Live In The End: The Simple Yet Powerful Teaching of Neville Goddard

Almost everyone living today has heard of the law of attraction─the technique has come into prominence over the last thirty or so years thanks to various New Age teachers such as Bashar, Abraham Hicks and the release of the book, The Secret. However, this law was being taught decades before their arrival, and one of it’s greatest, yet underlooked exponents has to be, Neville Goddard

Born in Barbados in 1905, Goddard moved to the USA and like most men back in those days, was drafted into the army. He underwent thirteen weeks of basic training as all inexperienced soldiers did back then before they were sent into Europe to fight Hitler’s evil.

Neville actually used the law of attraction to get out of the army before he was sent to Europe. His words are much better than mine to explain how he accomplished this: 

“When I was drafted, I did not oppose it. They drafted me. They took me down to Camp Polk, Louisiana, for my basic training, and while I was there, I didn’t want any part of it, and I dared to assume that I’m out of it. I made my normal, natural application, as you have to do in the world of Caesar. Within 24 hours it came back, and it was simply rejected. It was signed, “Disapproved,” and signed by my Colonel, a very nice gentleman. His name was Colonel Theodore Bilboe, Jr. His father was Senator from Mississippi. I said nothing.

My Captain said, “For your sake, Goddard, I am very, very sorry. I know exactly how you feel. You want to be with your wife and little girl. Your son is in Guadalcanal with the Marines, and you are now almost 38, and so I know, but I would like to go through this war with a man just like you at my side. So, I can’t say that I am sorry for myself; I am sorry only for you.” I didn’t say one word to him, or to the Colonel; I didn’t oppose it. That was the decision of Caesar.

Now I looked into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and I persevered in that law; and I slept that night as though I slept in my own home in New York City on Washington Square, where I lived on the 7th floor. I lived on that floor; it was a very large apartment – two bedrooms, a lovely big living room, a dining room, a huge kitchen, and the foyer; and I slept in that place just as though I were there and not in the Army. I fell asleep in that state, having done all the normal things that would make me feel this arrangement is perfect.

I rearranged the structure of my mind. Instead of seeing 25 men around me sleeping upstairs and knowing that there were 25 down below in the next area, I slept in my own bed with my wife in her bed and my little girl in her crib in the corner. I felt everything in that place just as though it’s taking place, and I rearranged the structure of my mind, and fell sound asleep in that state.

At 4:00 o’clock in the morning, here comes a sheet of paper before my eyes and a hand from here down [indicating], with a pen in its hand; and the pen scratched out the word “disapproved,” and it wrote in, in a bold script, “Approved.” And then I heard the words: “That which I have done, I have done. Do nothing!” And then I awoke. It was too early to disturb the 25 other fellows sleeping there, and I waited until the very first moment that I could leave that room, and went down to the latrine and shaved and bathed early, and came up filled with a glow that the whole thing was done. I walked in that assumption for the next nine days.

Nine days later, the same Colonel that disapproved my request called me in. He said, “Close the door, Goddard.” So, I closed the door. He said, “Take a seat.” He never asked me to take a seat in his presence before. I was a Private. You always stood in his presence, and never took a seat.

Then he gave me all the reasons in the world why I should still be in the Army. He said, “Do you still want to get out?”

I said, “Yes, Sir.”

He gave me another reason. “Do you still want to get out?”

I said, “Yes, Sir.”

Another one; and when he exhausted all the reasons why I should be in the Army, I was still saying, “Yes, Sir.”

He said, “All right, bring me another application and have your Captain sign it,” which I did.

And that day I was honourably discharged and out of the Army. I didn’t run away; I was honourably discharged.”

How did Neville accomplish this? 

He lived in the end. 

What do I mean? Again, I believe Neville’s words will suffice: 

“So, here, I say: dwell in the end. The end is where we begin, for if I’ve seen my name on the marquee, that’s the end. I don’t wait for the incident to take place in my world to move from one to the other to another, leading up to that; I dwell in the end. So, if I go to the very end, what would it be like were it true?”

He saw the world through the eyes of his future self. There is a vast difference between thinking of your desired reality and living from it. Thinking of what you desire never works, because if you tell the universe you want something, then it means you’re also telling it that you do not already have it. Live as though your dreams are already a reality─live as your future self, now and at the appointed time, you’ll wake up as your future self─with the Pearl of Great Price in your heart, ready to share this wonderful news with others. 

How would you think and feel if you were already the person you desire to be? If you don’t know who you wish to become─then do some soul searching, seek clarity on what it is you truly want, and not what everyone else believes you should want. This universe is your playground, so play the game of life consciously─once you do, you’ll behold the creative power of your imagining faculty, which Goddard defined as Christ Himself. 

Thank you for reading

Rei Rei (Featuring Neville Goddard)


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