Arcturian Starseeds: Remembering Who You Are

Arcturian Starseeds have grown in popularity in the new age community. The Arcturians operate on a high frequency, the same as our higher selves, but who are they? How do they function and operate? How do they serve Humanity and what is the best way to connect with them? 

The three levels of reality

The universe, for sure is multi-layered with countless dimensions and expressions. However, there are only three types of dimensions, which also correlate with the three bodies within man. These bodies are physical, astral and causal (mental). When we experience physical reality, we have a physical body of flesh and blood and in astral experiences, we inhabit an astral body of light, you get the picture. Paramahansa Yogananda put it beautifully when he said: 

“The physical body may be said to be dependent on food; the astral body is dependent on energy, will, and evolution of thought; the causal body is dependent on the ambrosia of wisdom and bliss. The soul is encased in these three bodies. At death, the physical body is destroyed. The other two bodies, astral and causal, are still held together by desires and by unworked-out karma. The soul, wearing these two bodies, repeatedly reincarnates in new physical forms. When all desires are conquered by meditation, the three body-prisons are dissolved; the soul becomes Spirit.”

The Arcturian beings operate on the causal or mental level of reality. Thus, they’re very different from other civilisations such as the Sirians, Lyrans or Pleiadians. They don’t have bodies, although they can manifest one temporarily if they wish. These beings are more like thought-forms or a universal intelligence that helps people remember who and what they are.

The Arcturus Gate

A lot of people in the Starseed community who claim the Arcturians live on a planet orbiting the Arcturus star are gravely mistaken. NASA has confirmed that there are no physical planets orbiting the star. However, the Arcturus star is a gateway into this dimension from the spirit realm. Arcturian Starseeds are those who incarnate into physical reality through the gate of the Arcturus star; this is also why it is known as the Arcturus gate by other intelligent civilisations. The Arcturians themselves live within the star itself, which has an intelligence and a consciousness of its own.

Those who came through the Arcturus gate, have an easier time remembering who they are as society’s influences attempt to eclipse the nature of their true self as they grow up in this world. Some of these people are known as indigo children; those who can remember, quite clearly, some of their past lives and with astounding accuracy. Those with Arcturian codes imprinted into their matrix are here to assist the collective by helping individuals remember, who and what they are. 

This is why I wrote my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition). In this work, I show people, step by step, how they can free themselves from the confines of society’s limiting beliefs and liberate their perception from the illusions of the past or linearity. You can order one by simply clicking the cover image. 

How do the Arcturians operate?

As I said before, they exist on a more mental level of existence. So when you connect with them via meditation, for example, they infuse your mind with innovative and expansive thoughts and ideas. The Arcturians are responsible for many of the Eureeka moments scientists have had over the years. They slowly feed Humanity deeper levels of truth when the collective is ready to receive them. 

How do I connect with them?

Many people limit the experience of ET contact to just going under the sky and searching for UFOS or UAP’S as they’re known in today’s society. And while it is always fun and exciting to sit under the stars to do that, they’re limiting their experience by believing it is the only possible way contact can occur. Most of my experiences with ET’S have happened during lucid dreams and meditative experiences where I’ve transcended myself. In the domain of self-transcendence, we go beyond linear time and that’s where all the advanced races operate─they bend the illusion of time, not only with their crafts but also with their consciousness and we also have the ability to do this─we’ve just forgotten that we can!

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are those who are aware that their true self exists in a domain beyond linear time, hence all their past, present and future lives exist simultaneously. If this is so, it means you’re not one thing, but many things. Only a skilled astrologer can help you identify the Starseed markers in your natal chart, which not only show you what other systems you’re incarnated in but what those connections mean for your current life here on Earth, which is the most important life for you─don’t forget that! 

How can I find out if I’m an Arcturian Starseed?

The best way is through the natal chart as nature never lies. The stars reflect your karmic blueprint and highlight the connections that are most relevant to your current life as you were born the exact second the stars aligned with your individualised karma. I offer Starseed Astrology readings here on my website and have over a decade of astrological experience.

My readings come as a 45 min MP3 recording which you can keep for your convenience. After listening, you’re also allowed to ask me three questions via email for further clarification which I will answer via another audio file that will be emailed to you. 

I’m a Sirian, Pleiadian and Arcturian Starseed who’s been entrusted with the task of assisting people in making their Starseed connections conscious, so they can become clear channels for the wisdom and inspiration that’s often the result of connecting to their otherworldly selves. 

Are you ready to remember who you truly are? Then order a reading below and let’s get started.

Thank you for reading.

─Rei Rei 

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