The Labyrinth Card Deck is Here!

I am delighted to announce that the card deck to go with the latest version of my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind is now available for purchase. I created this deck because the book isn’t designed for people to read cover to cover and just forget all about, it is a nonlinear guide; people can jump in at any section they feel guided to. Thus, the cards allow synchronicity to guide you to the chapters that you need to read in the here and now.

Card decks are super-popular nowadays, from tarot to oracle decks. People trust in the guidance that comes from those sort of cards and mine function in a very similar way, however, in order to get the best out of this deck it’s important you also have a copy of the book at hand too. This is because every card guides you to the chapter of the book that you need to read in that moment. This book is very in-depth and explores many areas of life, inner and outer. Like I already said, there is too much information for the reader to fully grasp in one read through. In actually practicing these teachings, you’ll see that it is a book capable of reminding of your true nature for decades.

I say reminding because we forget who we truly are when we embody low-vibratory states. In learning how to shift your state of being consciously, you also gain the remembrance of your true self.

Do you struggle with negative thoughts? Fear-based emotions? Bad habits? A lack of presence and connection to the divine? Is your perception being hijacked by limiting beliefs that you struggle to identify? Then, this book is for you. Take my hand as I guide you through the maze of your old self, into the joy and bliss of your natural state.

Where can I purchase the deck?

Only through this website or on my Etsy store can you order the deck. These cards are created and printed independently from my publisher. If you’d like one, but don’t have the book either, I am also selling the book and the deck as a set , see below for more details.

If you’re a believer in allowing synchronicity and the intelligence of the universe to guide you, then this deck is for you.

“Synchronicity is being experienced at an accelerating rate as more and more around the world awaken to their true selves. To me, synchronicity is proof of a higher order, a cosmic intelligence that oversees creation. When one observes their life with awareness, they see that all things, beyond appearances, are ultimately one.”

The Labyrinth: Rewired Edition

My book is already transforming the lives of people all over the world. Recently it was sent to the likes of Rafael Nadal, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden and I would love to send you a copy too!

Please click the button that is mostly relevant to you to begin processing your order. Also, after payment, please fill out the other form below to send me your shipping and contact details. Shipping is included in all of the prices below.

Arcturian Starseeds: Remember Who You Are

Arcturian Starseeds have grown in popularity in the new age community. The Arcturians operate on a high frequency, the same as our higher selves, but who are they? How do they function and operate? How do they serve Humanity and what is the best way to connect with them? 

The three levels of reality

The universe, for sure is multi-layered with countless dimensions and expressions. However, there are only three types of dimensions, which also correlate with the three bodies within man. These bodies are physical, astral and causal (mental). When we experience physical reality, we have a physical body of flesh and blood and in astral experiences, we inhabit an astral body of light, you get the picture. Paramahansa Yogananda put it beautifully when he said: 

“The physical body may be said to be dependent on food; the astral body is dependent on energy, will, and evolution of thought; the causal body is dependent on the ambrosia of wisdom and bliss. The soul is encased in these three bodies. At death, the physical body is destroyed. The other two bodies, astral and causal, are still held together by desires and by unworked-out karma. The soul, wearing these two bodies, repeatedly reincarnates in new physical forms. When all desires are conquered by meditation, the three body-prisons are dissolved; the soul becomes Spirit.”

The Arcturian beings operate on the causal or mental level of reality. Thus, they’re very different from other civilisations such as the Sirians, Lyrans or Pleiadians. They don’t have bodies, although they can manifest one temporarily if they wish. These beings are more like thought-forms or a universal intelligence that helps people remember who and what they are.

The Arcturus Gate

A lot of people in the Starseed community who claim the Arcturians live on a planet orbiting the Arcturus star are gravely mistaken. NASA has confirmed that there are no physical planets orbiting the star. However, the Arcturus star is a gateway into this dimension from the spirit realm. Arcturian Starseeds are those who incarnate into physical reality through the gate of the Arcturus star; this is also why it is known as the Arcturus gate by other intelligent civilisations. The Arcturians themselves live within the star itself, which has an intelligence and a consciousness of its own.

Those who came through the Arcturus gate, have an easier time remembering who they are as society’s influences attempt to eclipse the nature of their true self as they grow up in this world. Some of these people are known as indigo children; those who can remember, quite clearly, some of their past lives and with astounding accuracy. Those with Arcturian codes imprinted into their matrix are here to assist the collective by helping individuals remember, who and what they are. 

