Uranus: The Liberator

Uranus, the planet of liberation, freedom and individuality, follows the last conventional planet in the solar-system in Saturn and is the first outer planet, which represents the transcendental aspects of our consciousness. Saturn highlights your conditioning and magnifies your emotional wounds, so you can begin the process of integrating them. Uranus, on the other hand, is the driving force that propels you forward to break free of the illusions of the past so the light of pure consciousness can enter you! 

“The wound is where the light enters you.” ─Rumi

In traditional Astrology, Saturn rules both the signs Capricorn and co-rules Aquarius, and this is because their energies are intrinsically connected. One quality touted to be Uranian, among Astrologers, is a genius-level of intelligence, however, without the discipline and structure of Saturn, it’s very unlikely they’d utilise that intelligence in ways that are productive or cause them to be recognised as knowledgeable by their peers. Jupiter and Saturn lay the groundwork for Uranus to lead us into the most distant regions of the solar system where we can discover the secrets of our innermost selves, signified by the planets, Neptune and Pluto. 

Many on the spiritual path believe they need to attain enlightenment to be happy. The state of enlightenment, however, simply means to be aligned with your true self─it’s not something you acquire; it is rather, the process of dissolving the clutter in your unconscious mind so you can express your innate perfection without resistance. Uranus helps one do just that─but only if they’re willing to dive, headfirst into the great unknown…

Saturn, the God of time or Chronos is the linear, space-time illusion─the known. In the familiar, you’ve found fragments of yourself, but not the entire picture─to realise your wholeness of being, one must go beyond being defined by illusory past experiences to embody their true self in the here and now without distortion. Embracing the unknown is essential in order to be able to do just that as the present moment and the unknown are synonymous

Clearing yourself of the misaligned perceptions that inflict Saturnian limitations and restrictions on your creative power is a Uranian process. This planet is about standing out from the mass consensus and not being afraid to be who you are at your core. As you liberate yourself of the beliefs that belong to those in your society that aren’t aligned with your true self, you create space within for the inner genius to work through you. Is it any wonder why some of the most famous scientific discoveries have been made during a eureka moment? Once you get out of your way, which what Aquarius/Uranus express by going beyond what you’ve always defined as yourself, the wisdom of the cosmos uses you as a conduit for divine inspiration. 

There’s only one genius in existence, and that is the source itself. When we’re aligned with our core vibration, we become channels, an instrument for the universe to create through us. This is why Aquarius is known as the water-bearer; water being symbolic of the universal ocean of consciousness. Once one becomes fluid, malleable instead of fixed and inert as an unevolved Saturn influences one to be, they realise that they’re already everything they desire to be and more. We must become water-bearers ourselves so we can share the wisdom of the source with those around us. 

Thank you for reading

─Rei Rei: Yogastrologer 

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Published by Rei Rei

Rei Rei is an Astrologer, Author and Teacher from Liverpool, England. He is dedicated to creating a more coherent and compassionate society.

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