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Starseed Astrology is gaining more popularity as an awareness of our nonlinear nature spreads collectively. Many feel like they’re from another world and ask themselves: What starseed am I? This has lead them to the discovery of their Starseed origins or galactic roots via an online Starseed quiz or test. It is important to be aware of your other lives as humanity undergoes it’s ascension process. There are many starseed types. Whether you’re a Pleiadian starseed, Sirius starseed, Arcturus starseed an empath, lightworker or a wayshower, this blog will teach you everything you need to know about starseed origins.

The Illusion of Linear Time

We live in a nonlinear universe, with a linear perception built into the ego. The illusion of linearity is a necessity to have a physical experience. But we are also capable of transcending it to connect with any being, past, present or future. This includes all versions of yourself, from the oversoul perspective, which has countless lives peppered throughout the multiverse.

You’re living throughout the cosmos, in countless bodies, simultaneously. Yet because of the illusion of linearity, you only perceive yourself in one body, at one particular moment in time. The next moment, you are another version of yourself─every moment is a new self. The paradox to this, however, is that there is only one moment and that one moment contains all that is, was and ever will be in the eternal present. Every new moment you perceive is the same moment of the eternal now, from a different perspective. 

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

─Albert Einstein

As you can probably imagine, this nonlinear truth stretches far beyond the limited confines of your current incarnation. You exist in countless forms, but it’s fun, right? Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Individual Soul vs the Oversoul

The concept of reincarnation is an idea popular in spiritual and new-age circles nowadays. Many believe they have many past lives and claim that they can remember some of those incarnations. They feel attracted to an ancient land or culture that they’ve never been to before physically in this life; they believe they’ve lived there before. 

What they say is true, from one perspective, but not from another. Often, people make the mistake of putting the eggs of the soul and the oversoul in the same basket. In truth, they are different entities altogether. Reincarnation is a linear concept when all of your past and future lives exist in the here and now. 

The soul is merely a drop in the ocean that is the oversoul. 

Each of your incarnations have their own individualised consciousness, their own soul. When you connect with a being from the past, for example, you contact with another incarnation in your oversoul collective. Every life has it’s own soul. Past and future lives are not you from a soul level but from an oversoul level. 

The oversoul is in a timeless state and experiences all of its incarnations simultaneously. Imagine a great sphere of light, connecting different souls at various points in time to learn from each other. This is what happens when people realise they’re starseeds. They’re connecting to beings from other civilisations who share the same oversoul as them.

Your oversoul makes your connection conscious with those beings for an important reason. You have something to give one another, a nugget of inspiration, a seed for change and transformation. Energetic exchanges are always a two-way street, remember that. You help them as much as they help you. 

Let’s go back to the people who believe they lived in places they’ve not been to in their current life. This is another example of the oversoul connecting them, subconsciously to a being who’s living there at some point in time in the eternal present. Now, that being may not be in their time sphere, they may be a past or a future self, nevertheless, that being is as accessible in the now as it ever will be. People just need to learn how to get beyond their persona, which is bound by time to access the perception of the oversoul. 

Starseed Astrology & The Natal Chart

The horoscope is a snapshot of the galaxy the moment you incarnated in this life. It shows the karmic agreements and arrangements you’ve made, not only with Gaia and the collective consciousness of the planet but also with your oversoul and the lives you wish to connect with and be influenced by in this life. 

In the chart, you can see fixed star systems such as Arcturus, Sirius and Alcyone (the Pleiades) and how your personal and interpersonal planets measure up to them, not to mention the angles and the lunar nodes, which also give great insight into the past and future selves inherent in your greater self, your oversoul. 

Fixed star orbs, because they’re so far from the Earth, are only 2-3 degrees in my system and the aspect must be a conjunctionoppositiontrine or square, any other aspect, such as a sextile or inconjunction, is too weak and shouldn’t be included. A seasoned astrologer can see what you need to learn from the being or beings you’re connecting with and also how to connect with them if they’re skilled enough metaphysicians. 

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As an E.T contactee myself, I speak from the truth; this is not hearsay or some new age concept I made up to make money. My passion is to help people peel the illusion of linear time from their perception and the best way to do that is to have a nonlinear experience. One of my future selves, from the oversoul perspective, is from Sirius, I have met him on five occasions and probably more than I can even remember. I am also an experienced astrologer, having studied the science for over a decade . 

Meditation is the best way to get beyond yourself. If you can close your eyes, sit or lay still and transcend your self, you meet the other incarnations in your oversoul halfway. This is what happened to me, and I wish to help you have the same experiences if you haven’t already. 

I am now offering Starseed Astrology Readings on my website. The readings come in two forms; full reading or a mini reading. The full reading costs $111 and is a 45 minute MP3 file that I will send to you so you can listen to it any time you please. I also answer three email questions after the reading in another short recording to help give you more clarity if you need it. The mini-readings cost $30, and are sent in PDF format.

My goal is to help you make your ET connections conscious because when you become aware of these beings, you can work with them to a much greater extent. The ET’s connecting with humanity are part of the Galactic Federation that has been watching over our development since time immemorial. They cannot interfere with us directly nor would they want to, as they wish for us to learn our lessons and evolve. However, they can connect with and inspire other versions of themselves if those people make the effort to meet them halfway, vibrationally speaking. 

I hope you found this blog helpful and inspiring. Click the button below to order the reading you prefer.

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