrong with my heart but I didn’t realise for a while that as a result of that belief I also believed not exercising would keep me safe and prolong my existence. Fear-based belief systems spawn others; these are known as schemas or core beliefs in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” ─Carl Jung

The unconscious is like a dark tomb; until you shine the light of your conscious mind into it, then the fear-based beliefs will continue to hijack your windows of perception. This means you’ll be perceiving your reality through a lens or filter that you’re not even aware of! It’s like having rose coloured glasses on but not even seeing the rose; you believe everything is coloured normally when it’s not.

How do we become aware of our fear-based beliefs?

Your emotions are key. Any time you’re triggered into a fear-based state, it is an invitation into more of your true self. Working with your fears, your emotions, can help you identify the beliefs that pertain to them as you only feel any form of fear when you BELIEVE you’re in some form of danger.

People can turn on the stress response by thought alone; the moment you believe a disempowering thought, you’re triggered into a fear-based state. Being the observer to the conditioned self; to be able to watch your thoughts without allowing them to define you is the key to transcending the power you believe the past has over you.

In my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind, there are a host of tools and examples which can help you become aware of, and transform your subconscious. I encourage you to check it out if you’ve found this particular blog helpful. (Link at the bottom).

The ego and the mind are one and the same. The mind is an instrument we utilise to focus our consciousness in the physical realm. Many people’s instruments, however, have hijacked their consciousness. Their mind uses them, rather than them using their mind. The conditioned ego desires to control its experience of physical reality because of its deep innate fear of the unknown. This is a survival mechanism built into the ego to keep itself safe, to avoid any possible dangers to the self. Living a meditative life and gracefully embracing the unknown are synonymous. Almost impossible, it is, however, to be at peace in the present moment when your mind is full of mechanisms that prevent you from doing so!” 

─Craig Woods: The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

Our beliefs are what divides us as a civilisation; whether they be religious, political, sexual or some other form of dogma. The best way to transform our society is to transform yourself; your example alone will then touch the hearts of and transform thousands. We’re living in an age where collective belief systems are being burned in the fires of transformation and rebirth; from those ashes will arise a new society, a new civilisation, based on equality, and global unity while at the same time, acknowledging each culture, society and person for their individuality.

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Getting Creative: Building a Future Self

The illusion of linear time hypnotises us the second we come out of the womb. Quantum Physicists are discovering, however, that on the most fundamental level of reality, all things, people, places, realities, events─literally the entirety of creation co-exists, simultaneously in an invisible field of energy and information─this field is the Quantum Field. 

The darkness we experience behind closed eyes during deep meditation is this very field. When done correctly, we transcend our timebound mind, personality and identification with our mortal coil and go beyond linearity in the non-physical domain. This field cannot be experienced with the physical senses, but only perceived as awareness; it is from this place that all conscious creation takes place. 

The Quantum Field is the void from which all things in existence arise. Any reality you can conceive of already exists; including all the versions of yourself, you can imagine.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” ─Mohammed Ali 

Many allow their past experiences to define them. Yet, it is only the belief that those experiences are theirs, which keeps them defined by timelines which may not be relevant to who they are today. What do I mean? Stay with me here because these multi-dimensional concepts can be challenging to grasp initially.

Every change we make in our inner world a complete change, we not only change our future the past is just as malleable! In a nutshell, a total transformation is a shift to another timeline; when we move to a parallel reality more reflective of the new state of being or version of ourselves that we’ve become. 

I’ll give you an example to illustrate the point I’m making. My memories tell me that I used to be a drug addict from the tender age of fourteen to twenty-three. After a spiritual experience in 2010, however, (literally) everything changed. I won’t go into the details of the experience now, but I assure you that I woke up the next day a completely different person. I felt the shift, viscerally. I had new desires, new goals, motivations, but most importantly, I had no cravings for any form of intoxicants. I feel as if I never suffered from the addictions in the first place, and the reality is that it’s true! In this particular timeline, I never was a drug addict; even if my memories try to remind me that I was one. 

Fast forward over a decade later, and I’m still free from those addictions that were in my consciousness. When I reflect upon the memories between my ears, though, the majority of them feel like someone else’s. The changes that occurred within me were so radical, they feel like someone else’s experiences, and that’s because they are.

However, if we continue to believe the memories in our head are our own, thus allowing experiences from a different timeline to define us, they still affect our brain and biology the same way real experiences do. This is because our perception of ourselves signals our gene expression. Belief is a powerful force, and for the most part, it is an unconscious process within a person until they endeavour to become conscious of what’s going on inside them. 

