ET’s are not a Threat to Humanity.

Despite how the media and Hollywood portray our interstellar friends, ET’s are not a threat. Ever since the 60 minutes special on UFOS and UAPS the other day, people all over the internet can’t help but feel excited at the fact that the mainstream news is now reporting on phenomena that many of them, and I myself, have experienced on many occasions. However, it seems like everyone has suddenly forgotten who owns the media and especially the news channels; those who have been keeping the secret and perpetuating the narrative that UFOS pose a threat to national security. 

Something smells fishy and it isn’t me. On Twitter especially, the community under the hashtag, #ufotwitter has gone into meltdown at recent developments but I can’t help but feel something much sinister is happening before our eyes. A half-truth is even more dangerous than a lie because it contains information that convinces one into believing something that simply isn’t true. 

Just TODAY (05/19/2021) Dr Steven Greer aired live on Youtube to announce that another member of the Disclosure Project, Daniel Sheehan, is now working with Luis Elizondo, a top misinformation agent, who has had his top-secret clearances stripped from him after a disagreement with those who hire him to lie straight to the public in the media about what he knows or doesn’t know. 

Elizondo, along with Chris Mellon, Jeremy Corbell and others are claiming they know nothing about the ET presence; they’re nothing but staged actors playing their role in perpetuating a false narrative. 

You can watch the full video at the link below: 

Since time immemorial, human beings have feared the unknown. It is programmed into our genes to fear the unfamiliar, to tread carefully in uncharted waters, it’s what keeps us alive. However, there isn’t one legitimate event that has shown UFOS or ETS for that matter, are hostile. Now, many of you may laugh at this statement because you’ve watched ten series of Cosmic Disclosure (lame) on Gaia and have been listening to David Wilcock (another misinformation agent) for years. Let me assure you that around 95% of the information online about ETS, UFOS and our history is propaganda, disinformation, purposely introduced into our society to instil fear into the masses. 

We need to wake up. The media has been spinning this web of deception since after the second world war and probably even before it. 

I am not writing this blog via the belief system that all ETS are heavenly, godly beings. I’m sure there are benevolent and malevolent beings all over the universe just as there are here on the Earth. The only question is, do the malevolent beings, who operate on a low level of consciousness, have the capacity to reach Earth? 

The Power of Movies

How many Hollywood blockbusters have come out over the decades portraying evil, greedy alien beings that wish to invade our planet? Independence Day, Mars Attacks, Alien to name a few off the top of my head. We believe that those events could actually happen someday as a result of us watching those movies, which programme us subconsciously, without our conscious mind even noticing.

We project our own human nature onto those beings, many of which do not even have a concept of war in their society─they known only peace, love, compassion and understanding. 

The Science of Consciousness

Understanding the science of consciousness is important. There is a reason, first and foremost why Mother Nature, the supreme intelligence underlying all of creation, has put so much space between each solar system…

Stay with me here.

The soul is timeless, at our core, in our essence, we are nonlinear beings having a linear experience. The illusion of linearity hypnotises us the moment we come out of the womb. Even Einstein said that time only exists so that everything doesn’t happen at once. He understood that it is a framework of creation, but like creation itself, can be transcended in the right state of consciousness.

The space between each star is so damn vast that even if you travelled at the speed of light 186,282 miles per second, it would take roughly around 2500 years to reach the Andromeda Galaxy and another 2500 to get back. Simply put, even the incredible speed of light is too damn slow for travel from one star system or galaxy to another. 

The only way you can travel through space is to travel through time, as space and time are two sides of the same coin. However, to achieve such feats is only possible through high levels of God or cosmic consciousness, which is all-embracing, loving, compassionate as in that very state you perceive everyone and everything as yourself. Contrary to popular belief, many human beings have also achieved this state. 

Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Yogananda, Lao Tzu, the list is endless of enlightened wayshowers throughout our history. What do all these teachers have in common?

They were embodiments of divine love. 

All beings in this state, live with an open heart and know, not just speculate, that their neighbour is themselves. Now, with this in mind, let me ask you one very important question; if you lived in this state, how could you harm another being? You can’t, because the survival mechanisms built into the ego that convinces people to act selfishly, harm and use people for their own ends is dissolved in cosmic consciousness. The enlightened being has cleared themselves out of the debris that was eclipsing the celestial light of their true self. 

