Align with Your Promised Land

Before incarnating in physical reality, you made specific agreements with the collective consciousness. You agreed on the role you’d play in the game of life, which karmic themes you’d be exploring and also your life’s purpose, which is intrinsic to the desires of your heart.

Many are living under a tremendous amount of self-created pressure. According to recent studies, the average person is subject to the hormones of stress for 70% of their day. Unless you make the required changes, that’s 70% of your life in the stress response. How can we be happy and live an enjoyable life if we’re stressed the majority of it? How can we align with our dreams and desires if we’re living in survival? We’re motivated by fear and anxiety when we’re stressed; thus, we can’t enjoy life in such a state. Inner peace must become your priority if you’re to align with the divine plan.

The main reason people are so stressed out is that they don’t trust in the way their life is unfolding.

I define the Promised Land as the fulfilment of your God-given purpose in life. Those activities, hobbies, talents and interests which set your soul ablaze are no coincidence─your passion is your purpose. This is why you need to be true to yourself and not the beliefs of those around you. Until you liberate your perception from the beliefs of those around you, you’ll never reach your personal Promised Land, as you’ll be too busy searching for someone else’s!

“The universe is centre everywhere circumference nowhere.”─Paramahansa Yogananda

The Promised Land is your natural state, your core vibration, which is unique unto itself, just as you as an individual, are unique. According to Yogananda, every single atom is conscious and imbued with the intelligence of creation, which is the universal mind─the source. Every soul, every fragment of the infinite consciousness, can’t be replicated by another.

If you consistently embody your natural state by focusing on the present without resistance, you align with the divine plan─the desires of your heart manifest in perfect timing as a result. To maintain such a state is to allow life to unfold the way it needs to, and not the way you believe it should. Of course, it would be unrealistic to expect someone to maintain the state all day. Once you’ve noticed that you’ve fallen from grace, however, it’s important to move back into the flow as soon as possible. By doing so, you learn to surrender to the power built into your consciousness.

When people generally hear the word surrender, they believe it means to give up their power or control, and on the level of the ego, it does. You aren’t just the ego; however, you’re also a Higher Self, a Soul and an Oversoul, which are ready to support you with their nonlinear intelligence the moment you get out of your own way. True surrender then, is to recognise to the power latent within the deepest crevice of your heart.

As I wrote previously, the core vibration of your individualised consciousness, can’t be replicated by another. No matter how many star systems you travel to in the vastness of infinity, you’d never find another you─and that is your power. Your core vibration is a current that leads you to your purpose─the state attracts everything you require to fulfil your destiny. Have you noticed how many of the things you wanted a couple of years ago now is already yours? You may not have even realised it, but the universe has already fulfilled your needs. It’s only your linear, timebound mind that refuses to believe so.

The key is a level of faith that borders on unshakable. You can help develop your confidence in the order of things by examining your life. Look back at all the times you’ve been supported by existence. Even the situations you felt were undesirable the moment they manifested, later, you found out they were necessary to teach you things you needed to learn. My point is that all situations can serve you positively if you tweak your perspective of them.

Everyone naturally feels inclined toward certain forms of activity. Yet, many are afraid to follow the call that echoes out their hearts. Doing what you feel called to do goes hand in hand with aligning with the Higher Self. If you lack the self-belief and confidence to go after your passion, you must dig into your unconscious to discover the beliefs preventing you from doing so.

Many hold themselves back because they’re afraid of what others think. The irony is that most of those people are also scared to follow their passion. Be a shining example for those who are around you daily. Show them, with your actions, that they’re as capable as achieving their dreams as you are by manifesting yours before their eyes.

When you muster up the courage to act on your passion, you realise that while performing such actions, you feel free, light and at peace. This is because the impressions of the past fall away the instant we do what we love. We’re plunged into our natural state when the fires of passion set our heart ablaze, as that fire burns the debris of the fear-based beliefs adjacent to the old self.

You’ll only miss your purpose if you continue to live via the hormones of stress most of the time. I’m not saying that you won’t have challenges when you move into your natural state, as it can bring up residual pain that needs transmuting. Challenges such as these, are also part of your destiny and should be validated the moment they arise. What I mean is, however, living under the hormones of stress all the time won’t only break your body down, but it also moves you out of alignment with the synchronising flow of the universe. The path of least resistance is in the flow.

Swimming against the current is the most exhausting thing you can do. When you let go and allow the current to guide you through your intuitive perception, you realise the effortlessness that comes along with being in harmony with existence.

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The Metamorphosis of the Ego

Life is an adventure of transformation. One of shedding who you believed you were to embodying your true self; the metamorphosis of the ego is why we incarnated on this beautiful world.

According to neuroscience, most of our conditioning happens during the first seven years of our lives; this is because children’s brains are significantly more receptive adults. Theta brain waves (which their brains are locked in) are hypnotic. Kids are easily programmed in this state of being; they learn things quickly through observing their environment. By the time they’ve become teenagers, there’s a cocoon of unconscious beliefs obscuring their true self.

