Synastry: Twin Flames in Astrology

A lot of people don’t understand how to find Twin Flames in Astrology. Most have been programmed or told to believe that they’re only half a soul and that they need to find their other half in another. This delusion keeps them defined through the external world, seeking wholeness in person after person but what are Twin Flames exactly?

Before I answer this question, it’s important to understand the structure of our existence beyond the concept of linear time.

The Individual Soul vs the Oversoul

Every human incarnation has its own soul, its own consciousness. And in the spirit realm, there is no linear time. Thus, from the perspective of spirit, everything is happening all at once in the eternal now. Many claim to remember past lives and even to have contacted their future selves in other forms, human and beyond. But if you have your own soul, how is it possible to connect to other lives even though they seem to be in a time sphere far beyond or before your own?

Enter, the Oversoul.

The Oversoul exists on a higher plane of consciousness than the individualised soul. It is that greater aspect of your being that experiences all of the individual soul’s experiences simultaneously. Think of it as a great ball of light and singular incarnations are like lines of a web emerging in and out of it. Some of the lines cross and touch each other; those lives are connected subconsciously to one another, influencing each other in unseen ways…

What is a Twin Flame?

Thus, a Twin Flame is someone who shares the same Oversoul as you. They’re other versions of you, but there is a lot more than just one! This is where most go wrong by pinning all of their hopes on one person. Remember now, the Oversoul isn’t bound by the illusion of linearity, it can have multiple incarnations living in the same time sphere simultaneously. Plus, not all Twin Flame connections are even romantic; it is actually very common for family members and close friends to share the same Oversoul, why not?

Evolutionary Relationships & Astrology

I think you’ll agree with me when I state that relationships teach us more than anything else do in life. However, if we’re not growing with our partner, then things tend to go stale or sour. Astrology synastry and composite charts can not only identify whether two people share the same Oversoul or not, but also reveal the ways the couple can overcome their challenges together.

All couples should seek to be empowered, I state this also in my new book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition)

“An empowered relationship is a union where both people understand that they could lose their partner at any moment. This inspires them to appreciate one another even more. In this universe of uncertainty, the ultimate test of death could tear them apart, or another person could come onto the scene. We’re not capable of knowing what’s around the corner in life; it’s full of surprises. Those in an empowered relationship are also aware that whatever manifests in their life is needed for their evolution. If you’re able to attract someone who’s committed to improving themselves daily while simultaneously accepting who they are in the here and now, then you’ve hit the jackpot!”

Has your relationship gone stale? Are there patterns that keep repeating? Do you feel like you’re outgrowing your partner or being outgrown? Are you curious as to whether you and your partner share the same Oversoul or not? Then check out my all-new Evolutionary Synastry Readings below. In this reading, I’ll help you develop and grow together in mind, body and soul by assisting you in overcoming your hurdles.

I’m an astrologer with over a decade of reading experience. It is my passion, and honour to assist people in aligning with their destiny through their horoscope. It is my firm belief that nature never lives and the stars are indeed, shining jewels glistening upon the chest of Mother Nature.

These readings are audio recorded and also downloadable so you can listen to it with your partner whenever you want!

Thank you for reading!

-Rei Rei

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Rei Rei is an Astrologer, Author and Teacher from Liverpool, England. He is dedicated to creating a more coherent and compassionate society.

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