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This is why I wrote my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition). In this work, I show people, step by step, how they can free themselves from the confines of society’s limiting beliefs and liberate their perception from the illusions of the past or linearity. You can order one by simply clicking the cover image. 

How do the Arcturians operate?

As I said before, they exist on a more mental level of existence. So when you connect with them via meditation, for example, they infuse your mind with innovative and expansive thoughts and ideas. The Arcturians are responsible for many of the Eureeka moments scientists have had over the years. They slowly feed Humanity deeper levels of truth when the collective is ready to receive them. 

How do I connect with them?

Many people limit the experience of ET contact to just going under the sky and searching for UFOS or UAP’S as they’re known in today’s society. And while it is always fun and exciting to sit under the stars to do that, they’re limiting their experience by believing it is the only possible way contact can occur. Most of my experiences with ET’S have happened during lucid dreams and meditative experiences where I’ve transcended myself. In the domain of self-transcendence, we go beyond linear time and that’s where all the advanced races operate─they bend the illusion of time, not only with their crafts but also with their consciousness and we also have the ability to do this─we’ve just forgotten that we can!

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are those who are aware that their true self exists in a domain beyond linear time, hence all their past, present and future lives exist simultaneously. If this is so, it means you’re not one thing, but many things. Only a skilled astrologer can help you identify the Starseed markers in your natal chart, which not only show you what other systems you’re incarnated in but what those connections mean for your current life here on Earth, which is the most important life for you─don’t forget that! 

How can I find out if I’m an Arcturian Starseed?

The best way is through the natal chart as nature never lies. The stars reflect your karmic blueprint and highlight the connections that are most relevant to your current life as you were born the exact second the stars aligned with your individualised karma. I offer Starseed Astrology readings here on my website and have over a decade of astrological experience.

My readings come as a 45 min MP3 recording which you can keep for your convenience. After listening, you’re also allowed to ask me three questions via email for further clarification which I will answer via another audio file that will be emailed to you. 

I’m a Sirian, Pleiadian and Arcturian Starseed who’s been entrusted with the task of assisting people in making their Starseed connections conscious, so they can become clear channels for the wisdom and inspiration that’s often the result of connecting to their otherworldly selves. 

Are you ready to remember who you truly are? Then order a reading below and let’s get started.

Thank you for reading.

─Rei Rei 

The Labyrinth: Rewired Edition is Here!

When I wrote, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind back in 2018, I have to admit that the book simply wasn’t ready to be published. The writing was wordy, there were typos all over the manuscript, and the book itself focused too much on the old instead of focusing on creating a new self. This is why I decided to rewrite the book in the all new, The Labyrinth: Rewired Edition.

So let me begin this by apologising to my readers. Although the original version has over 50, 5-star reviews on Amazon, I must have been doing something right! I’m sorry and I greatly appreciate your patience over the years. 

Thankful I am, that my publishers gave the go-ahead at the beginning of the year to rewrite the book and include some more chapters. This rendition actually contains fewer words but has a lot more knowledge and information for you to put into practice, giving credence to the adage that less can indeed, be more. 

What inspired you to write this book? 

I think I’m not alone when I state that I grew up believing that I was someone and something that I’m not. The influence the environment has on our perception can be powerful and crippling if we’re surrounded by people who are plagued with those kinds of mindsets. 

My experiences in society during my teenage years especially really damaged my perception, not only of myself but of life as a whole. By the time I turned just fourteen I was taking class A drugs, simply because everyone else around me was doing the same. I spoke, dressed and behaved like your typical scouser, growing up in the city of Liverpool, England. My passion for the unseen realms was lost and forgotten. As a child, I would go ghost hunting and also scan the heavens for visitors from other star systems. I’ve always innately known there was more to life other than what we perceive with our limited five senses. 

But no matter how passionate you are about something, if you’re surrounded by people who don’t wish to facilitate your growth and development, celebrate your achievements and also help you through the worst of times, then you won’t be able to reach your highest potential. 

After my initial awakening in 2010, I had to come to terms with the fears I was suppressing with the drugs and how I’d unconsciously become a slave to whims to the collective mindsets of society. I was done pointing fingers, it was time to take responsibility. Even though I was unconsciously influenced by others, I was the one who became dependent on their company as I defined my sense of worth and identity through their perception of me. This is why by the time I reached 23 I had countless limiting and fear-based beliefs hijacking my perception. 