Nature is full of symbols that can actually, reflect the journey we go through in the rediscovery of our true nature amidst a web of lies if we look at them correctly.

The transformation the caterpillar experiences to become a butterfly, one of nature’s most adored creatures, is comparable to the awakening process many are undergoing.

The caterpillar stage of the insect’s life resembles when we walk the earth without the awareness that there are wings or great potential latent in us; waiting to be activated.

Many who are reading will likely know how it feels to live below your potential; trapped in patterns (emotional, mental, habitual) you can’t shake off. I have lost count of the number of times my conscience ate me alive every time I walked home from a night out with the lads. I knew I had more inside me, but I didn’t know what.

Looking back at that version of myself, I feel nothing but compassion and great appreciation for him. I cherish those caterpillar days because, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The contrast those days gave me enabled me to see the light of my truth; we can only see the stars glow at their most radiant when they are surrounded by darkness, so too, do we realize our truth after experiencing what isn’t.

After so many disappointments in my young life; allowing my happiness to be dependent on external conditions, I realized that no one or no-thing was ever going to give me the joy I craved. Everything in this world is transitory; having a beginning and an end. Many believe they’ll find eternal happiness in the forever fleeting experiences of the cosmic drama, only to hit brick walls thanks to the primrose paths their false beliefs lured them down. When I had this realisation, I decided to become a hermit; this is what’s known as the cocoon or more fitting with this article, the chrysalis phase.

“Most people unknowingly conform to a fear-based worldview; they’ve bought into a plethora of beliefs that unconsciously dictate their lives. These unconscious perceptions convince them to perpetuate behaviours that don’t serve them because everyone around them is doing the same; monkey see, monkey do.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

When the caterpillar begins its metamorphosis, it stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or a leaf and spins itself a silky chrysalis; within this protective casing, the insect transforms its body, to eventually emerge as a butterfly.

There were many inner demons I had to confront during those times of great solitude. Much meditation and introspection were required for me to become aware of the beliefs wrapped around the core of my true self. These fear-based perceptions convinced me to behave out of alignment with the light of my truth and to fear illogicalities. I realised there was a plethora of limiting beliefs hijacking my perception; they’d always been there; I was unaware of them as I walked the earth as the caterpillar.

We’re not capable of acting or perceiving beyond our current level of consciousness. I was unaware of fear-based beliefs as I lacked the awareness to see them at the time. Many beat themselves up because they lack the awareness to see the patterns within themselves, but I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. We’re always shown what we need to know in perfect timing; this includes the lies in our mind which force us to misperceive reality.

There were many aha moments when I realised how illogical it was to believe in such limiting and self-defeating ways. Awareness of my unconscious beliefs has freed me more than anything else has. Our social conditioning forms a chrysalis around our consciousness that obstructs our wings from spreading, but there’s another interesting fact about what happens in the chrysalis before the caterpillar emerges as a butterfly.

Scientists have conducted various studies on caterpillars while they were in their transformation. In one test, they purposely broke the chrysalis prematurely while keeping the insect intact, only to discover that by interrupting the natural metamorphosis we inhibit its growth. The struggle the creature undergoes to escape its chrysalis gives it the strength it needs to develop its wings; when we do the work for it, the insect doesn’t reach its potential.

The very same can be said for each one of us.

Many are struggling to break free from the chrysalis of societies lies wrapped around their essence since they emerged from the womb. The struggle, however, doesn’t need to be defined negatively. The ups, the downs; the good days, the bad days, the emotional rollercoasters; the challenges are what help us grow. I’m not saying, in any way, shape or form, that we MUST suffer to evolve; but I don’t know one human being who hasn’t suffered so we’re not there as a species yet.

The challenges, the tests, the trials, form your wings. They develop your character, humble you, and break-down what isn’t you so what is can emerge. Try to see everything in life even-mindedly as the Bhagavad-Gita teaches. Go beyond humanity’s definitions of right and wrong. All things manifest to help you expand and become the butterfly you were created you to be. What you believe is inhibiting is helping you realize your potential. Let it be; trust in your process, allow everything to be okay, as it is.

One day, you’ll look down at your empty chrysalis, in the transcendental bliss of your natural state, flying in pristine skies with fluttering wings; thankful for the struggles you experienced as the caterpillar. My wish is that you all learn to use your wings in this year of 2020; embodying levels of joy, bliss and love you never thought possible. May the love of the source guide you in all you do.

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Be Still, Be Chill: Align With The Divine Will

Stillness is our fundamental nature; it is the essence of who we are. Most of the time, there is a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions fluctuating within us; in the eye of that storm dwells our consciousness. Beyond the turbulence of the human condition exists a transcendent reality which is untouched by the transitory, forever fleeting scenes of the cosmic drama. This reality is one with the divine and is your true self.

