Saturn: God of Time

Saturn is the God of time or Chronos in Greek mythology. This is because he represents the linear, space-time framework that is the basis of physical reality. In the spirit realm, there is no time but from a timeless state, you can’t experience a process of change or development; thus, Saturns’ illusions are necessary components of our physical existence.

Many astrologers define Saturn as a harbinger of doom, bad luck and situations─and while the planet does tend to hit us where we’re at our weakest, he only does so to bring into focus where we’re misaligned with reality. If used properly, Saturn can be your best friend and the most important planet in your chart from an evolutionary standpoint.

Saturn takes 29.5 years to orbit the Sun─this means around your 30th birthday marks your Saturn Return; a time feared by many mundane and new astrologers, as life feels as if it’s speeding up─it’s time to get serious, so to speak, during this period of your life. However, we shouldn’t live in fear of Saturn’s invitation to achieve true meaning and maturity in our lives. This is a time that feels very much like, now or never, as Saturn shows you where you haven’t realised your potential by bringing into focus those habits, beliefs and perceptions which hinder the full expression of your true self.

Indeed, Saturn is the Lord of Time himself, and you know you are aligned with him when you trust in divine timing and follow the synchronicities that manifest to propel you forward into your destiny. The word synchronicity also stems from the Greek, Chronos─the linear space/time illusion is ruled by Saturn; as is the process of true maturity and self-mastery.

Physical reality is challenging; let’s not fool ourselves. Everyone has obstacles in their path that they must dissolve if they’re to activate the promises in their North Node. However, without any form of pressure or opposition in life, there would be no evolution or expansion of your consciousness. Embrace the tests and trials with the knowledge that you can handle anything life throws at you. Jupiter may shower you with blessings and give you what you want, but Saturn aligns you with reality and provides you with what you need. Having what you need isn’t always what you want─but it’s much more vital if you desire to expand beyond your limitations.

A message to amateur astrologers; do not define this planet in a fear-based way also, do not fear your Saturn return─embrace it. Welcome, everything Saturn shows you about your inner world, the demons in your unconscious mind. Only then, will you be able to peel the linear, space/time illusion from your windows of perception and be reborn in the here and now.

Physical reality is nothing but a mirror of your emotional state; if you define anything in a fear-based or limiting manner, then life will only reflect those definitions by reinforcing them in your consciousness. Neutralise your perception of Saturn and use him for your benefit instead of a source of dread.

Trusting in your process is another aspect of utilising the Saturn/Capricornian energies correctly. Even though in the spirit realm, there is no linear time, in physical reality, our bodies and mind are bound to the illusion─which isn’t negative as some have suggested. We couldn’t have the experience of a process where we progressively dissolve the shadow that encircles our essence if we lived in a timeless state. Allow yourself to be where you are and live life one step at a time.

Many say that Saturn places karmic restrictions in the house that he falls in your horoscope, and while this may be true to some extent, these restrictions do not need to be defined negatively. Saturn takes you down a road that leads directly to your purpose; without such restrictions, you may wind up doing something that isn’t at all relative to what you want to achieve here. Your birth chart is perfect for the evolution of your soul, and so is the position of your natal Saturn.

In summary, Saturn is your best friend. I’d rather have someone tell me they hate me to my face instead of pretending to like me when they don’t. Saturn is like the person who tells you what they think of you when you ask without hesitation, you may not always like the answer, but at least, you know where you stand. Integrity is the key to this planet─if you stay aligned with yours, then Saturn’s rewards will be aplenty.

Thank you for reading

Rei Rei: Yogastrologer

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