In the years following, I practised meditation and still do to this day, but the meditative state has seeped into almost everything that I do now. This is a side-effect of expanding your consciousness as a result of letting go of the beliefs that limit your creative power.

I find it ironic that now, as I write this blog, almost 12 years since the day that changed my life that I have wound up doing the very things I loved as a child. I’m now a writer, a karmic and Starseed astrologer, a ghost hunter and also a novelist. I have come full circle and I honestly believe this is what everyone needs to do as the entire point of the awakening process is getting back to who we were before the world told us who we were. 

So what is The Labyrinth about?

There are many branches on the tree of the spiritual path; yoga, meditation, metaphysics, psychology, astrology, emotional healing and shadow work, I could go on forever. All of these, spiritual and mental languages, however, are saying the same thing in their own way if you have the eyes to see the truth in them. In the Labyrinth, I have weaved many of these paths together into a coherent understanding of metaphysics and the structure of existence itself.

In this book, you’ll not only learn how to unlearn the program’s representative of the illusions of the past by integrating your fear-based emotions but also how to shift to timelines or versions of yourself that are more representative of your truth. 

The book is also written in a nonlinear fashion, which means it doesn’t have to be read from cover to cover. You can simply jump to the chapter you feel you need to read at any given moment to be reminded of who and what you truly are.

What is different in this version of The Labyrinth?

The Rewired Edition contains three extra chapters and is written a lot better than the last book was. One of the chapters includes my bestselling Future Self Builder, which shows you step by step, how to be defined more by a vision of your preferred future rather than the illusions and memories of the past. 

Where can I purchase a copy?

I’ll be selling signed copies with a personal message directly on my website as soon as I get my complimentary copies from my publishers. If you wish to order one in advance then, of course, you can by filling out the form below.

Amazon and other book websites will also have the book for sale on August 31st at the very latest. You can also order directly from my publisher’s website by clicking here

The Labyrinth Card Deck (Coming Soon)

Also in the works is a card deck to go with this edition of my book. Because the book is a nonlinear guide, with the deck, you can allow synchronicity to guide you by reading the chapter highlighted by the card you pull. The deck and a set with the book and the deck will also be on sale, only here on, so stay tuned for more information!

Preview of the Card Deck

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and feel inspired to take my hand as I guide you through the labyrinth of your old self, into the bliss and peace of your timeless self!

Love and Blessings

-Rei Rei 

Astrology: Inner Child Healing

Many claim to be interested in Inner Child healing but don’t know where to start. Nowadays, most are obsessed with acquiring knowledge; thanks to the explosion of the internet, social media and…memes over the last couple of decades, we have almost any sphere of information accessible at our fingertips. Realising the ever-new self, however, has nothing to do with the acquiring of knowledge, it is the result of unlearning or releasing everything you’ve been told that you are.

When one embraces the totality of the here and now without resistance, the impressions of the past are literally wiped clean from their windows of perception…they perceive reality through a brand-new set of eyes again. This is our true self, and in my experience at least, the inner child as our consciousness will always be a child of the divine, regardless of how old we may appear to be.

Christ said that we must be converted as children to enter the kingdom of heaven. What is heaven exactly? Is it a realm among the clouds where we go to meet Morgan Freeman who’s been recording our sins on his laptop? Hardly…

When the master’s speak about heaven and hell, they’re referring to the states of alignment and misalignment. When you’re in the ever-new self, you’re in heaven as you can’t suffer when you’re fully present as your divine presence is transcendent of this reality. Conversely, when you’re misaligned and get lost in the labyrinth of fear-based emotions and perceptions that derive from the illusions of the past, you’re living in hell. 

“The concept of heaven is greatly misunderstood, with its opposite, hell even more so. Most religious people around the globe misinterpret their scriptures when they speak of heaven and hell. Now, I’m not implying that there aren’t any heavenly or hellish realms in existence, there might be. The context in which the scriptures and the masters teach them, however, are states of being, not locations.”

Rei Rei, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition)

When you were a baby, you perceived reality through an unconditioned lens. Everything amazed you─the miracle of your existence, in a body of flesh and blood…you were in awe, all the time.

What if…spirituality is nothing more than the effort to get back to whom we were before the world conditioned us to conform with its ways? What is the spiritual journey is simply the release of those limiting beliefs and mindsets that overlay our perception of our reality? 