“Stillness is God.” ─Paramahansa Yogananda

Of course, the majority of us can’t be still at all times. We’re not Eckhart Tolle or Ramana Maharshi! And, I don’t believe the purpose of life is to walk around thoughtless all day. If that were the case, then we’d get nothing done. Since we require an ego to exist in physical reality, it’s essential to have a foot in both realms; finding a balance between the person and the spirit is the key.

Thoughts, for the most part, are harmless as long as your conscious of them. They usually only control our behaviour when we’re not aware they are spinning on the carousel of our mind. The moment we believe in what the automatic ramblings of our conditioning are telling us, our perception becomes distorted by fearful emotions.

Our beliefs are powerful! They are the building blocks of our subjectivity. Most of what we experience is the result of our imaginings. Life itself is a daydream of the soul. The rest is the result of the agreements we made on a soul level before incarnating to play the game of physical reality.

What is God’s Will?

I use the term, God loosely, but define God’s Will as the promise the divine encoded into you when your source spawned your consciousness into existence. Every person has a purpose for being; otherwise, they wouldn’t exist. We all have a mission to accomplish in this world, and when we fulfil that purpose, we either choose to experience something else or pull down the curtains on the play of our life.

Everything the divine has promised you (which is the true desires of the uncontaminated heart) is already working its way toward you. But you push them away by believing in things which are not true. Resistance to the way your life unfolds prevents you from aligning with the dreams of your innermost child─this is why it is essential to let go of those beliefs which hold you back, motivate you in ways that don’t work for you and that convince you that you’re someone you’re not. When you release what isn’t truly representative of you, then you experience what is.

Stillness is the divine within you. When you find yourself worrying or resisting the way life is panning out before your eyes, then move back into the silence. Allow that stillness, that joy, that inner peace to infuse your mind with faith-filled thoughts. Stillness gives us clarity; it reminds us of the big picture whenever we lose touch of it. Via our intuition, we know that everything is working out for our benefit even if we don’t see how it could be.

“Stillness is pure consciousness, your unconditioned self. Your core is the kutastha chaitanya; the level of your being that remains untouched by the dual-bound nature of physical reality. When you identify with this core, your life blossoms like a rose. You flow gracefully in the unknown, immersed in the still-waters of the present and behold how loved and supported you are by life. Miracles are everywhere if you have the eyes to see them.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

When you live in a state of acceptance, you see that everything works in your favour. You may not know why something happens the moment it arises, but one day, you’ll look back and say; “Ah, so that’s why that happened!” How many times have you done it already? Trust in the way your life is unfolding; allow it to blossom like a rose.

Let us redefine the law of attraction because we don’t attract anything as everything we truly need is already trying to find us. Let’s name it the law of allowance. Let’s surrender to the divine plan of our Higher Self; that aspect of our consciousness that is aware it’s connected to everyone, and everything.

So, keep it simple, my friends; be still, be chill, and align with God’s Will.

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Your Comfort Zone is Anything but Comfortable!

We all have fears and challenges we must overcome if we’re to realise our full potential. You may be in the midst of a challenging period as you’re reading these words─hopefully, they’ll inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace life in its totality.

Life begins where your comfort zone ends; I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true. Scientists, in recent years, have discovered that wallowing in fear-based emotional and mental patterns breaks us down on every level. The more identified we are with thoughts and emotions that reflect our past trauma, the more susceptible we are to disease. Our comfort zone slowly kills us without us, even realising─thus; it’s anything but comforting!

Epigenetics, thanks to the work of the Bruce H. Lipton PhD, (a scientist under-appreciated his contribution to society) discovered that our perception of the environment signals our genes. In a nutshell; once we change our perception, we also change our gene expression. What do genes do? They create proteins, and proteins oversee the structure and function of our body.

Many who suffer from chronic forms of anxiety, for example, their unconscious perception of the outer world signals their genes to create proteins equal to the hormones of stress. The result is that the proteins won’t be of good quality as the proteins generated by fear-based emotions are significantly weaker than the ones created by elevated feelings such as gratitude, compassion and joy. The immune system is also considerably weakened when one lives in survival.

As soon as the average person opens their eyes, a negative thought arises in their mind, and they believe it unconsciously, which triggers fear in the body. They then resist that fear, which only creates more thoughts equal to it. This process is how people get caught up in fear-based thinking and feeling loops; before they know, it─they’ve spent the majority of their day in an anxious state. The fight or flight response is detrimental to our longevity as it uses up the bodies vital, life-force energy to secrete hormones in the limbic brain. Anxious people get tired quickly for this very reason. We must become conscious of patterns of this nature to transcend them.


Can you sit with your eyes closed for five minutes and observe your thoughts without believing in them? Watch them impartially─just as the clouds pass you by in the sky on a summer’s day, so do your thoughts in the sky of your inner world. The thoughts aren’t even the problem, as most of them are automatic; the issue is your belief in them. They most likely reflect your past and have nothing to do with who you are today.

