Astrology: Inner Child Healing

Many claim to be interested in Inner Child healing but don’t know where to start. Nowadays, most are obsessed with acquiring knowledge; thanks to the explosion of the internet, social media and…memes over the last couple of decades, we have almost any sphere of information accessible at our fingertips. Realising the ever-new self, however, has nothing to do with the acquiring of knowledge, it is the result of unlearning or releasing everything you’ve been told that you are.

When one embraces the totality of the here and now without resistance, the impressions of the past are literally wiped clean from their windows of perception…they perceive reality through a brand-new set of eyes again. This is our true self, and in my experience at least, the inner child as our consciousness will always be a child of the divine, regardless of how old we may appear to be.

Christ said that we must be converted as children to enter the kingdom of heaven. What is heaven exactly? Is it a realm among the clouds where we go to meet Morgan Freeman who’s been recording our sins on his laptop? Hardly…

When the master’s speak about heaven and hell, they’re referring to the states of alignment and misalignment. When you’re in the ever-new self, you’re in heaven as you can’t suffer when you’re fully present as your divine presence is transcendent of this reality. Conversely, when you’re misaligned and get lost in the labyrinth of fear-based emotions and perceptions that derive from the illusions of the past, you’re living in hell. 

“The concept of heaven is greatly misunderstood, with its opposite, hell even more so. Most religious people around the globe misinterpret their scriptures when they speak of heaven and hell. Now, I’m not implying that there aren’t any heavenly or hellish realms in existence, there might be. The context in which the scriptures and the masters teach them, however, are states of being, not locations.”

Rei Rei, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition)

When you were a baby, you perceived reality through an unconditioned lens. Everything amazed you─the miracle of your existence, in a body of flesh and blood…you were in awe, all the time.

What if…spirituality is nothing more than the effort to get back to whom we were before the world conditioned us to conform with its ways? What is the spiritual journey is simply the release of those limiting beliefs and mindsets that overlay our perception of our reality? 

This is, indeed, why Christ said ye must be converted as children─because the kingdom of God is nothing but your natural state of being, which is always present, blissful, and transcendent of the transitory nature of physical reality. The inner self, in the Vedas is known as the Kutastha Chaitanya (that which remains unchanged). The Kutastha or the soul is the only level of your being which remains the same─everything else, your body, your mind, emotions, beliefs are transitory, or subject to change. 

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

-Luke 17:21

To realise the changeless nature of the timeless inner self, you need to become aware of the impression’s society has drilled into your unconscious since you literally popped out of the womb. 

Astrology and the South Node 

I have found Astrology, in over a decade of experience to be a wonderful tool to enhance self-awareness, which of course is the first step to change since you can’t change something that you’re not aware of. 

The South Node, in particular, represents the past from a linear perspective. Until you become aware of the illusions of the past that cloud your perception of the present then they’ll have some form of power over and your experience of life as a whole. 

The Fifth House

Also, in Astrology the fifth house is the ruling house of the innermost child. The fifth is also ruled by Leo and the Sun, and on a more esoteric level, rules over the consciousness itself since the soul is an eternal child of the divine. Just as the planets in our solar system orbit the central Sun, so too, does all other aspects of our being orbit the inner sun or core of our consciousness, which is our innermost child─our essence. 

Inner Child Astrological Healing

Today is the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal and I have been inspired to share this brand-new kind of reading with you today that I am offering on my website. Via your natal chart, I’ll be able to pinpoint to you the reasons you feel you can’t embody the fullest expression of your childlike self and also give you practical tips and advice on how you can manifest the reality of your dreams by helping you align with your purpose symbolised by your North Node. 

My readings come as a 45-minute MP3 recording and after you listen to it, you also have the opportunity to ask me further questions for extra clarity, which I am also happy to give. 

Do you wish your life contained more fun and joy? Do you feel misaligned with your passion and creative talents? Then what are you waiting for…sign up and I’ll help you realign with your innermost, childlike self as to be childlike is to be Christlike

Thank you for reading.

─Rei Rei 

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Rei Rei is an Astrologer, Author and Teacher from Liverpool, England. He is dedicated to creating a more coherent and compassionate society.

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