The Future Self Builder

Hey guys! Rei Rei here, I’m super excited to be sharing my new service with you today/tonight wherever you are in the world on this Full Moon in Pisces!

What is the Future Self Builder?

It’s a tool to help people get clear on what they want in life. A life without vision, or intention is a reactive life, and a reactive life is an unconscious, thus a limited experience for the individual. Through The Future Self Builder, I take my clients through seven important steps to they can not only design a blueprint for however they wish to create their life, but also heal the shadow within them simultaneously.

The Seven Steps to the Kingdom of Heaven are:

  1. Get clear on what you want (clear intention) (Root Chakra
  2. Accept your present reality (Sacral Chakra)
  3. Move up the timescale (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  4. Build the blueprint of your future self (Heart Chakra
  5. Become aware of the beliefs that aren’t aligned with your vision (Throat Chakra
  6. Visualise being your future self, connect to their state of being (Third Eye Chakra
  7. Drop the image and keep hold of the state (Crown Chakra). 

Notice how each step is correlated to a specific chakra in the body? These seven steps have been meticulously laid out by my higher self to assist you in creating coherence throughout your brain and body, which in turn will be reflected in your outer environment.

How did you come up with this idea?

I see too many people in spiritual circles who aren’t having much success using the law of attraction, and I believe it’s because they’re not clear on what they want in life. Once they’re trained how to design a blueprint and stick to it, then they’ll send a coherent signal out to the cosmos and reap the rewards for doing so.

Where can I learn more about this process?

Getting Creative: Building a Future Self click here

How can I apply?

Simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you to book an appointment.

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