Who is Rei Rei?

Rei Rei is an author, astrologer and teacher from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. For over a decade, he’s been on the spiritual path, shedding the illusions of the past to be reborn anew, each and every moment. He’s the author of the best-selling spiritual/self-help book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind and is currently working on a sci-fi/fantasy series called Blue Orca.

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Rei has lived in Liverpool, UK his entire life, but from a tender age, he knew there was something more to existence other than what we can perceive with our physical senses. Fascinated by the paranormal, extraterrestrial life and other mysteries of the universe, he’d eagerly scan the heavens for visitors from other star systems when he was just seven years old.

He’s been the creative kind since he was a child. A lover of animals and still to this day, he’d write short stories and draw most of the time, but like everyone else in this world, the influence of society got a grip on him as his negative ego developed. By the time he was fourteen, he was taking class A drugs as the influence of the negativity that surrounded him, he admits, got the better of him. The yearnings of his innermost child were suppressed and ignored, and for almost a decade, he indulged in binge after binge with drugs and alcohol. This continued until the year 2010, which he claims was the year everything changed for him after a powerful kundalini awakening.

After that divine experience which radically transformed him, his drug addictions and self-sabotaging habits literally fell off him overnight. The following morning, he awoke as a completely new version of himself, with no cravings for that kind of lifestyle and with a fierce determination to discover the divine within himself dominant at the forefront of his perception. He began running and practised meditation everyday to speed up his recovery from the previous decade. Almost 12 years later, he’s still clean to this day, has a book published and has more on the way. He believes he’s come full circle, as he’s wound up doing the very thing he loved doing as a child, writing books and stories!

Part of Rei’s work is to assist otherpeople in doing the same via his best selling Future Self Builder, which you can purchase on this site if you’re interested.

Rei is also working with a talented manga artist from Barcelona, Catalonia, to design the characters of his story, which will be released next year. He is dedicated to helping create a more coherent and compassionate society through his books, videos and astrology; this is his passion and his purpose.

The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition) was released on August 31st 2021!

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Quotes by Rei Rei

“Your Higher Self knows what you don’t, it can see what you can’t seeā”€the unknown is known to the greater thee.”

“Your Future Self is waiting for you behind the curtains of the space-time illusion.”

“In order to be free, you must peel the limiting beliefs from your windows of perception.”

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