Meet Rei Rei

As author, astrologist & teacher, my goal is to guide you in coming full circle like I have, by helping you bring your Future Self into the present.  

“Your Future Self is waiting for you behind the curtains of the space-time illusion.”

Rei Rei

Let us Be the Future—together.

I was born and raised in Liverpool, England and have lived here my entire life. From a tender age, I’ve always known that there’s more to life other than what we’re able to perceive with our five senses. Nobody had to tell me that the divine exists within us or that there’s life on planets far beyond our own, for example. I’ve always innately known these things to be true and my experiences, as I grew a little older only substantiated my inner knowing.

My passion has been what is deemed as paranormal (even though these things are actually normal in the structure of existence, we, as a collective just fail to grasp them this present time) by our society since I was a little boy. I remember eagerly scanning the heavens for visitors from other star systems when I was just six years old with a broken pair of binoculars in my tender little hands. Space and the stars have always fascinated me. I’ve been looking up for as long as I can remember…

I never imagined, back then that the stars would play such a pivotal role in my life, and also those who navigate them. As well as an esoteric astrologer, I’m also a starseed astrologer, who helps people identify their otherworldly connections via their natal charts. My experiences with ET and multidimensional entities have only verified the fact that we’re living in many bodies, in many star systems simultaneously, awareness of this reality is beyond the scope of the linear time-bound intellect. 

As a child, I would also often write short stories. I’m naturally the creative kind; it’s my second nature to want to express myself creatively. However, by the time I reached my teenage years, I unknowingly entered the dark tunnel of society’s limiting beliefs as the unconscious influence of those around me eclipsed my perception. I became a carbon copy of everyone else—walking, talking, reacting and even dressing just like them! My passion for the unseen realms was all but suppressed as I forcibly ignored the yearnings of my innermost child…

“In order to be free, you must peel the limiting beliefs from your windows of perception.”

Rei Rei

The confusion, misalignment and the desire to numb my pain with legal and illegal substances persisted for almost a decade. But in January 2010 after a kundalini awakening—everything changed. I had a divine experience whereby all of my addictive patterns and tendencies fell off me overnight. This was the first time that I made a shift to a timeline or version of myself that was more conscious. I woke up the next morning with fierce determination at the forefront of my perception. The very first thought I had was: “I am going to find God within myself.”  

Since then, I haven’t looked back. I have been clean since that night of substances. But of course, I then had to come to terms with why I was utilising them to run away from my true self in the first place. This process fuelled my interest in shadow work, astrology and yoga-meditation, which have been excellent tools in teaching me how to integrate fear-based emotions, limiting beliefs and redundant habits. Now I employ those tools to help others do the same. 

Sneak Preview of What’s to Come

As I look back, I realise just how profound that night in 2010 was. Now in this present time, I’m a published author of a metaphysical book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition), about to drop my first sci-fi novel, Blue Orca: Awakening. Along with my starseed readings, I also help people overcome their illusory past limitations with astrology and help others build a vision for their future by showing them how to shift timelines consciously via my Future Self Builder. If any of these services interest you, they’re available to book on my website. 

I believe that I have come full circle and that’s also why the blue circle is on my logo. I was in the dark tunnel of being defined through others’ perceptions for years and realised that I was already anchored and aligned in my truth as a boy. There’s no need to copy others in order to fit in, especially at the expense of your God-given individuality!

“Your Higher Self knows what you don’t, it can see what you can’t see─the unknown is known to the greater thee.”

Rei Rei

I learned that the entire point of the spiritual journey is to simply get back to who we were before the world conditioned us to conform with its ways. We enter this world with crystal clear windows of perception and in our true self, our perception is brand new, each and every moment. This is what Jesus meant by: “Only those who have been converted as children may enter the Kingdom of God.” Once we shed society’s limiting influences from our perception, we rediscover who we’ve always been. 

Simply put, my friends, my goal is to help you come full circle like I have by helping you bring your future self into the present. 

Let us Be the Future, together. 

-Rei Rei 

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