These patterns are the residue of the past, which colours the way you perceive the present; thus, your body believes it is re-experiencing the traumas. Neuroscience has proved that 90% of the thoughts we have today are the same thoughts we had the day before; becoming conscious of your inner world is the first step to dissolving the old self─who survives on memories to give itself a sense of continuity.

Your perception of the environment or the memories between your ears are what triggers fear in the body. You don’t feel any form of fear without believing something to be true─please, contemplate on this for a moment. You wouldn’t feel scared if you didn’t think, on some level, you or your identity was in danger. Anxiety is an indicator that you’re believing something awful is about to happen to you when, in reality; it’s most-likely only happening in your imagination. We can turn on the stress response by believing in our thoughts.

Many teachers instruct one to be fully present with their fear-based emotions and accept them as they arise, and I agree. We must fully embrace what the present moment contains as nothing goes away until it’s taught us what it needs to teach us. Now, this doesn’t mean wallow in the emotions─acceptance is key to realising them, as resistance creates blockages in our emotional body.

When fear arises in your body, stop whatever you’re doing for a second and close your eyes. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths to centre yourself in the here and now. Accept what is. Allow the emotion to be there, as it has come up to help you enlighten the dark tomb of your unconscious.

What most teachers don’t teach, however, is that we should also question these emotions after we’ve accepted them. I’m not saying analyse them with the thinking mind, as to do so will most likely only reinforce the patterns as the thoughts we have while feeling fear only reflect that fear. Be present and curious when you question the emotion you feel. After accepting the emotion for some time, you’ll feel your vibration begin to raise─when it does is the time to investigate the resistance as you can see more of what’s inside you when you’re operating on a higher frequency.

In a curious state, ask yourself questions along the lines of:

“What do I believe is going to happen to me? What do I believe is wrong with me? What must I believe is true to generate this emotion? How is my perception misaligned right now?” 

Once you identify the unconscious perceptions, you’ll probably laugh when you realise how nonsensical they are! And when you do giggle at the falsity cocooned around the core of your consciousness─you can no longer keep believing it. Awareness dissolves the beliefs automatically.

As you grew up, you were most likely influenced by your parents, school teachers and friends in a fear-based way; and most of this conditioning occurred in the first seven years of your life. The brain of a newborn is in a different state than adults, they are in theta, and theta brainwaves are hypnotic; children adapt to their environment through observation alone.

As a result, people have a plethora of unconscious, fear-based beliefs hijacking their perception. Why do I define it as hijacking? Because they aren’t conscious of them; people are generally unaware of most of the things they believe about themselves and life as a whole. Hence why they’re smacked by random waves of emotions and have no idea why their body is activating the stress response; it’s because they’re unaware of their unconscious perceptions.

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ─Carl Jung

Fear-based beliefs form the basis of all negative mental and emotional patterns. Some correlate these emotions to emotional memories, but that is what beliefs ultimately are because we only believe things result of our experiences in the world.

Early in life, I discovered why it’s essential to become aware of our unconscious perceptions. I was born twenty-seven days prematurely, and I know that being born so early can create complications in some of the babies organs as they grow up. Eight weeks later, I was rushed into hospital as Mother noticed I was really pale and hardly breathing. The doctors quickly scanned me to see that I had inflammation on my aorta, (the largest artery in the body, I think, correct me if I’m wrong).

That day, I had life-saving surgery in which the doctors repaired my aortic valve, and I’ve been healthy ever since, thanks to the grace of the divine, and of course─Mother, who’s intuition saved my life. Every couple of years, I revisit the hospital and get an MRI scan just to make sure that everything’s still in working order. Thirty-three years later, so far, so good, I’m in the best shape of my life.

Over the last few years, however, I was afraid to exercise as I become conscious of many fear-based perceptions around the experience I had when I was but a newborn. I grew up with Mother drilling the notion that I had a heart condition in my head (even though it wasn’t my heart they repaired, but the aortic valve). So, whenever my heart beats fast after exercise, my body would automatically go into panic mode—not exercising become a comfort zone for me. I was scared to walk up steep hills, go running or even climb stairs at one point. Anything that could trigger my heart rate to go up, I tried to avoid because I somehow believed they would give me a heart attack, when, in fact, the complete opposite is the truth.

This comfort zone would have depleted my health significantly if I stayed in it because exercise is good for the heart. I read that just twenty minutes of walking, five times a week can lower your chances of a stroke or heart attack by 30%. Our heart is a muscle, and it wants to pump, not out of fear, but due to exercising in joy─staying physically active is a fundamental key to a healthy life.

I believed if I avoided exercise that I’d be safe. Yet, avoiding exercising broke my body down; I become weak. My muscles were sore all the time. I laid in bed a lot, doing nothing. I was under the regime of this unconscious perception and had no idea. Imagine if I would have stayed in that pattern for another ten years? I’d probably weigh about 400 lbs by the time I was 40!

