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Hello, and welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. Here, you’ll find many resources that assist you in changing your life for the better. You’re probably wondering who I am, and what I do, so here’s a little about me…

I was born and raised in Liverpool, England, by two loving parents. I’m the eldest of five children. My hobbies and interests include; Writing and Drawing Cartoons, Meditation, Spirituality, Mysticism, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Travelling, Indian and Japanese culture, Cetacean Life and some Video Games.

I’ve studied the science of Astrology for over a decade, and offer readings through this website. If you’re interested in a karmic astrology reading whereby I help you realign with your soul’s purpose through your birth chart, then drop me an email, you’ll find a list of my services on the contact page. I must state, however, that the Astrology I teach and offer isn’t a form of divination─it’s to help you realise your dreams through inspiring you to embrace the unknown.

I’m also an author of fiction and nonfiction. My first publication, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind, is selling all over the world and inspiring the readers to change their subconscious programming. My second is still in the works and it is the first volume of a Sci-fi series for young adults, based in the Sirius star systen. Say tuned, Blue Orca is on the way!

Why have I gone from writing nonfiction to fiction?

A few have asked me this question. My answer is that I’m still going to be writing other spiritual/nonfiction books in the near future. I just feel one of the best ways to get a message across is through storytelling. The things that have inspired me the most in life have been great stories, such as in movies, books or even video games. My goal is to encourage the future of this world to connect to their innermost self through the experiences of my characters. Even though the story may look like a children’s from the outside, once you read it, you’ll realise its depth and purpose of being…

“I’m writing my story so that others may see fragments of themselves.” – Lena Waithe

My biggest passion is connecting to the divine. Through the teachings of self-realised masters such as Jesus, Krishna, Paramahansa Yogananda and Mahavatar Babaji, I’ve discovered that level of my being where the impressions of the past have no power over me. The goal of this website is to inspire you to do the same. Being a former drug addict, I know what it feels like to be encapsulated by an unending veil of self-created darkness. I’ve been through hell and lived to tell the story, and that’s what drives me in all my creative endeavours.

“Self-realisation is the knowing in all parts of body, mind, and soul that you are now in possession of the kingdom of God; that you do not have to pray that it come to you; that God’s omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all that you need to do is improve your knowing.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

I’m also an ET contactee, which means I’ve had face to face contact with a being from another star system. Since I was a child, I’ve been looking up at the stars. No one had to tell me that we weren’t alone in the cosmos from a very tender age. I’ve always known that we have friends in high places─another aspect of my passion is connecting to these beings and also the orca, dolphin and whale species on this world, who are connected to the Sirius star system.

Japan, holds a special place in my heart. That’s why I have specially dedicated a full page to the Japanese people. I’ll be translating some of my quotes for them and posting them there. To all my followers in Japan, I hope to have my book The Labyrinth, translated into Japanese in the near future for you! ありがとうございます!

There are many blogs already on this website, feel free to check them out. The link to purchase my book is at the end of them. With love and appreciation, I hope you find this site beneficial to your development. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe! My social media accounts are also on the top of the page if you wish to connect to me on any of those platforms.

-レイレイ! (Rei Rei)

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