This is, indeed, why Christ said ye must be converted as children─because the kingdom of God is nothing but your natural state of being, which is always present, blissful, and transcendent of the transitory nature of physical reality. The inner self, in the Vedas is known as the Kutastha Chaitanya (that which remains unchanged). The Kutastha or the soul is the only level of your being which remains the same─everything else, your body, your mind, emotions, beliefs are transitory, or subject to change. 

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

-Luke 17:21

To realise the changeless nature of the timeless inner self, you need to become aware of the impression’s society has drilled into your unconscious since you literally popped out of the womb. 

Astrology and the South Node 

I have found Astrology, in over a decade of experience to be a wonderful tool to enhance self-awareness, which of course is the first step to change since you can’t change something that you’re not aware of. 

The South Node, in particular, represents the past from a linear perspective. Until you become aware of the illusions of the past that cloud your perception of the present then they’ll have some form of power over and your experience of life as a whole. 

The Fifth House

Also, in Astrology the fifth house is the ruling house of the innermost child. The fifth is also ruled by Leo and the Sun, and on a more esoteric level, rules over the consciousness itself since the soul is an eternal child of the divine. Just as the planets in our solar system orbit the central Sun, so too, does all other aspects of our being orbit the inner sun or core of our consciousness, which is our innermost child─our essence. 

Inner Child Astrological Healing

Today is the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal and I have been inspired to share this brand-new kind of reading with you today that I am offering on my website. Via your natal chart, I’ll be able to pinpoint to you the reasons you feel you can’t embody the fullest expression of your childlike self and also give you practical tips and advice on how you can manifest the reality of your dreams by helping you align with your purpose symbolised by your North Node. 

My readings come as a 45-minute MP3 recording and after you listen to it, you also have the opportunity to ask me further questions for extra clarity, which I am also happy to give. 

Do you wish your life contained more fun and joy? Do you feel misaligned with your passion and creative talents? Then what are you waiting for…sign up and I’ll help you realign with your innermost, childlike self as to be childlike is to be Christlike

Thank you for reading.

─Rei Rei 

Pleiadian Starseeds: Keepers of The Future

Pleiadian Starseeds are seeds of the future.

Close your eyes, and imagine a version of Earth where there is no war or conflict, where everyone’s fed, clothed, homed and self-sufficient; where peace, unity and enlightenment reign eternally. In this reality, Humanity is a fully-fledged member of the Interstellar Alliance and travel among the stars, spreading the love of the divine and seeding barren planets with new forms of life.

This reality exists as one of the countless potentials contained within the Quantum Field. The only question is─are we going to choose it, collectively?

The Pleiadians did; they’re living that reality right now; it is an everyday occurance for them. Each day is a celebration, a song, a dance and an expression of their creativity. Pleiadians are artistic because they’ve mastered the art of living in harmony with the flow of the divine and they encourage us to do the same. 

The Pleiades is known by the fixed star Alcyone in Astrology which sits at 0° Gemini. The star cluster is famously known on Gaia as the Seven Sisters but there are a lot more than seven stars within the Pleiadian cluster, it’s just that only seven can be seen with our naked eyes. 

Like all other interstellar races, the Pleiadians exist in a state of consciousness beyond the smokescreen of linear time. They have access to the akashic records and also the ability to faze in and out of multiple dimensions. Some of them travel the cosmos, scouting planets that have the potential for organic life to form while others are keeping a close eye on the proceedings here on Earth. 

Akashic Records readings by Kerynn (Highly Recommended)

The Pleiadians very much represent our highest potential as a species, in one sense they’re the keepers of our future as we can see what our potential future looks like when we perceive or feel their state of consciousness. Many of the people on the Earth are connected to Pleiadians on an Oversoul level, thus those beings are, in a sense, their future selves who have tunnelled through the linear, space-time framework to help expand their past selves’ level of perception. 

Most of the beings living among the Pleiadian star cluster look very similar to us and that’s because they’re our genetic cousins as they, along with the humanoid Lyran beings are descendants from the now, extinct Annunaki civilisation that created us. 

Humanity is awakening; the Pleiadians are telling you all, through me, the channel, that it is time to embrace the future instead of allowing the traumas of the past to define you. Once you have a clear intention of what you wish your future to look like, individually and collectively, then the universe conspires to make it a tangible reality. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt in the Bible when she looked back and so do we, every time we allow the memories of the past to define our true self. The Pleiadian collective is urging us to embrace the unknown as it is only in the unknown can we discover…our true self. 