Now, if I wouldn’t have questioned my fear, then I wouldn’t have become aware of this deadly, yet illogical pattern that was controlling my behaviour. Avoiding the ordinary, everyday things of life is never the way forward. Push through the fear and do them anyway, because every time you avoid something out of fear, you reinforce those fears within yourself even more. In modern psychology, this process is called safety behaviours. 

For years, I’d suffer from anxiety; heart palpitations, dizziness, vomiting, you name it. And truth be told I’m still on the healing path as I believe healing and the expansion of consciousness never ends. Ultimately, it was the erroneous belief that I had something wrong with my heart that was the source of my grief.


In Japanese culture, Kintsugi (金継ぎ, “golden joinery”), also known as Kintsukuroi (金繕い, “golden repair”), is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.

To me, my heart is more beautiful now; it’s has been filled with the radiant gold of divine love and joy. I’m truly blessed and thankful to be here, writing this blog for you. I also believe this is why it happened to me, as there are no accidents in life. I went through all that trauma to be able to speak and write from my own experiences for you. I genuinely believe that if I never the life-saving surgery that I wouldn’t have written my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. 

Your comfort zone will ultimately kill you if you don’t step into the unknown and out of your fear-based thinking and feeling patterns. Dr Joe Dispenza, once said that just by feeling gratitude for ten minutes, we release over 1200 chemicals in the body which begin to heal and restore it.

Know thyself! Examine your comfort zone, with awareness. Question those patterns which keep you locked in the same uncomfortable state, day in day out. Just as I discovered how illogical it was to avoid exercising, you’ll find a host of irrational beliefs which convince you to avoid things you shouldn’t.

The moment you begin to embrace a new state of being by altering your perception, you’ll start to create better proteins which will, in turn, improve the structure and function of your body. Make appreciation your heartbeat. Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable initially, because your body is addicted to the thoughts and feelings reflective of your past. You have to be inspired enough to want to change. You don’t need to hit rock bottom or catch some disease to force you to realign your perception─change yourself consciously.

I hope this blog helped shed some light on how detrimental our comfort zone is to our health and wellbeing. May you transcend the illusions of your past and embrace your present, without distortion.

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Thrive in your Natural State!

Getting back to our natural state is the goal of the spiritual journey. We’re born into this world with such hope and enthusiasm glistening in our eyes; this is why people love babies─they see their higher nature gazing back at them.

After a few years of experiencing the ups and downs of the world around them, the divine spark diminishes as the conditioning of the ego begins to form. During the first seven years of our lives, the brain is in a significantly more receptive state than it is when we’re adults. Theta waves are hypnotic; they turn the brain into a recording device. 

Through observing the habits and attitudes of their parents, siblings and others, children become programmed with the same beliefs and behaviours to help them adapt to their society. By the time they’re adults, they usually have a mask over their face that prevents their true self from expressing itself. 

The good news is that our natural state is ever available to us; all you have to do is embrace the present moment without resistance. You see, your natural state, the bliss of the soul is eternal, even if it feels like it’s gone forever. The still-waters of the divine has always been there, waiting for you to sip on its heavenly spring. When you taste the divine elixir within, you’ll realise that the joy you’ve been searching for in the world was within you all along. 

Everyone desires peace, love, and bliss. I don’t care if you’re Saint Francais of Assisi or Al Capone; what drives them is the desire to go home─back into the comforting arms of their natural state. The difference between the saint and the sinner is that the former knows where to find their peace while the latter conspires to cheat themselves and others to get what they want.

Most people wholly focus on the outer world. They solely define themselves through their senses, emotions, thoughts and desires. Unaware of the goldmine inside, they chase 1001 things with the unconscious motivation of rediscovering the wholeness of being they believe they’ve lost. The moment they realise that nothing in this transitory world can give them the satisfaction they seek─they look within.

The awakening begins

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ─Matthew 6: 19-21

When every atom of your body vibrates with divine fire; you experience a peace independent of outer circumstances. In this state, you’re God-united, one with the peace of the divine that passeth understanding.

Embodying your natural state brings everything in your karmic blueprint (the soul’s plan for your life) to you in perfect timing. You’ll feel inclined to act when you feel the inner-nudge, and will no longer be dependent on the automatic ramblings of the mind, as you’ll see through its distortions at an increasing rate the more you embrace who you truly are. 

The ever-new bliss of the soul is a fire that burns away the old self; hence why in Christianity it’s known as the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Awareness of the conditioned self is the first step to transcending it. The more aware you are of the misperceptions, fear-based beliefs and self-sabotaging habits that are the residue of the past, the more you’ll be capable of realigning with your natural state of being. 

When you’re aligned and inspired, you thrive; allowing synchronicity to guide you down the yellow brick road, as you align with your purpose. You’ll feel as light as a feather as you ‘innerstand ‘that your Higher Self (the nonlinear aspect of your nature) is taking care of all the complicated details as you deal with what the present moment contains. 

