Astrology: Inspiration, Not Divination

We live in an ever-increasingly uncertain world, as 2020 came to a welcome close, for many, who hope that 2021 will be the bearer of better news. However, the issues we’ve seen in the world haven’t gone away overnight since the proverbial clock struck midnight on December 31st. As the energies of the galactic centre increases in frequency, sending ripples of cosmic intelligence and wisdom throughout the galaxy, this world, and many others are in the ascension process. Before we can realise our nonlinear nature, however, we must, first and foremost, become familiar with the conditionings of the timebound mind that keep us believing we’re linear beings.

Embracing the unknown is essential in this respect. Yet, so many Astrologers utilise the science merely for prediction. They’re desperate to see what the future or at least potential future forecast looks like because they’re afraid of not knowing, but not knowing is the beginning of wisdom.

I personally, do not use Astrology to predict the future, simply because I understand that everything we see in the horoscope is a potential. When astrology was first brought into existence, it was a science correlated with the inner planets of the chakras, and how each energy centre in the spine serves not only different bodily functions, but also contain various powers of Siddhas as the rishis of ancient India called them. It was only sometime later that the chakras were correlated with the planets, because as within, so without. The sky we perceive with our eyes reflects the innermost sky of our being that we see with our third eye of intuitive perception. Astrology, in it’s purest form was a tool to help people realise cosmic consciousness─to merge with their inner Sun, their core self or consciousness, which is the light of the world, that giveth light to all other aspects of their nature.


In your essence, you are nothing but consciousness, a vibration of light and information that is unique unto you. No other being in the whole of existence can match your vibration; it belongs to you and nobody else. Your consciousness is the centre point from which your universe emerges. Paramahansa Yogananda said: “The universe is centre everywhere, circumference nowhere” for this reason. Every point of consciousness is a universe in of itself.

Your consciousness split itself, compartmentalised itself into many layers and forms so you can experience life in the physical, astral and mental spheres of existence. All aspects of your physical incarnation such as your body, appearance, mind, emotional body and the Higher Self are symbolised by various planets in your horoscope, which orbits the Sun that sits in the centre of the solar system. All the planets are also made up of your essence, but the central Sun, or your consciousness also, remains in its pure form.

Ever been the movies? Have you ever looked back and saw from the director’s box the projector beam that makes the film appear on the screen? This same analogy can be used, not only for the solar system without but also for the celestial sky within. Because time isn’t really linear, even though your consciousness fragmented itself, it also still exists in its pure form. This enables you to be in touch with your essence while also experiencing many other facets or shards of your creative power. The Sun is a projector light, beaming all the other planets into existence.


How many times do people use the excuse, “Oh it’s a full moon, that’s why I’m mad!” or “Mercury is in retrograde, that’s why I’m late for my appointment.” or “The Moon’s squaring my Mars, it’s pissing me off!” The issue with this way of thinking, believing the planets affect you is that you’re not only giving your power away to external influences but also not understanding Astrology properly as a whole. The planets do not affect you─they reflect what is already happening within your consciousness. This article may piss some people off, but only because I’m telling them that they, themselves, are responsible for the way they think, feel, believe and behave at all times. Planetary stimuli may feel real, but in truth, it’s people’s unconscious definitions and reactions to circumstances that create their life.

“Superstitious awe of astrology makes one an automaton, slavishly dependent on mechanical guidance. The wise man defeats his planets — which is to say, his past — by transferring his allegiance from the creation to the Creator.” ─Sri Yukteswar Giri

To know God, the Creator, you must manage your state of being consciously by taking accountability for your life. The planets are always working for you─either to reflect more of what’s in your unconscious so you can integrate it and regain your wholeness of being, or to reinforce the blessings you’ve earned as a result of living in harmony with existence.

If people utilised their chart in a way to help them grow beyond their limitations and activate their North Node, then they’d go beyond needing external factors to manage their state of being. Just as the Sun is dependent on none of the planets to shine, so too can you realise a deep sense of fulfilment, independent of what happens to you. The light within you desires to come out, so you can shine it on the darkness within others, who need your warmth and compassion. Do not deprive the world of the blessing hidden within you. Do not look at your chart with the doom and gloom assumptions─all circumstances and aspects of your horoscope are neutral until you define them as either expanding or limiting.

So, in conclusion─you have the creative power of the divine within you. Do not be afraid of it─use it consciously and create the life you want in your heart of hearts because every single next moment is a blank page dependent upon what you do, in this moment.

Thank you for reading

Rei Rei: YogAstrologer

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Rei Rei is an Astrologer, Author and Teacher from Liverpool, England. He is dedicated to creating a more coherent and compassionate society.

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