Laura Leone

“Rei Rei gave me an amazing Starseed Astrology reading. It confirmed a lot of things that I have been feeling and then some. He gave me detailed explanations as to my aspects and intuitive insight. Also pointers on how to strengthen my Starseed aspects and integrate them.

I highly recommend Rei Rei’s readings since you will be more aligned after you realize your various aspects.”

Brittanii Crews

“Rei Rei’s Starseed Origin Astrological Reading was quite an eye-opening experience. He has a clear and concise explanation of the natal chart and its correlation with the star seed galaxies. He guides you through the knowledge gently and gives detailed advice for life on this plane. My reading gave me spine-tinglies and made me cry with the resonance of the accuracy; Gives me hope to keep journeying with my higher self!

Thanks Rei Rei for sharing your gift of Star Seed knowledge and helping us reconnect with our astral selves.”

Patrycja Redzikowska

“I’ve been studying astrology myself and I’ve ordered reading from Rei Rei to gain deeper understanding of my own chart. He clarified a lot and was spot on with everything he observed. The session felt like great talk with an old friend. I would definitely recommend to speak with him to clear some fog of your path.”

Mags Kelly

“My recent astrology reading with Rei Rei gave me alternative insights to look at my nodes in a multi-dimensional way rather than linear. It’s still dropping in for me which is always a good sign that lm learning something or rather awakening to what is already present! His style is sensitive and open to engagement and discussion leading to further clarity and understanding! Highly recommended.”

Emily Plauché

I found Rei Rei through divine luck and instantly felt called to seek a reading from him. I love that his offerings are deeper and more specified than the normal astrology reading – I asked for the Starseed Origins Astrology reading which delved into the origins of my soul as well as my divine gifts, purpose and mission. Rei Rei was able to grant me insight into what I must focus on to help humanity – which is the direction I have been going in, so the conformation helps to release the doubts that have been creeping up and give me fuel. So much of what he said resonated on a deep soul level. I highly recommend Rei Rei.”