There will, no doubt, be times when you’re pulled out of the true self by the emotions of the old self, but fear not; this is a natural aspect of the process. When you realise you’re misaligned, accept what is, integrate what’s not true for you, and then move back into alignment.

As 2020 approaches, the energy is intensifying and will continue to do so as we progress into the new decade. Christ defined your natural state as the Pearl of Great Price; you’ll have to sell everything you own (the limiting beliefs you’ve allowed to define you up until this point in your life) to realise it. Only by getting out of your way, by dropping the identity you’ve unconsciously allowed to define you can you obtain the keys to the kingdom of heaven. 

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A Change of Perception is a Change of Destiny

We’re living in exciting times. The latest scientific research is blowing our beliefs out the water with its findings; especially in the field of epigenetics. The word epi means above in Greek; thus, epigenetics implies above our genes or in layman’s terms, the forces that oversee the function of our genes.

Dr Bruce, H Lipton PhD, author of The Biology of Belief, discovered decades ago that our perception regulates our genes, and that the moment we alter our beliefs we also change the expression of our genes. The environment, or in other words, our reaction to the outer world signals our genes to function in specific ways.

What is the significance of such findings? Imagine being born into a family where there’s a history of cancer from generation to generation, only to eventually watch some of them pass away due to the disease. You’ll most likely believe that you’re doomed to experience the same fate. According to epigenetics, however, and there is sufficient evidence to prove that 99% of diseases aren’t hereditary, but the result of our unconscious beliefs.

If you believe that you’re bound to the same fate as your ancestors, then you will be. But if you manage to change those beliefs with the knowledge that your perception creates your reality, then you’ll change your mindset and consequently, your gene expression.

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.” ─Neville Goddard

State of being creates reality. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours form our overall personality, which lay the foundation of our perception. Becoming conscious of your unconscious beliefs by being mindful of your mental and emotional patterns is the beginning of freedom. The moment you’re able to watch your thoughts without believing them, then you’re detaching yourself from the programmes that have been downloaded into your matrix since you were in the womb. When a man knows himself; he comes to know the world.

The implications of remaining unaware of the processes in the unconscious are fatal, as discovered in a study which involved adopted children.

Researchers discovered that children adopted into homes where cancer runs in the family have the same probability of contracting the disease as those born into it. What does this indicate? What do the adopted child and the family members have in common? Well, they don’t share the same genes as they came from different families. They grew up in the same environment and consequently adopted the same beliefs and behaviours as their parents; thus, they’re likely headed for the same genetic destiny unless they rewire the nodes in the maze of their minds.

Our beliefs shape our lives. The moment a person changes their self-image, their perception of the world conforms to that change. The worlds within, including biological, also change to match the new state of being they’ve embodied. Adopting a new perspective is the key to freeing yourself from the hereditary curses that force people to experience the same fate as their ancestors.

Aiding people in peeling those false beliefs from their windows of perception was why I wrote my book; The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. We don’t have to experience the same fate our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. We can change the way our genes function and improve the structure and function of our body by creating better proteins; which is what genes do. As I said at the beginning, this is an exciting time to be alive, as we’re breaking free from the false belief that our genes control our fate. In the words of Dr Joe Dispenza; science and spirituality are merging to demystify the mystical.

Getting back to our unconditioned self is the goal of the spiritual journey. As newborn babies, we enter this life with dreams and desires. All too often, however, people suppress their soul’s desires and run their lives on autopilot via subconscious patterns. Most spend their day in redundant habits; they can’t seem to shake off.

To be conscious means to be self-aware of the processes in your mind. When you start to change your thoughts and beliefs, behaviour and state of being; get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable. Change is difficult mainly because our habits are a comfort zone for us. These habits, however, are anything but comfortable! They devour our consciousness and break the body down. Transcending the patterns we believe form the basis of our identity is crucial to embodying our natural state in the present moment; which is ultimately sat-chit-ananda, (ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new, bliss).

Bliss is your birthright! Please don’t allow these subconscious patterns to deprive you off it! When you embody your natural state, the autonomic nervous system begins to restore and repair the body. Stress breaks the body down as it signals your genes to create proteins that aren’t of good quality, and if indulged in, can lead to disease.

The average person spends 70% of their day living via the hormones of stress, and 90% of the thoughts they have today are the same thoughts they had the day before. Is it any wonder then, why people are dying much earlier than they should? The stress hormones are breaking them down on every level; it’s time to take charge of our state of being.

Embodying your natural state is what Christ meant when he preached on the Sermon on the Mount:

“Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” ─Matthew 6:33

The ancients knew this truth; joy heals, and fear destroys. When you know these truths, and study the new science to reinforce them, you see just how much of an impact your state of being has on the quality of your life. Embody wholeness now; embody love, appreciation, peace, and don’t allow external circumstance to snatch them from you because when you do, you’re only signalling your genes to create more stress hormones.

