Racism, Alienism is Taught; Not Instinctual

I can’t believe it’s 2020 and I have to write this shit, but here we go! 

Let’s be brutally honest; this year has only highlighted just how divided we are as a civilisation. The coronavirus pandemic has, without a doubt, brought out the best in many by showing us how essential the medical services are to our survival. Instead of worshipping Hollywood celebs, maybe we can start to appreciate the people who actually make a positive contribution to our society more? 

The coronavirus, however, also showed us how selfish some are. During the first few weeks of the outbreak, when panic was widespread, people were literally fighting over toilet paper, canned and dried foods, and other stuff like hand sanitiser. I remember walking into the local supermarket, and people were rushing around everywhere with their trolleys, hoarding everything for themselves. The pasta aisle was empty; there were about three cans of beans remaining. 

Weeks later, there were photographs of people’s bins outside their home in the local newspaper; they were full of food that hadn’t even been opened. Those people bought a shit load of stuff, depriving the elderly, mainly of it and didn’t even eat it! This was discouraging, for someone, like myself, who believes in the potential for Humanity to evolve, to be honest. 

Then there’s the George Floyd incident which has only intensified matters. The innocent African American man was murdered by local law enforcement because of his skin colour, which has understandably caused an uproar across the United States. People are even rioting, looting from stores, and the protestors have even killed some innocent people. Black Lives do Matter, of course, but so does every other form of sentient life on this planet. Life matters. Those who believe their actions are justified by stealing from and killing innocent people are just as bad as those who murdered George. 

Protest yes, but let’s cease shedding blood. All life is sacred and precious. When a firefighter goes to fight a fire, he doesn’t extinguish it with more fire; he uses water to cool things down. Similarly, we can’t solve these issues by fighting fire with fire, or violence with more violence. A peaceful approach, a higher state of love, compassion is required to transform our world on all levels. 

What is racism? Many believe it’s instinctual, that it originates from when we were cavemen, and neighbouring tribes that looked a little different would fight each other. We’re not fucking cavemen anymore though! We can’t use this as an excuse. We have a more developed brain, mind, intellect and perception, and most importantly, a heart of compassion. 

“There is a story of a church in one of the southern states of America; it was a place where only white people are allowed to attend the services. Jim, the African American janitor, wanted more than anything else to be permitted to worship with the congregation on Sunday mornings. ‘Jim’ the minister explained to him. ‘I’d love to have you join us, but if you did so, you know I’d lose my job.’

One night, Jim prayed brokenheartedly to Jesus. ‘Lord, why can’t I worship in there with the white folk?’ 

After some time, he fell asleep, and a vision was granted him. Jesus Christ appeared in a great light, smiling compassionately. ‘My Son’ Jesus said. ‘Don’t feel too badly, for twenty years I’ve been trying to enter that church myself, and I’ve not yet succeeded.'”

Paramhansa Yogananda: The Essence of Self-Realisation

Racism, separationism, is taught. No babies are born racist; children embrace people of different races equally; there are no questions asked. They love and share their toys with them, smile and hold their hand. The unfortunate thing is that today’s media is created in such a way that it promotes racism, violence and hatred toward people who look a bit different than us. We’ve been programmed to only focus on our differences instead of our commonalities, which are far more significant. 

“Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed” – Will Smith 

Racism is Taught

It is a neuroscientific fact that during the ages of 0-6 that the brain is locked in theta brainwaves. Theta is akin to a recording device and is the same state of mind hypnotherapists work their trade on their patients. People are far more impressionable in this state, and it’s why people tend to become just like those they spend most of their time with as they were growing up. Unconscious beliefs and perceptions, habits and attitudes are passed down from generation to generation this way; it’s nature’s way of allowing us to adapt to our environment. If a child is brought up in a racist community, then it’s unfortunate that they’re probably going to grow up racist too. We must get to the root of all this separation if we’re to transcend it, together as a civilisation.

I stated before that our commonalities are far more significant than our differences, but what are they? We’re all children of Gaia, of God, regardless of how we look. We all bleed the same colour blood, have the same beating heart but most important, have the same consciousness! 

There is only one energy in existence, and it’s become every little lifeform that appears to be separate on the surface level of reality, but in truth, all are one and have always been. Don’t be fooled by appearances; everyone is an extension of your greater self, any time you belittle or discriminate against someone for any reason, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. 

I can’t even imagine how our society would react if an extraterrestrial civilisation appeared who looked nothing like us. In the current state of our collective consciousness, they’d be demonised and branded as children of Satan by the baptist Christians and members of other dogmatic faiths. Alienism will become the new racism if we’re not careful.

The countless sightings in the sky of ET craft are only intensifying as time goes by. I’ll go on record by saying that I, myself, am a contactee. I’ve spoken to an extraterrestrial. They only appear, however, to individuals who have already transcended the boundaries that separate us as a society. They’ve been observing us for aeons, but they won’t come down and force us to change, that’s not the answer. A forced evolution isn’t the way forward. We must get our own house in order before we go out into the universal world of the cosmos. 

World peace isn’t enough; we must be willing to embrace, not only each other but all races by focusing on universal peace.

But what if these civilisations are a threat? Your mind is probably wondering due to all the Hollywood movies you’ve seen about them that project our tendencies onto them. I’ll let Dr Steven Greer, the ufologist answer this question for you in the quote below: 

“At one point… asked, “Well, what if these life forms are hostile?” I looked at him and I said, “You know what? You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation if they were hostile given the fact that the technologies that they have are so advanced that they can alter the fabric of space-time. If they were hostile, in a nanosecond, the earth could be turned into a cinder floating through space and you know it. And insofar as we have been doing reckless and dangerous things against them for decades, the fact that you and I still are breathing the free air of earth is abundant testimony to their non-violence.” He just looked at me.”

-Dr Steven Greer MD: Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge

It’s crunch time guys, all life matters, and even beyond this little blue sphere, we call our home. We can you do? Teach your children to love and embrace everyone from a young age, so the media can’t program them to do otherwise. Impress their minds with thoughts of equality, how the love of God is present within all, regardless of nationality. I believe it would also help if children were taught meditation at school, as meditation helps one see beyond the superficial boundaries many unconsciously allow to hijack their perception. 

We are one being, one consciousness and until we come together, and drop these outdated, primitive collective mindsets, then we’ll never be able to explore the cosmos and become instruments for the love of the divine consciousness, collectively speaking. 

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