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Hey guys…

Did you know that you can Connect to your Future Self as much as you connect with the past? How would you feel if all your physical, mental, emotional and financial burdens were all gone? Can you close your eyes and envision what it would be like to experience that state of being? To feel as light as a feather on your feet with childlike enthusiasm; to have mental and emotional clarity about your passion and purpose in life while simultaneously earning the money you desire as a side-effect of acting upon that passion? 

Hi, I’m Rei Rei and I’m here to connect you with your Future Self.

The Future Self Builder can help you:

  • Dissolve your fears
  • Assist you in overcoming the everyday challenges of life
  • Break through subconscious financial blockages
  • Integrate limiting belief systems
  • Transcend redundant habits & addictions
  • Align with your passion & purpose
  • Realise your dreams
  • Peel the illusion of linearity from your perception
  • Reconnect with your childlike self 

A little about me…

I was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the spiritual realms, my passions are creative writing, metaphysics, ghost hunting and searching the skies for E.T visitors from other star systems. When I was but five years old I would stargaze with a pair of binoculars; no one had to tell me that the divine or life existed elsewhere other than here on Earth. I’ve always innately known this to be true…

As a result of mixing with the wrong people, however, by the time I turned fourteen, my passion for the unseen realms was buried beneath countless drug and alcohol binges. This pattern continued for nine years until a starry night in the winter of 2010. I was 23. I was fortunate enough to have a mystical experience that helped me connect to my Future Self, the self that is writing this blog now, almost 12 years later…

I was shown the system, which I call my Future Self Builder that helps people literally jump timelines that night and now, I am ready to assist others with this system so they can regain their sovereignty! 

I’ve been clean from drugs ever since that night because instead of looking back to the past, I began to allow my Future Self to define me instead, and you can too with the right training. I have come full circle, and wound up doing what I loved doing as a child, but I am making money now too. I go ghosthunting with my family, write books and novels and help people connect to their E.T selves in my Starseed Origin astrology readings and so on…

Everything shifted for me in 2010…

Dr, Joe Dispenza, says that we’re either defined by the memories of the past or a vision of the future. If you don’t have a clear outline of how you want your future to look like then you can pretty much guarantee that the illusions of the past will perpetuate their stranglehold on your consciousness.

Linear time is the illusion one must overcome if they’re to connect with and embody the perception of their Future Self. That is why the slogan on my logo is to be the future. You can bring your Future Self into the now and become them, and that’s exactly what I am here to help you achieve.

Now, before we get started, I have one more question for you…

Are you ready to do the work? Are you ready to commit to creating the life you know you want in your heart of hearts? Are you ready to give yourself the gift of the life that you know you deserve?

If the answer is yes, then fill out the forms to purchase below and let’s get started. It will be my honour, and privilege to help you be the future like I am. 

This service comes in a three-part package. Once a week for three weeks, you’ll sit with me for an hour as I help you become aware of the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life. We’ll then begin the process of building a vision for your future, together.

Rei Rei: Be the Future

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Rei Rei is an Astrologer, Author and Teacher from Liverpool, England. He is dedicated to creating a more coherent and compassionate society.

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