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The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

Since it’s release in the fall of 2018, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind, has transformed the lives of individuals around the world. Assisting them in becoming conscious of their unconscious perceptions and behaviours, many say it’s been a useful guide for developing self-awareness and helping them live in the here and now─the window or portal to all realities. 

An updated version of the book is to be released over the coming weeks, so I felt inspired to share with you all some of the Amazon reviews the first edition has, the introduction and I’ll also answer a few questions I’m frequently asked by some of my readers. 

Let’s go! 

What inspired you to write this book?

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I grew up believing I was someone or something that I’m not! After much trial and error in my earlier years, experiencing many ups and downs, I reached an all-time low in 2010, I was 23. After indulging in a drug and alcohol binge for almost a decade, I was blessed with a clear perception as I regained my sovereignty.

After a spiritual experience which led to my drug addictions, literally falling off me overnight, I still had to confront my shadow, however. I had to dredge into myself to discover why I’d been unconsciously perpetuating such a detrimental lifestyle for almost a decade. 

Self-awareness can be scary at first, especially to those who are new to the awakening journey. Becoming conscious of what’s always been inside of you can be a shock to the system. You discover many programs that have had you at their mercy since you were a child. They often amplify when you first see them, but fear not, my book is designed to help you get through that initial shock. 

I delved in various religious, spiritual, and mystical traditions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age thought, Zen, Kriya and Kundalini Yoga, Astrology, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and more, only to discover that they all lead us to the same place: the eternal now! 

Although I was fortunate enough to realign with my integrity, I still see many around me still immersed in those kinds of patterns. Since that night, when everything shifted, I’ve felt driven to share this life-changing information with the world and especially those who are near and dear to me. I hope to inspire, and prove to people that no matter how much of a hole they’ve dug themselves into, they can always climb out─if I can do it, anyone can!

“Why do you believe this book is important in our present society?”

 That’s a great question. Take a look around you. Like I mention in my book, the year 2020 has brought people’s demons to the surface like never before, and the energy is only going to magnify. The bushfires in Australia, the global coronavirus pandemic, and maybe even more conflict on the horizon with the presidential elections taking place in November stateside, the storm is only going to get worse. 

My book helps people be defined by their inner world, and not the forever fleeting scenes of the cosmic drama. When you know how to retreat into the eye of the storm and embody your natural state, you can take whatever life throws at you as you know, all circumstances are transitory

The world needs this book. Too many people are walking around with a blindfold over their eyes. It’s time to take this blindfold off and perceive reality with crystal-clear windows of perception. Only our beliefs separate us, at our core, we are one─this book helps one find their way out of the maze of superficial separations, into their centre of oneness. 


The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind is not a book you read from cover to cover; it is one you keep with you at all times. Whenever you’re triggered into an undesirable state, flick to the section relevant to what the present moment contains. This guide is nonlinear, which means you can jump in at any part you prefer, and I hope it benefits you throughout your awakening process.

I’ll be covering various metaphysical concepts that are generally misunderstood by society. There are two ways to define an idea: in an expansive or limiting way. In this book, I’ll be redefining these concepts so they can prove beneficial to your development. Changing your perspective of these truths will enable you to not only embody them but also dissolve the limitations you believe the illusions of the past have inflicted on you.

Most people unknowingly conform to a fear-based worldview; they’ve bought into a plethora of beliefs that unconsciously dictate their lives. These unconscious perceptions convince them to perpetuate behaviours that don’t serve them because everyone around them is doing the same; monkey see, monkey do.

For the most part, society is a mixed bag. We adopt positive core values and beliefs from those around us, but also a host of disempowering mindsets which are unconsciously passed down from generation to generation. Adhering to society’s limiting beliefs creates a bitter, resentful attitude toward life and living in such a state only attracts negativity. When people identify solely with a persona that is moulded by past experiences, they lose touch with their timeless self.

The good news is that we can change our state of being any time, but most only decide to when the proverbial monkey throws a wrench at them. It usually requires a dreadful experience to convince one change is necessary; in this book, however, I aim to help people bring their limiting beliefs into consciousness, empowering them to change without needing to hit rock bottom.

It is a scientific fact that between the ages zero to six, children are significantly more receptive to their surroundings than during adulthood. Their brain is locked in theta brain waves, which are akin to a recording device. They absorb beliefs, behaviours, and mimic other’s reactions merely by observing the people around them. Children have what is known by neuroscientists as mirror-neurons, which means their brain is wired in such a way so they can copy everything they experience in their outer environment. As a result, their family, friends, schoolteachers, and pretty much everyone in their society, has contributed, in some way, to conditioning them to fit in with their culture.

“A third story concerns the plasticity of the youthful mind. I heard my mother remark occasionally: ‘A man who accepts a job under anyone is a slave.’ That impression became so indelibly fixed that even after my marriage I refused all positions. I met expenses by investing my family endowment in land. Moral: Good and positive suggestions should instruct the sensitive ears of children. Their early ideas long remain sharply etched.”