Self-awareness is the basis of shadow work, but that is all its for─to know thyself. The Tibetan definition of the word, Meditation, means to become familiar with, but familiar with what? The more aware you become of your true self, then the more aware you become of what isn’t by contrast. Most people are programmed to resist their shadow, and this only reinforces the illusions of the past within them and consequently, keeps them defined by timelines they’re no longer on!

The good news is that in the same way one focuses on the past and reinforces tendencies and habits via their association, so too can we focus on the future selves we wish to become and prime our brain and body ahead of the experiences relevant to them.

“You’re either defined by a vision of the future or the memories of the past.” ─Dr Joe Dispenza 

How do we envision a future self?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to get clear on what you want your future to look like; a clear intention is vital. Once you know what you want, you can imagine being in that particular timeline, having the experiences that version of yourself is having in the eternal now. It is essential to be as specific and detailed as you can as this creates a clear intention. Think of intention as a blueprint you’re handing over to your higher self. The better the blueprint, the better the non-physical aspect of your consciousness can operate as it has more to work with. 

Most keep their dreams at arm’s length because they lack clarity on what they really want, or who they wish to become. So, the first step is to be clear on who you want to be. Changing your mind all the time is the same as handing one blueprint over to the universe, then while the higher self is in the process of building that reality, you tell it to scrap it and hand it another, and another, and another. Until you’ve become old a lot faster than you should have because you’ve allowed the hormones of stress to dictate your life. 

If you don’t know what you want, then I encourage you to do some soul searching to discover what you’re truly passionate about in life. Follow your passions, and they’ll lead you to your purpose. 

The next step is to accept the reality you’re in now. Acceptance is the key to any real, lasting changes because resistance to what you do not prefer only reinforces it in your reality. So, if you have certain tendencies or a living situation, you don’t like right now, first of all, acknowledge and accept it. The reality you’re in now is the result of your state of consciousness, and to shift your state you must, first of all, acknowledge and allow the energy of your present state to flow. Resistance to what is only blocks the energy, thus, you won’t be able to move through what you do not prefer. 

After accepting and acknowledging your present reality, it’s time to connect to the future reality, linearly speaking, of your preference. You can move as far up the timescale as you wish to. You might wish to connect with the you in a years time or five or ten─again, this is up to you. This process is different and unique for every person. 

Once you know the timescale you wish to connect to, then begin to build the blueprint of the self you wish to become within that time. Write down or copy and paste these questions below and then answer them; this will help you map out a clear intention. 

What has your future self achieved what you haven’t yet? What do they think and feel daily? What are their passions and excitements? How do they wake up each day? How do they sleep at the end of each day? What is their living situation? How do they treat their loved ones? How do they treat strangers? How do they communicate with others? What are their goals and ambitions? What dreams have they realised? How do they strive for self-improvement daily? What motivates them? What limiting beliefs have they dissolved? What bad habits have they overcome? 

If you can conjure up more questions to help you build a future self then, by all means, do so. The questions above are just examples, edit them in whatever way serves you best, they are to help you get a feel for the blueprint you wish to create. 

Once you’ve built the model, the next step is to take note of any beliefs or ideas within you that contradict your vision. If you have limiting beliefs in your unconscious that make you resist what you truly prefer, then your belief in such ideas will only keep your dreams at arm’s length. Clearing yourself out of the clutter that doesn’t align with your vision is essential in this process. 

We’re at our most creative when we get beyond what we’ve always believed defines us as a personality. In our natural state, there is no person; only pure consciousness. When we become no-thing, we merge with all that is in the Quantum Field, the realm of possibilities. To make ripples in the fabric of space-time, you’re going to have to, first and foremost, get beyond what you’ve always believed is your identity. This is where meditation comes into play, as meditation takes you beyond the you as a person and the masks that person wears, into your true, nonlinear nature.

The next step is visualisation. Meditate in a dark, quiet space. Disconnect from your outer environment, your body, your senses, become aware of awareness itself in the void of the Quantum Field. In deep stillness, with the blueprint of your clear intention already mapped out, imagine, envision what it would be like to be that person. How would it feel? What is their state of being─embody it now. What situations would you like to experience as that person? Imagine doing that from a deep meditative state. After some time of doing this─open your eyes but keep hold of the feeling for as long as you can. Drop the image! As the image you visualised is only there to connect you to the state of being of your future self. Once you connect to their state, and become that version, look out, the synchronicity in your outer world will begin to reflect those changes.

One thing I’d like to add is that just because you connect to the future self doesn’t mean you won’t have to work to have the life they’re already living. What connecting does is gives you their mindset, their insight and inspirations. You see the world through their eyes; thus, you’ll make better decisions from a higher level of perception. Your work will flow a lot easier, especially creative projects─you’ll feel the wisdom of your future self pour through you as I do right now as I write this blog. 