The Pleiadians can attune to the state of consciousness of their Human counterparts and experience their senses as if they’re their own. They can live and share your experiences with you, and they do, but only if is an agreement on an Oversoul level for them to do so. They’ve told me to share the message below with you:

“Greetings friends! We hope this message finds you well, wherever and whenever you are in the eternal present. Let us begin by saying that there is never any disconnection between you and the other soul fragments in your Oversoul collective; you do not have a Starseed Origin either because an origin indicates linear time and time does not exist on the level of the soul as your true self is indeed, timeless. 

You are spread about, clustered all throughout the multiverse, in different dimensionalities, in different spheres of time, simultaneously, connected by the Oversoul. You must peel the linear, space-time illusion from your perception in order to commune with us and any other being you feel a connection with on an Oversoul level. Time is an illusion, but a necessary one to have a physical reality experience─but it doesn’t mean your perception of reality has to be timebound as well. You can have a linear experience with a timeless perception and this is how we and the Sirians, the Lyrans, the Arcturians, Andromedans and so on, operate. We’ll see you another time.” 

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are people who are aware that their true self exists in a domain beyond linear time, hence all their past, present and future lives exist simultaneously. If this is so, it means you’re not one thing, but many things. Only a skilled astrologer can help you identify the Starseed markers in your natal chart, which not only show you what other systems you’re incarnated in but what those connections mean for your current life here on Earth, which is the most important life for you─don’t forget that! 

How can I find out if I’m a Pleiadian Starseed?

The best way is through the natal chart as nature never lies. The stars reflect your karmic blueprint and highlight the connections that are most relevant to your current life as you were born the exact second the stars aligned with your individualised karma. I offer Starseed Astrology readings here on my website and have over a decade of astrological experience.

My readings come as a 45 min MP3 recording which you can keep for your convenience. After listening, you’re also allowed to ask me three questions via email for further clarification which I will answer via another audio file that will be emailed to you. 

I’m a Sirius, Pleiadian and Arcturian Starseed who’s been entrusted with the task of assisting people in making their Starseed connections conscious, so they can become clear channels for the wisdom and inspiration that’s often the result of connecting to their otherworldly selves. 

Are you ready to embrace your future self? 

─Rei Rei 

Sirius Starseeds: The Art of Flow

Sirius Starseeds incarnate to bring more flow and surrender into the collective consciousness. The Sirius star system has been a beacon of light, wisdom and inspiration for many ancient cultures since time immemorial. The brightest star in our night skies, its glistening quality has compelled some to name the star the rainbow star, as with close observation, the binary star system shines every colour of the light spectrum. 

Sirius is located in the constellation of Canis-Major at 14° Cancer, the sign of the Divine Mother, feminicity and is ruled by the Moon, the physical embodiment of the feminine archetype in human consciousness. This is why the Ancient Egyptians correlated the star to Isis, the Goddess of fertility, love and magic. Many ancient cultures have worshipped this star as a reminder that even in the darkest of places, we’re capable of shining at our brightest. The presence of the Divine Mother does just that; she guides us home amidst the tumultuous storms of life back to the shores of cosmic consciousness. 

But what about its inhabitants? 

Many assume they know the beings living within the Sirius star system, some say they’re cat-like beings, others say blue humanoid figures, but in my experience, the forms of consciousness directly linked to Sirian consciousness are aquatic in nature. These are the beings who the Dogon tribe in West Africa, thousands of years ago called the Nommous; however, Nommous isn’t the true name of their civilisation. Nommous is how they introduce themselves, it means, I AM OUS. 

The OUS civilisation live on a planet that orbits Sirius B and can live in and outside of water. They’re great teachers and powerful warriors that are sixth density in consciousness. The universal concepts that have been passed down through many channellers such as Abraham Hicks and Bashar, came directly from the mystery schools of the Sirians, who’s duty as a founding member of the interstellar community is to teach undeveloped civilisations the true structure of existence; how to flow and live in alignment with the natural order of things. 

Since these beings live in water most of the time, water is also big theme in the Sirius system, which is the origin of all cetacean life throughout the galaxy. Those who feel an attraction to cetaceans are probably connected to Sirius in some way, shape or form. These intelligent creatures that swim the Sirian and Earth waters understand the universe itself to be an ocean, an ocean of consciousness, vibration and frequency and connecting with them can help you flow with the universal currents of creation more naturally. This is also why these beings utilise echolocation to percieve their realities. The OUS people also use echolocation in and outside of water and can see into many dimensions simultaneously as a result of interpreting the vibratory fields around them.