– Sri Yukteswar (Autobiography of a Yogi)

No one is to blame; this book isn’t about pointing the finger at others, as you chose your culture before you incarnated in the physical plane. The limitations you’ve inherited are the challenges you’ve agreed to overcome in this life. You came to this world to play the game of self-discovery, to unveil your true self amidst a plethora of darkness, limitations, and illusions. Physical incarnations are self-imposed on a level of consciousness your thinking mind cannot fathom; acceptance of this reality, however, can work wonders.

Repetition programmes the subconscious mind. You don’t have to think about how to open the refrigerator door, for example, as you’ve done it so many times that it’s become automatic. The subconscious is the habit mind, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. It also contains a host of mental and emotional patterns, that have a considerable impact, not only your behaviour but also the kind of people and situations you attract in your life.

The reprogramming of the subconscious becomes a challenge when a person develops a whirlwind of patterns that sabotage their experience of life. This book aims to help them transform these automatic processes.

“Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of six, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it. Thats why the power of positive thinking will not work for most people. The subconscious mind is like a tape player. Until you change the tape, it will not change.”

– Dr Bruce H, Lipton PhD

Emotions reflect your perception of the environment; it is fundamentally your beliefs that must be changed if you wish to start perceiving differently.

I don’t expect you to agree with everything in this book, as life is a matter of perspective; we all see some things differently, and that’s all well and good. What you do agree with, however, I want you to memorise to such an extent, that you don’t need to pick up the book to apply the information to the circumstance at hand.

For example, a situation triggers you into depression, sadness or anger; instead of wallowing in the emotion, respond with awareness as these triggers are opportunities for the expansion of your consciousness. Apply the information you’ve learned in this book as soon as you’re able. Every time you return to balance after being triggered, you’ve overcome the old self.

Knowledge doesn’t teach anyone anything. The words in this book are merely doorways of opportunity; it is you who must walk through them by applying it. When you apply this knowledge, it becomes wisdom. You can only know these truths through experience; there’s no point in just memorising these teachings and not applying them; their application is essential.

“Let us not love in words or speech, but with actions and in truth.”

– John 3:18

You’re already everything you desire to be. This book isn’t about becoming anything; it’s designed to help you drop those ideas that contradict your true nature. In doing so, the light of your soul can shine unrestricted; get ready to embrace your innate perfection.

Also, this book may seem repetitive, but that’s because I want to drill this information into your subconscious. You’ll soon come to know the book inside out; and the more you know it, the easier you’ll be able to put it into practice. Memorisation is an essential aspect of the doing process. Finally, I wish to extend my appreciation to you for having the courage to not only face that which contradicts your truth but for also being brave enough to express it. In love and gratitude, I hope you find this book beneficial to your development.

Amazon Reviews

“I whole heartedly recommend this amazing book. As many of us have belief systems and thoughts that do not serve us, it is an excellent book for anyone on the spiritual path or anyone looking for more self awareness. It is inspirational and easy to understand, as Craig Woods uses many quotes from the Bible to Buddha that reiterate his message. His book is divided into sections that are easy to reference when a challenge comes up, for example, criticism, emotions, relationships, habits… I have the paperback to study and the Kindle to keep with me. Enjoy!”

“I absolutely loved this book!!! One of the best spiritual awakening books I have ever read, and that says a lot from me. Lol! It was written in a way that allows you to go much deeper in the understanding of what your higher self already knows. It’s broken down into every imaginable subject matter. I will see myself referencing it as a reminder of subjects like: compassion, forgiveness, stillness, criticism etc.”

“Very heartfelt thank you to the author Craig Woods for compiling such wisdom. This book is not meant to be read cover to cover (although you could and it would be a spectacular read). However it is meant to be opened spontaneously to a page and for the reader to receive the wisdom specific to them in the now moment. Every time I flip it open I receive the perfect message. The wisdom and truth resonate at such a deep deep level. I hope this becomes a best seller! It should! It’s timeless wisdom!!! Bravo!!!”

“If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. Excellent easy read book filled with wisdom for the discovery of the true self. The format of the book is what makes it understandable and easy to read and refer back to. Craig Woods did an outstanding job providing food for thought and spiritual guidance for daily living and for the awakening process of the higher self.”

“Amazing read! Highly reccomended. This book and the writer along with The Power of Now, saved my life and guided me through some of my darkest times. A kick start to my spiritual journey. This is not a book you read once and leave on the shelf, more of a guide you can refer back to at any time! Do your self a favor, get a copy for you and your loved ones.”

“Wow , what a beautiful book , I bought the hard back version twice . When it arrived the first time I decided because I loved it so much I would give it to a friend for her birthday , then of course ordered another for myself. It looks and feels beautiful , and when you open it , wherever you open it it absolutely speaks to your heart . I would highly recommend it ❤💛💚💙💜”

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