Are those Memories even yours?

We live in a world whereby almost everyone derives their sense of self through the memories that unceasingly spin on the carousel of their mind, but are those memories even yours? What recent scientific studies on memory have revealed is that in some people, up to 50% of them are false. That’s because we make stuff up and believe it to give our identity continuity. 

Maybe this is why so many people’s thoughts haunt them daily because they allow those lies to define them. Most of the pain we experience, whether physical, mental and emotional is self-created, on some level. Negative thoughts, feelings and unconscious perceptions can have a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing if we allow them to control every aspect of our lives.

The mind is so powerful that even if you create a false memory and believe that it happened to you, it would shape your biology in the same way as a real one. In some mental health practices, therapists instruct their patients to create happy, false memories for this very reason. This is because the brain can’t differentiate between experiences in the outer world and a thought in your inner world; those too, effect your neurology in the same way. 

“So if you wake up in the morning and start to think about your problems, the moment you think about the memory of that problem, you’re thinking in the past. Since each memory has an emotion associated with it, the moment you feel that emotion, the body is now in the past. Because thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body, now your brain and body are completely in the past. As a result, when you feel unhappy, frustrated, sad, or deflated from the memories of your problems, your body doesn’t know the difference between the real-life event or the memory that is creating those emotions. Thus, if those negative emotions are driving your thoughts, and you can’t think greater than how you feel, you are thinking in the past. As your feelings become your means of thinking, you create more of your past.”

-Dr Joe Dispenza

Let’s take this concept a step further. What if no memories are false, but they belong to experiences other versions of you are having in alternate timelines? Stay with me. The frequency on our world has elevated over the last few decades we’re witnessing the collective become more aware of phenomena’s such as synchronicities and the Mandela Effect, being just two examples. 

Synchronicity and the Mandela Effect are proof that time isn’t linear; we just believe it is. If this is true, then all our experiences, past, present and future, must coexist simultaneously in the same moment; the eternal now. 

The Mandela Effect, especially shows how parallel realities or alternative timelines exist in the multiverse. We’re going beyond theory into the experience, collectively speaking. Millions, worldwide believe that their past was slightly different than it is today, and you know what, they’re not wrong! 

Regardless of all the chaos ensuing around us, humanity is waking up. When a person discovers who they are; they still have to integrate the baggage in their unconscious that tries to reinforce who they’re not. Similarly, our civilisation is in the stage of its evolution where its dissolving collective lies. Everything that happens in our world, is reflective of the changes occurring in the collective consciousness. As an example, the great effort to rid the world’s oceans of plasticity. The oceans symbolise of humanity’s emotional body with the plastic, the baggage, symbolic of the fear-based beliefs at the root of our collective traumas.  

Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka, is an extraterrestrial being from 700 years in the future. He teaches that every moment we experience, linearly speaking, is the same moment of the eternal now from a different perspective. But he also takes the concept of memory to another different level. He claims that when we make changes within our consciousness, our perception, that we not only change our future, but also alter the past! 

So, maybe those who scientists claim have false memories moved to a timeline where the memories between their ears are no longer relevant to them? What if the thoughts in our head belong to a different version of us that exists in an alternate timeline? And more importantly, what if the only thing perpetuating your trauma is the belief that the memories between your ears are yours when there’s a chance they’re not! I touch on this in my new version of my book:

“Scientists have conducted experiments on memory, and the results were conclusive; in some cases, their test subject’s memories were up to fifty-per cent incorrect. People make stuff up and believe it to add a sense of continuity to their personality.

Maybe their memories aren’t wrong per se; perhaps they changed themselves to such an extent that the person they are now has a different past? In my experience, I recognise that the changes I’ve made within myself have taken me to a different timeline; altering my past and potential future to align with the version of myself I’ve become. These multidimensional concepts are difficult to fathom at first, and I can only write from my perspective; what my mind tells me are my past experiences, however, feel anything but mine!

As an overview, the fact that we’re capable of going beyond our personality proves that it’s an illusion. When you see that the continuity of the old self is being perpetuated by your unconscious decision to align with the idea that the past has moulded you, then you’ll be able to connect to other versions of yourself. The present moment is your place of power; from this space, you can align with any past or a future version of yourself; cease believing you’re limited to just the one between your ears. Be malleable; fluid; be whatever life calls you to be!”

-The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Rewired Edition)

On this note, let’s focus on building a new self with future memories. Earlier, when I mentioned how some therapists tell their patients to create happy, uplifting memories so that they can feel elevated emotions such as gratitude and love again, these memories also, aren’t false. According to Bashar, anything you can imagine is real in some reality because we’re incapable of imagining nonexistence. Thus, if we design a model of how we wish our future to look, we can signal our genes and mould our biology to match our desired self ahead of the experience. All versions that of you that could imagine or remember exists in the eternal now. The multiverse is a library of emotional states or versions of yourself you can choose to embody at any given moment.

“You’re either defined by a vision of the future or the memories of the past.”

Dr Joe Dispenza

Physical reality, for the most part, mirrors your state of being. Your perception of the outer world is formed by how you think, feel, believe and behave. When you wake up in the morning after a good nights sleep, you have a choice to either continue perpetuating programs that don’t serve you or to embody your future self, but how does one go about in doing the latter?

While in the process of imagining a future self, you can go as far up the timeline, linearly speaking, as you wish. If you want to become the version of you from five or ten years into the future, then you must have an idea of what you want to do and who you wish to become within that timescale. 

Let’s say you wish to embody the state of your future self, five years from now. What would you want to have already accomplished in five years time? How would you feel daily if you were already that person? Close your eyes and imagine being them. If you wish to be wealthier or more successful in your chosen profession, then imagine scenes of you buying things you can’t afford today, or being awarded for your accomplishments. Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work hard to become who you wish to be in five years, but what imagining and connecting that version does is give you access to their wisdom, intelligence, insight and inspirations. This enables you to become even better at doing what you love to do. If you practice this consistently and also become aware of the programs within you that contradict the blueprint you’ve built, then you’ll behold your reality bend to your intentions.

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We must supply a model of our future self and hand it over to the Higher Self, which is beyond linear time. Once we provide a blueprint for the self we wish to become and align our beliefs, actions and thoughts and emotions with it, then life can do nothing but support us in our endeavours. 

So, in summary, memories are false on one level, but on another, they’re not. It all depends on the level one of one’s perception. On the level of the time-bound physical mind or ego then yes, most of your memories are no longer relevant to you. But from the Higher Self’s perspective then all memories, true or fabricated, are representative of the timelines you have or could shift to via your unconscious belief in their validity. 

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