So, Sirius energy is all about flow, which is our natural state of being as we embrace the totality of the here and now. To flow is to be guided by synchronicity and the intuitive wisdom of the higher self, which can see the outcome of all the potential choices you could make in life, canvassed before it in the skies of infinity. The Sirian people and other members of the Interstellar community live in this state of being permanently; to connect with them we must meet them halfway by raising our frequency. Just like the cetacean beings, you’ll be able to glide through life as the currents of creation propel you into your purpose.

Just as the Sirius star system is a binary system, having two stars, there are also two forms of life among the Sirian people. The OUS and the Shining Ones, which are nonphysical entities that used to be physical but ascended their consciousness into the star of Sirius A itself. Each of these beings are avatars of the Sirius A star, which is a living, conscious being, just like all the other stars in the universe. Christ, Krishna, Buddha and other avatars in our history are embodiments of our very own Sun, hence why they’re often depicted with the Sun behind their heads─symbolising the light of cosmic consciousness consciousness.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are people who are aware that their true self exists in a domain beyond linear time, hence all their past, present and future lives exist simultaneously. If this is so, it means you’re not one thing, but many things. Only a skilled astrologer can help you identify the starseed markers in your natal chart, which not only to show you what other systems you’re incarnated in, but what those connections mean for your current life here on Earth, which is the most important life for you─don’t forget that! 

How can I find out if I’m a Sirius Starseed?

The best way is through the natal chart as nature never lies. The stars reflect your karmic blueprint and highlights the connections that are most relevant to your current life as you were born the exact second the stars aligned with your individualised karma. I offer Starseed Astrology readings here on my website and have over a decade of astrological experience.

My readings come as a 45 min MP3 recording which you can keep for your convenience. After listening, you’re also allowed to ask me three questions via email for further clarification that I will answer via another audio file which will be emailed to you. 

I’m a Sirian, Pleiadian and Arcturian Starseed who’s been entrusted with the task in assisting people in making their Starseed connections conscious, so they can become clear channels for the wisdom and inspiration that’s often the result of connecting to their otherworldly selves. 

Are you ready to embrace the totality of your being? If a reading interests you, then it’s time to get Sirius, pun intended. 

Also, if you wish to join my new Starseed Group on Facebook please here

─Rei Rei 

Connect to your Future Self

Hey guys…

Did you know that you can Connect to your Future Self as much as you connect with the past? How would you feel if all your physical, mental, emotional and financial burdens were all gone? Can you close your eyes and envision what it would be like to experience that state of being? To feel as light as a feather on your feet with childlike enthusiasm; to have mental and emotional clarity about your passion and purpose in life while simultaneously earning the money you desire as a side-effect of acting upon that passion? 

Hi, I’m Rei Rei and I’m here to connect you with your Future Self.

The Future Self Builder can help you:

  • Dissolve your fears
  • Assist you in overcoming the everyday challenges of life
  • Break through subconscious financial blockages
  • Integrate limiting belief systems
  • Transcend redundant habits & addictions
  • Align with your passion & purpose
  • Realise your dreams
  • Peel the illusion of linearity from your perception
  • Reconnect with your childlike self 

A little about me…

I was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the spiritual realms, my passions are creative writing, metaphysics, ghost hunting and searching the skies for E.T visitors from other star systems. When I was but five years old I would stargaze with a pair of binoculars; no one had to tell me that the divine or life existed elsewhere other than here on Earth. I’ve always innately known this to be true…

As a result of mixing with the wrong people, however, by the time I turned fourteen, my passion for the unseen realms was buried beneath countless drug and alcohol binges. This pattern continued for nine years until a starry night in the winter of 2010. I was 23. I was fortunate enough to have a mystical experience that helped me connect to my Future Self, the self that is writing this blog now, almost 12 years later…

I was shown the system, which I call my Future Self Builder that helps people literally jump timelines that night and now, I am ready to assist others with this system so they can regain their sovereignty! 

I’ve been clean from drugs ever since that night because instead of looking back to the past, I began to allow my Future Self to define me instead, and you can too with the right training. I have come full circle, and wound up doing what I loved doing as a child, but I am making money now too. I go ghosthunting with my family, write books and novels and help people connect to their E.T selves in my Starseed Origin astrology readings and so on…

Everything shifted for me in 2010…

Dr, Joe Dispenza, says that we’re either defined by the memories of the past or a vision of the future. If you don’t have a clear outline of how you want your future to look like then you can pretty much guarantee that the illusions of the past will perpetuate their stranglehold on your consciousness.

