Cancer & Capricorn: Emotional Mastery

The Moon represents, among other things, one’s emotional state and Saturn, the linear space/time illusions that hijack our perception. This duality is the battle between the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother and the Father of Lies, Saturn or Satan for your windows of perception.

The sign Cancer, and her ruling body, the Moon, are the Divine Feminine of the Zodiac. She is the Holy Spirit within the Natal Chart, which is the Mother of the Universe, contrary to popular Christian dogma, which claims the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all Masculine energies.

Notice how the Moon is the fastest mover in the Horoscope? This is because our emotional state changes all the time─the way we feel is in constant flux as change is the only constant in creation. Learning how to make your preferred state second nature, is the lesson inherent in the mastery of your Moon.

Mother Mary, who in the Catholic tradition is known as the bride of the Holy Spirit, is said to be Mother of the Word, the Word, being her Son, Jesus Christ or the Christ Consciousness. The Word of God is the intelligence of the Divine that formed the universe. Similarly, in Hindu tradition, the Word is known Aum, which has three innate sources of intelligence, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Hindu trinity is known by Aum-Tat-Sat with Aum being feminine in nature, carrying the Son, or Tat, within her womb.

Mother of the Word, Mary

The Moon, in of herself, has no light of her own; however, she reflects the light of the Sun, which helps us to see during the darkness of the night. This is the role, the cosmic sound of Aum or OM has in our lives─meditating on this Holy Vibration allows us to be guided by the light or intelligence of the infinite Christ Consciousness. One of Mary’s names is Stella Maris, which means the star of the sea─she carries the light or intelligence within her womb that helps can guide us back to the shores of divine consciousness amidst the tumultuous waves or dualities of life.

“He who knows Aum, knows God.” ─Patanjali

The opposing sign to Cancer is Capricorn, the goat, which is ruled by Saturn. In Greek Mythology, Saturn is known by the name, Chronos or Kronos, and is the God of time. Satan is said to be the ultimate illusionist because he represents the linear framework that eclipses our perception the moment we enter this world. However, this isn’t a negative thing, inherently, because without this experience of linear time, how could we experience a process of growth and change? There can be no growth from a timeless state─which is the state of the soul. 

Lady Capricorn with Her Demonic horns: An Artistic Impression

From an Eastern perspective, Satan is known as Maya, which simply means illusion. However, Maya is also an aspect of the creative force of the universe that gives us the experience of separation, and without that experience, there’d be no universes, physical, astral or causal to play with on the stage the life. Many associate demons with having the legs and heads of goats, because Saturn, Capricorn (the goat) is correlated with the Satanic force that limits and blinds our consciousness from its true nature in God. Mastery of the Satanic or Saturnian energies is to understand reality from a linear and a nonlinear perspective, simultaneously. When you realise that you exist on both levels, physically and nonphysically, then you’ve brought Heaven down to Earth. 

The Divine, as well as the Demonic, use synchronicity to sway your conviction. When you’re in a positive state, have you noticed how life flows effortlessly? Signs, circumstances and people who are to help you achieve your goals appear out of nowhere─this is the universe (which is nothing but a mirror of your state of being) showing you that you’re aligned with the integrity of your soul.

Conversely, when locked in undesirable states such as fear, depression, anxiety, self-loathing and so on, you only perceive things that reinforce those emotions within you. Even the synchronicity will show you signs to justify why you should be depressed, miserable and so on.

There is a reason why the Devil is called the Father of Lies, it’s because the synchronicity you experience when locked in negative states are all lies─this is due to the underlying unconscious beliefs generating the state also being lies, illusions. It’s simply Maya trying to get you to identify with separation from the source, when in truth, at your centre, you are already One with the Divine.

Cancer is a fast moving energy, symbolised by the Moon while Saturn likes to slow things down. Mastery over one’s emotional state is to metaphorically slow the moon down so you can more easily feel and perceive the way you prefer. To achieve this, you must become more conscious, and notice when the synchronicity is attempting to reinforce negative or fear-based beliefs in your mind. When the Devil cant trigger you anymore, then his Satanic (limiting) beliefs have lost their power over you. Laugh in the face of the falsities that surround you and be anchored in the truth of your divine nature.

Angelic forces are also, all around you if you have the eyes to see them. They are guiding and encouraging you to go after your heart’s innermost desires without fear. Flow with the synchronicity that’s aligned with your integrity and bring into focus those that are not.

Perception is power, don’t hand it over to limiting forces otherwise, they’ll convince you to self-sabotage your experience of life, keeping you trapped in the prickled nest of the known, instead of experiencing your purpose in the unknown. This is why for most people, the North Node doesn’t begin awakening in their chart until after the Saturn Return, which is a deep review of the first 29.5 years of their life. 

To summarise, you must become conscious of your emotions at all times, and listen to what they are telling you. Emotions reflect your perception of your environment, so if your perception is misaligned, then so will be your feelings. Listen unto the loving, soothing call of the Divine Mother, who loves and accepts every aspect of you─light and dark. Close your eyes and imagine, Mary, Isis, Kali or Durga, or any other expression of the Divine holding you. Slience the inner critic between your ears and move into alignment with your true self.

Where do Capricorn and Cancer fall in your chart? Can you relate the message of this post to your own experience of life? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading

─Rei Rei: Yogastrologer 

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