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You’re probably wondering who I am, and what I do, so here goes…

I was born and raised in the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom by two loving parents. I have four siblings, of which I’m the oldest (yikes!).

I don’t mind sharing my so-called past experiences with the general public as I feel no shame from my errors, they have been great teachers, and without them, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today. 

A city like Liverpool is a difficult place to grow up, mainly because you practically have access to anything you want from an early age if you know the right people. Because of this, I wound up taking class A drugs when I was just fourteen years old, losing touch with my inner child in the process. 

For almost a decade, I did the same thing, week after week. Drinking and then getting wasted on the likes of cocaine and ecstasy. At the time, I didn’t realise that I was suppressing my emotional insecurities with the substances, something that I had to face directly when my addictions came to an end in the year 2010. 

I was twenty-three, it was a cold January morning after a party at a friend’s home. I got in around 3 AM. I was still living in my Mum’s at the time. I’d been drinking and had a few lines of cocaine, but the euphoria was beginning to wear off. My now deceased dog, Chico (pictured below) was sat the end of my bed, waiting for me to come home like he always did. After he almost licked my face off in excitement, I turned off the room light and jumped into bed. That’s when it all started…


I completely loathed myself for who I’d become. I kept having flashbacks of myself as a child as I tossed and turned in the furnace of another emotional hell. My passion and dreams were lost and forgotten. I’d become someone I was not just to conform to the ways of society for their approval of me. That’s when it dawned on me that I’d turned out to be just like everybody else. The realisation was too much, all of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe! 

My palms and feet were sweating as I leapt out of bed and burst into my Mum’s bedroom with my hands on my chest. I honestly thought I was going to die; it was the scariest panic attack I’d ever had!

Mum turned in bed and squinted her eyes as she gazed at me. She told me to open the window and that I’d be okay. The moment she spoke, my lungs began absorbing oxygen again. 

After apologising for waking her up, I went back to my room and did what she said, opened the window. Much to my amazement, every star was out in the night sky as I popped my head outside for a breather. Living in the industrial city of Liverpool with its cloudy reputation, it was a rarity to behold such a sparkling sky. To further my excitement, a massive shooting star traversed the heavens; I felt like it was a message from the divine. The moment I saw it, a powerful determination erupted in the core of my being that I’d never felt before; it was an invitation to change my ways, I’d had enough of being who I wasn’t. 

I was ready to embrace my innate perfection. 

And that’s what happened, fast forward almost eleven years later and I’ve still not touched any class A drugs. The addictions fell off me overnight, I woke up the next morning a new version of myself, in a different timeline altogether. In the ultimate sense, it’s incorrect to even label those experiences as my own, because they belong to another version of me in another timeline. However, to hopefully help nourish some seeds of change in my readers, I have told the story, anyway. 

I woke up the next morning with a thought booming in my mental skies I hadn’t thought before: “I am going to find God within myself.” 

I had no idea what God even was! I was raised in a Catholic family and had no idea what to designate as truth. However, my sincere thoughts and curiosity started to attract to me teachers who not only helped me overcome the emotions of the past that I’d used substances to suppress for years, but also align with my very own portal paradise. 

Yogananda is one of my Spirit Guides

Including Yogananda and Jesus Christ, I also connected with my living Guru, Mahashakti Anandini Ma, who taught me some advanced meditation techniques that I have practised for years. I also studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Esoteric Christianity, New Age thought and Psychology, Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience and Astrology. I am now also a professional Astrologer who helps people realign with their destiny through their natal chart.

I now feel ready to share my experiences with the world. I have been to hell and lived to tell the tale. In 2018, I published my first book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind, four years later in 2020, a new version is about to be released with three new chapters. Stay tuned for more information. I hope you lot stick around and explore my content on this site; it is the result of everything my journey of life has taught me thus far!

In love and appreciation

Rei Rei 

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