Linear time is the illusion one must overcome if they’re to connect with and embody the perception of their Future Self. That is why the slogan on my logo is to be the future. You can bring your Future Self into the now and become them, and that’s exactly what I am here to help you achieve.

Now, before we get started, I have one more question for you…

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ET’s are not a Threat to Humanity.

Despite how the media and Hollywood portray our interstellar friends, ET’s are not a threat. Ever since the 60 minutes special on UFOS and UAPS the other day, people all over the internet can’t help but feel excited at the fact that the mainstream news is now reporting on phenomena that many of them, and I myself, have experienced on many occasions. However, it seems like everyone has suddenly forgotten who owns the media and especially the news channels; those who have been keeping the secret and perpetuating the narrative that UFOS pose a threat to national security. 

Something smells fishy and it isn’t me. On Twitter especially, the community under the hashtag, #ufotwitter has gone into meltdown at recent developments but I can’t help but feel something much sinister is happening before our eyes. A half-truth is even more dangerous than a lie because it contains information that convinces one into believing something that simply isn’t true. 

Just TODAY (05/19/2021) Dr Steven Greer aired live on Youtube to announce that another member of the Disclosure Project, Daniel Sheehan, is now working with Luis Elizondo, a top misinformation agent, who has had his top-secret clearances stripped from him after a disagreement with those who hire him to lie straight to the public in the media about what he knows or doesn’t know. 

Elizondo, along with Chris Mellon, Jeremy Corbell and others are claiming they know nothing about the ET presence; they’re nothing but staged actors playing their role in perpetuating a false narrative. 

You can watch the full video at the link below: 

Since time immemorial, human beings have feared the unknown. It is programmed into our genes to fear the unfamiliar, to tread carefully in uncharted waters, it’s what keeps us alive. However, there isn’t one legitimate event that has shown UFOS or ETS for that matter, are hostile. Now, many of you may laugh at this statement because you’ve watched ten series of Cosmic Disclosure (lame) on Gaia and have been listening to David Wilcock (another misinformation agent) for years. Let me assure you that around 95% of the information online about ETS, UFOS and our history is propaganda, disinformation, purposely introduced into our society to instil fear into the masses. 

We need to wake up. The media has been spinning this web of deception since after the second world war and probably even before it. 

I am not writing this blog via the belief system that all ETS are heavenly, godly beings. I’m sure there are benevolent and malevolent beings all over the universe just as there are here on the Earth. The only question is, do the malevolent beings, who operate on a low level of consciousness, have the capacity to reach Earth? 

The Power of Movies

How many Hollywood blockbusters have come out over the decades portraying evil, greedy alien beings that wish to invade our planet? Independence Day, Mars Attacks, Alien to name a few off the top of my head. We believe that those events could actually happen someday as a result of us watching those movies, which programme us subconsciously, without our conscious mind even noticing.

We project our own human nature onto those beings, many of which do not even have a concept of war in their society─they known only peace, love, compassion and understanding. 

The Science of Consciousness

Understanding the science of consciousness is important. There is a reason, first and foremost why Mother Nature, the supreme intelligence underlying all of creation, has put so much space between each solar system…

Stay with me here.

The soul is timeless, at our core, in our essence, we are nonlinear beings having a linear experience. The illusion of linearity hypnotises us the moment we come out of the womb. Even Einstein said that time only exists so that everything doesn’t happen at once. He understood that it is a framework of creation, but like creation itself, can be transcended in the right state of consciousness.

The space between each star is so damn vast that even if you travelled at the speed of light 186,282 miles per second, it would take roughly around 2500 years to reach the Andromeda Galaxy and another 2500 to get back. Simply put, even the incredible speed of light is too damn slow for travel from one star system or galaxy to another. 

The only way you can travel through space is to travel through time, as space and time are two sides of the same coin. However, to achieve such feats is only possible through high levels of God or cosmic consciousness, which is all-embracing, loving, compassionate as in that very state you perceive everyone and everything as yourself. Contrary to popular belief, many human beings have also achieved this state. 

Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Yogananda, Lao Tzu, the list is endless of enlightened wayshowers throughout our history. What do all these teachers have in common?

They were embodiments of divine love. 

All beings in this state, live with an open heart and know, not just speculate, that their neighbour is themselves. Now, with this in mind, let me ask you one very important question; if you lived in this state, how could you harm another being? You can’t, because the survival mechanisms built into the ego that convinces people to act selfishly, harm and use people for their own ends is dissolved in cosmic consciousness. The enlightened being has cleared themselves out of the debris that was eclipsing the celestial light of their true self. 

