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The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind: (Rewired Edition)

The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind is not a book you read from cover to cover; it is one you keep with you at all times. Whenever you’re triggered into an undesirable state, flick to the section relevant to what the present moment contains. This guide is nonlinear, which means you can jump in at any part you prefer, and I hope it benefits you throughout your awakening process.

I’ll be covering various metaphysical concepts that are generally misunderstood by society. There are two ways to define an idea: in an expansive or limiting way. In this book, I’ll be redefining these concepts so they can prove beneficial to your development. Changing your perspective of these truths will enable you to not only experience them but also dissolve the limitations you believe the illusions of the past have inflicted upon you.

Most people conform to a fear-based worldview; they’ve bought into a plethora of beliefs that unconsciously dictate their lives. These unconscious perceptions convince them to perpetuate behaviours that don’t serve them because everyone around them is doing the same; monkey see, monkey do.

For the most part, society is a mixed bag. We adopt positive core values and beliefs from those around us, but also a host of disempowering mindsets that are unconsciously passed down from generation to generation. Adhering to society’s limiting beliefs creates a bitter, resentful attitude toward life and living in such a state attracts negativity. When people identify solely with a persona that is moulded by past experiences, they lose touch with their timeless self.

The good news is that we can change our state of being any time, but most only decide to when the proverbial monkey throws a wrench at them. It usually requires a dreadful experience to convince a person change is necessary; in this book, however, I aim to help people bring their limiting beliefs into consciousness, empowering them to change without needing to hit rock bottom.

It is a scientific fact that between the ages zero to six, children are significantly more receptive to their surroundings than during adulthood. Their brain is locked in theta brain waves, which are akin to a recording device. They absorb beliefs, behaviours, and mimic other’s reactions merely by observing them. Children have what is known by neuroscientists as mirror-neurons, which means their brain is wired in such a way that they copy everything they experience in their outer environment. As a result, their family, friends, schoolteachers, and pretty much everyone in their society, has contributed, in some way, to conditioning them to fit in with their culture…

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