Consistency is key. You can’t do this once and expect things to change straight away; they might, but it’s highly unlikely. Also, the more energy you give your future self, then the more you’ll dissolve the impressions of the old self. Where you place your attention, your focus is where you place your creative power. Put your attention on a future self, and you’ll effortlessly begin to untangle yourself from those timelines you’ve always believed defines you. One day, you’ll wake up as the future self; ready to conquer the world with love at your centre! 

So, the steps are as follows. I call them the Seven Steps to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

  1. Get clear on what you want (clear intention) (Root Chakra
  2. Accept your present reality (Sacral Chakra)
  3. Move up the timescale (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  4. Build the blueprint of your future self (Heart Chakra
  5. Become aware of the beliefs that aren’t aligned with your vision (Throat Chakra
  6. Visualise being your future self, connect to their state of being (Third Eye Chakra
  7. Drop the image and keep hold of the state (Crown Chakra). 

If you require any assistance in building a Future Self, then why not check out my Future Self Builder.

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Rewiring the Maze of your Mind

In traditional depictions labyrinths, the escape passage is on the outside, but in the maze of your conditioned self, the only way out is within the core of your being. Your inner self is eternally blissful and at peace; you simply need to know how to access it by first and foremost, transcending the maze of your postnatal conditioning.

Scientists have discovered that up to the age of seven, a child’s brain is in a significantly more receptive state than it is during their teenage years and adulthood. During these initial years, the brain is locked in hypnotic theta brainwaves. The brain is like a recording device during the first seven years of our lives. By just observing their immediate environment through their five senses, children are easily moulded to fit in with the society in which they’ve chosen to incarnate.

“Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man.” ─Francis Xavier

By the time we reach adulthood, our minds are brimming with patterns that not only contradict themselves but also distort our perception of the present. The typical definition of a maze is something you get lost in and can’t find your way out of. The very same can be said for our postnatal conditioning. Have you noticed how each morning after you get out of bed after sleeping, the monkeys of your past hop on your back to try to weigh you down?

Negative beliefs unconsciously gobbled up from the minds of others, redundant habits you just can’t shake off, automatic emotional rollercoasters that trigger you into fear-based states, misperceptions of the present moment, avoiding things you shouldn’t out of fear (safety behaviours), are just a few of the things that make up the maze of your conditioned self.

For thousands of years, labyrinths have been used as a symbol for one’s journey through life.

What is the way out of the maze of your mind?

Stillness, which is your natural state. Once you know how to retreat in the centre of your being, you’re able to observe your conditioning rotating around you similarly to the way the planets orbit the sun to make up our solar system. Just as the sun shines its light on the planets, so too must we shine the light of our conscious awareness into the dark tomb of our unconscious mind.

Most can’t be still all day every day, however, in fact, we’re not designed to be. We have an ego for a reason; it is a divine tool if used correctly. Having thoughts and emotions is fine, they are what make us human, after all. As long as you use these faculties consciously then they won’t bother you. Your thoughts only trouble you when you believe in the automatic, involuntary patterns that reflect your past experiences. Once you allow them to define you, even when they’ve got nothing to do with who you truly are, they trigger you into believing you’re someone or something you’re not.

Working with these patterns when you’re triggered, observing them without judgement; becoming conscious of the beliefs generating the thoughts and fear-based emotions and then returning into your natural state to realign with the Higher Self is the essence of my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind.

You already innately know everything that I say in the book. Once you’re triggered into fear, doubt, anger or depression, however, a veil of forgetfulness eclipses your windows of perception. You forget what you already know when you’re operating from a low vibration. My book is designed to simply tap you on the shoulder once you’re triggered, to remind you of your true identity beyond space and time, beyond name and form, beyond what you always believed defines you.

“Rewiring the nodes in the maze of your mind will, in time, loosen the resistance and allow you to live in the ebb and flow of existence much easier. This is the very essence of the concept of surrender. It is to surrender the need to control and to understand over to the greater self, who knows why and how all things happen.”

─Craig Woods, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind 

The mind will always be a maze, but you can rewire it to give you easier access in your natural state. Once you realise that the mind is simply a tool to help you create your life consciously, perform conscious actions and to focus your consciousness in the here and now, then it’s need to fearfully control your life will begin to dissolve. You’ll rely more on your higher power for guidance and reason. The moment you become your still and at peace, the Higher Self infuses the thinking mind with inspiring thoughts and wisdom; my book simply teaches you how to attune to the teacher that is already latent within you.

One cannot fix the ego with the ego; consciousness is required to transcend these patterns of limitation as one can’t fix a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it!

Are you ready to go within, into the transcendent realm of your natural state, where joy, love and synchronicity abound? Well then, let’s go!”

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