Accessing your Future Self

The first key to accessing your future self is to understand that the illusion of linear time hypnotises us the moment we come out of the womb. Quantum physicists are discovering, however, that on the most fundamental level of reality, all things, people, places, realities, events─the entirety of creation co-exists, simultaneously in an invisible fieldContinue reading “Accessing your Future Self”

Rewriting the Subconscious

Rewriting the subconscious is something most struggle with, mainly because they don’t truly understand how it functions. The subconscious operates very much like the hard drive in your computer; it is programmed via the repetition of certain experiences and behaviours. However, the subconscious is hundreds of times more powerful than the conscious mind and untilContinue reading “Rewriting the Subconscious”

Neuroplasticity: Dissolving the Old-Self

For the most part, the human brain is a record of the past. All our past experiences, memories, beliefs, unconscious perceptions and habits are stored within the circuitry of our brain. The neurological network is a matrix formed by clusters of nerve cells. Many believe that once they’re set in their ways, that it’s, atContinue reading “Neuroplasticity: Dissolving the Old-Self”

Change your Brainwaves

Neuroscience has taken huge strides over the last couple of decades, especially in its studies on altered states of consciousness invoked by spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer. One thing scientists have discovered is that by focusing your awareness on the space around your body, you change your brainwaves by slowing them down. DoingContinue reading “Change your Brainwaves”

The Environment Signals your Genes

The enviornment signals your genes but for decades, we’ve taught to believe that genes create disease and that there’s no way of avoiding our so-called, hereditary maladies. We assumed that we’re doomed by our DNA and that there’s no escape. Misconceptions such as these, are being blown out the water by the latest findings in epigenetics. We’reContinue reading “The Environment Signals your Genes”

The Transformation of the Ego

Life is an experience of transformation. One of shedding who you believed you were in order to embody your true self. The transformation of the ego is why we incarnated in physical reality. According to neuroscience, most of our conditioning occurs during the first seven years of our lives; this is because children’s brains are significantly moreContinue reading “The Transformation of the Ego”

Getting Back to our Natural State

Getting back to our natural state is the point of the spiritual journey. We’re born into this world with such hope and enthusiasm glistening in our newborn eyes; this is why people love babies─they see their higher nature gazing back at them. However, after a few years of experiencing the ups and downs of theContinue reading “Getting Back to our Natural State”