The Arcturians: Remember Who You Are

The Arcturians are popular in the Starseed community. These beings operate at a super-high frequency, on the same plane as our higher selves, but who are they exactly? How do they function and operate? How do they serve Humanity and what is the best way to connect with them?  The three levels of reality TheContinue reading “The Arcturians: Remember Who You Are”

Starseed Astrology: Connecting with Parallel Lives

We live in a nonlinear universe, with a linear perception built into the ego, and while the illusion of linearity is a necessity to have a physical experience, we are also capable of transcending it to connect with any being, past, present or future. This includes all versions of yourself, from the oversoul perspective, whichContinue reading “Starseed Astrology: Connecting with Parallel Lives”