Only those who are powerless feel the need to snatch it from others. 

How then, could malevolent beings travel from one star system to another to try and invade another? What you see in Independence Day, for example, could only happen if two races belonged to neighbouring planets in the same solar system. The latest rover we just dropped on Mars took just a little over seven months to get there, and Mars is practically a stone throw away in cosmic terms. This is nature’s way of keeping the bad boys (whatcha gonna do?) away. 

Only the Timeless can Bend Time

Now that I’ve shown how there aren’t any malevolent forces trying to invade our world, let’s discuss those beings who are inspiring us to save it. Earth has been under a cosmic quarantine from the races in the Interstellar Alliance due to our hostile nature. We simply aren’t ready to interact with any advanced races on a collective level, although some individuals, like myself are being contacted and having the codes in their DNA activated.

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Just look at what’s happening between Israel and Gaza in the Middle East, we, as a collective keep killing and discriminating against one another. Sadly, many can’t even accept other humans who have a different colour skin or worship a different deity to them. Racism has been a tribal problem since the beginning of our existence and it can only be transcended in cosmic consciousness. In God consciousness, we realise that outer appearances mean nothing when we’re all the same on the inside. If we can’t treat other human beings who look slightly different to us, how would we treat those who look completely different or alien to us? 

Alienism has the potential to become the new racism if we’re not careful. 

A forced intervention wouldn’t help anyone in the long run, however. We need to do this ourselves; advanced races are patiently waiting for us to clean up our own mess. These beings, interface their technology with their consciousness. They can pick up our thoughts and intentions and see them on their computer screens or devices. Some are tens of thousands of years ahead of us, spiritually and technologically. However, our core remains the same; we are all timeless when we live from our heart centre. 

The Expansion of Consciousness 

The best thing you can do now is to learn how to get beyond yourself and become no-thing, because, in self-transcendence, you have the capacity to meet these beings halfway, vibrationally speaking. This is what happened to me in 2010 and many times since. I meditated in my room and was contacted by a Sirian being who claims to be my Future Self (a time bender). You’d think my survival instinct would have triggered the moment he manifested before me but I felt nothing but peace, love and an innate familiarity the moment I laid my third eye upon him. What a lot of people do not realise is that Extraterrestrial contact is also Extra-Dimensional contact. These beings, because they’re interstellar, can leave this dimension and appear in other perspectives or time spheres of the eternal now. 

Meditate every day and send peaceful, loving intentions out into the galaxy and beyond. No malevolent aliens are coming to steal your Big Mac or KFC chicken, don’t worry, you’ll still have your hot wings when this is all said and done. Just don’t fall for the mainstream narrative and perspective of these beings. Many of the so-called, UFOS in the sky are man-made, yes we have that technology which we stole from the countless ET crafts we’ve shot down with scalar laser technologies. 

“Nobody has asserted that there is an actual threat to humanity from these objects: It seems to me that any civilization capable of routine interstellar travel could terminate our civilization in a nanosecond if that was their intent. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the non-hostile nature of these ET civilizations.”

-Dr Steven Greer

Another proof these beings aren’t hostile is that there has been no retaliation from when we’ve killed their people. If there was, we’d all be dead within an instant. 

I’ll end this blog with a story that I hope will inspire you and give you an understanding of their state of consciousness. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a race of interstellar beings landed on a planet that wasn’t very developed. This, particular civilisation’s development was of the equivalent of our middle ages. Upon seeing the colossal ship land and these luminous beings step foot on their planets terrain, many of the natives got on their knees and proclaimed that: “The Gods have returned!”

Now, the commander of the crew laughed and insisted that they get up off their knees and they are their brothers and sisters, not beings they should worship. The natives looked confused. One of them then asked the ET’s: “But you’re so much more powerful than us!” 

“Yeah, I mean what can that ship of yours do?” another native asked. 

The ET’s laughed among themselves. The Commander then spoke. “My Brothers and Sisters, sure, we may have the capacity to travel through time or to boil all the oceans on your planet within a milli-second, but let me assure you that is not power!” 

“Huh?” the natives asked one another. 

The Commander continued. True power is that fact that we have that capability, but would never even think to use it. With great power, comes great responsibility and only those afraid of their own power, dare to take it from others.” 

-Rei Rei 

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