Only those who are powerless feel the need to snatch it from others. 

How then, could malevolent beings travel from one star system to another to try and invade another? What you see in Independence Day, for example, could only happen if two races belonged to neighbouring planets in the same solar system. The latest rover we just dropped on Mars took just a little over seven months to get there, and Mars is practically a stone throw away in cosmic terms. This is nature’s way of keeping the bad boys (whatcha gonna do?) away. 

Only the Timeless can Bend Time

Now that I’ve shown how there aren’t any malevolent forces trying to invade our world, let’s discuss those beings who are inspiring us to save it. Earth has been under a cosmic quarantine from the races in the Interstellar Alliance due to our hostile nature. We simply aren’t ready to interact with any advanced races on a collective level, although some individuals, like myself are being contacted and having the codes in their DNA activated.

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Just look at what’s happening between Israel and Gaza in the Middle East, we, as a collective keep killing and discriminating against one another. Sadly, many can’t even accept other humans who have a different colour skin or worship a different deity to them. Racism has been a tribal problem since the beginning of our existence and it can only be transcended in cosmic consciousness. In God consciousness, we realise that outer appearances mean nothing when we’re all the same on the inside. If we can’t treat other human beings who look slightly different to us, how would we treat those who look completely different or alien to us? 

Alienism has the potential to become the new racism if we’re not careful. 

A forced intervention wouldn’t help anyone in the long run, however. We need to do this ourselves; advanced races are patiently waiting for us to clean up our own mess. These beings, interface their technology with their consciousness. They can pick up our thoughts and intentions and see them on their computer screens or devices. Some are tens of thousands of years ahead of us, spiritually and technologically. However, our core remains the same; we are all timeless when we live from our heart centre. 

The Expansion of Consciousness 

The best thing you can do now is to learn how to get beyond yourself and become no-thing, because, in self-transcendence, you have the capacity to meet these beings halfway, vibrationally speaking. This is what happened to me in 2010 and many times since. I meditated in my room and was contacted by a Sirian being who claims to be my Future Self (a time bender). You’d think my survival instinct would have triggered the moment he manifested before me but I felt nothing but peace, love and an innate familiarity the moment I laid my third eye upon him. What a lot of people do not realise is that Extraterrestrial contact is also Extra-Dimensional contact. These beings, because they’re interstellar, can leave this dimension and appear in other perspectives or time spheres of the eternal now. 

Meditate every day and send peaceful, loving intentions out into the galaxy and beyond. No malevolent aliens are coming to steal your Big Mac or KFC chicken, don’t worry, you’ll still have your hot wings when this is all said and done. Just don’t fall for the mainstream narrative and perspective of these beings. Many of the so-called, UFOS in the sky are man-made, yes we have that technology which we stole from the countless ET crafts we’ve shot down with scalar laser technologies. 

“Nobody has asserted that there is an actual threat to humanity from these objects: It seems to me that any civilization capable of routine interstellar travel could terminate our civilization in a nanosecond if that was their intent. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the non-hostile nature of these ET civilizations.”

-Dr Steven Greer

Another proof these beings aren’t hostile is that there has been no retaliation from when we’ve killed their people. If there was, we’d all be dead within an instant. 

I’ll end this blog with a story that I hope will inspire you and give you an understanding of their state of consciousness. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a race of interstellar beings landed on a planet that wasn’t very developed. This, particular civilisation’s development was of the equivalent of our middle ages. Upon seeing the colossal ship land and these luminous beings step foot on their planets terrain, many of the natives got on their knees and proclaimed that: “The Gods have returned!”

Now, the commander of the crew laughed and insisted that they get up off their knees and they are their brothers and sisters, not beings they should worship. The natives looked confused. One of them then asked the ET’s: “But you’re so much more powerful than us!” 

“Yeah, I mean what can that ship of yours do?” another native asked. 

The ET’s laughed among themselves. The Commander then spoke. “My Brothers and Sisters, sure, we may have the capacity to travel through time or to boil all the oceans on your planet within a milli-second, but let me assure you that is not power!” 

“Huh?” the natives asked one another. 

The Commander continued. True power is that fact that we have that capability, but would never even think to use it. With great power, comes great responsibility and only those afraid of their own power, dare to take it from others.” 

-Rei Rei