Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes

When it comes to Karmic Astrology: The moon’s nodes are the most essential aspect of the natal chart, without question. The awareness of these karmic points came to the west when Martin Schulman wrote his revolutionary book, Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation. Wherever the lunar nodes fall in your natal chart, largely determines the karmic themes, you, as a consciousness, have chosen to explore before being born into physical reality. An astrological analysis of the moon’s nodes can assist you in making the karmic transition from the illusions of the past to a clearer vision of the future.

“The Nodes are actually points of soul magnetism, one pulling toward the future and one coming from the past. The pocess which we call life is to blend these two into a median of happiness for the individual, so that his present incarnation is a symbol of his transition from the past to the future.”

-Martin Schulman (Karmic Astrology volume one)

Many believe the present conditions of their life are random or accidental; other more religious people believe their creator flung them from heaven, down into this reality. As an astrologer, and having observed literally thousands of people’s charts over the last decade, it’s become clear to me that the time and location of one’s birth is predestined. We’re born when the heavenly bodies are in mathematical alignment with our karmic blueprint.

What is Karmic Astrology?

Many erroneously define karma as some sort of a punishment system. Set up by a wrathful God who sits on his laptop, recording our sins in some confined corner of space-time. This assumption stems from deep-seated unconscious religious programming and couldn’t be further from the truth.

Karma has two aspects─the first is the law of cause and effect. Physical reality is a reflection of your state of being, which consists of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and the behaviours. Man reaps what he sows (the way he percieves his reality).

The second is the themes we’ve chosen to explore in the spirit realm. Many ask me, why would I want such a difficult life, or why would people in third-world countries choose starvation and famine? My answer is, we don’t choose our life as an ego that is spellbound by the illusion of linearity, we do as an immortal consciousness. In this state we know nothing that happens to us in the world can tarnish our indestructible core.

Karmic Astrology then, is an evolutionary form of astrology that helps people achieve the destiny their soul agreed to before incarnating. By overcoming the challenges in the South Node, one awakens the seed of their North.

Dissolving Limitations

Life is a game of self-discovery and the natal chart is your karmic roadmap to the Promised Land of your true self. I explain all of this in my new book, The Labyrinth: Rewired Edition. (order here).

“It is a scientific fact that between the ages zero to six, children are significantly more receptive to their surroundings than during adulthood. Their brain is locked in theta brain waves, which are akin to a recording device. They absorb beliefs, behaviours, and mimic other’s reactions merely by observing the people around them. Children have what is known by neuroscientists as mirror-neurons, which means their brain is wired in such a way so they can copy everything they experience in their outer environment. As a result, their family, friends, schoolteachers, and pretty much everyone in their society, has contributed, in some way, to conditioning them to fit in with their culture.

No one is to blame; this book isn’t about pointing the finger at others, as you chose your culture before you incarnated in the physical plane. The limitations you’ve inherited are the challenges you’ve agreed to overcome in this life. You came to this world to play the game of self-discovery, to unveil your true self amidst a plethora of darkness, limitations, and illusions. Physical incarnations are self-imposed on a level of consciousness your thinking mind cannot fathom; acceptance of this reality, however, can work wonders.”

The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

Linear Time: The Great Deceiver

The illusion of linearity hypnotises us the moment we come out of the womb. As we experience physical reality where everything appears to be happening linearly, we become spellbound with a moment to moment awareness without realising that all experiences are the same moment from a different perspective.

“What you call the past, what you call the future, are the same moment from a different point of view.” ─Bashar, Channelled by Darryl Anka

All realities exist now. All versions of yourself you could possibly imagine and embody also exist in the here and now. The present moment is the window to all experiences, all realities. If this is true, then the concept of reincarnation must be an illusion as all lives exist simultaneously.

I had an experience in 2010 during a profoundly deep meditation where I made contact with a blue, ethereal humanoid ET. The being told me he’s from Sirius B─and that he’s my future self. I was gobsmacked, initially because this experience peeled the linear, space-time illusion from my windows of perception. I realised that every incarnation has its own individualised soul and that clusters of individual souls merge to form what is known as the Oversoul.

The Oversoul Collective

From the perspective of the spirit realm, the Oversoul is beyond linear time and is the highest level of your being, vibrationally speaking. It experiences all of your incarnations simultaneously and makes subconscious connections between many of those lives. You may feel a deep connection to Japan, for example, and that’s because you, as the Oversoul, have a life living there but the you in America, as an individual soul never lived in Japan. We’re connected to different aspects of our Oversoul and often draw information, knowledge and even take on some of their traits, behaviours and skillsets. As the Oversoul you’ve lived all over the universe, in many galaxies but as an individual soul, you only have this life, so make the most of it.

The Moon’s Nodes

Now that you have an understanding of karma and how the universe is structured, let’s examine two of the most karmic points in the natal chart─the Moon’s Nodes.

Many believe the South Node represents past lives, and the traits you’re bringing into this life as a result of your karma from previous lives. But true Astrology is beyond linearity. We need to transcend these space-time (Saturnian) illusions to perceive the truth as Saturn is the Father of lies himself (Satan).

What’s actually happening in the South Node is precisely what I wrote a few paragraphs above about us subconsciously being connected with other lives in our Oversoul, taking on their traits, sometimes even talents and hobbies.

Many have a dull perception of the South Node, but for me, I see it as the karmic seed through which the lotus of the North Node must blossom from. Until one masters their South Node, by completing the karmic themes associated with it, they won’t be able to move into their destiny and align with their true, magnetic North Node.

The Oversoul seeks to learn and expand through it’s individualised soul’s experiences. It has made the connections you have in the South Node for an important reason. The South Node then, is the best place to start when you’re seeking self-improvement in the birth chart. You must close the karmic connections with the co-existing lives’ who’s traits hold you back from embodying your true self. Take what works for you from their lives and throw the rest away, as no person has ever been perfect in the totality in creation. Yet, that imperfection is perfect as the stars can’t shine without darkness. Through the illusions present in the South Node, you’re able to glimpse the light of your true self.

The Promise of the North Node

The North Node represents experiences your Oversoul has yet to experience, thus, it very much represents the unknown, which is of course, scary to most people. Many prefer to live below their potential because they feel safe while doing so in their South Node, but let me state that your comfort zone is anything but comfortable!

Living below yourself is one of the most harmful things you can do. Fear-based emotions, if induldged in too much over time, break the mind and body down. It is a scientific fact that if overindulged in over a long period that the hormones of stress create disease. You must burst out of the cocoon of society’s beliefs and soar to new heights if you’re to realise and awaken the promise of your purpose in the North Node.

“It may be challenging initially to embrace a new set of feelings. Leaving the comfort zone, of course, is going to be difficult since your body is chemically addicted to wallowing in the same emotions. This is why it’s common for people’s fight or flight response to activate when an unfamiliar situation arises. They panic because they believe all that’s unknown to them poses a threat to their survival. There is a threat in the unknown, not to your true self, but the old self─and this conditioned aspect of the mind knows this.”

The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

The universe expands through the experiences we have. Consciousness is the origin of existence is constantly evolving its understanding through us. The source is ready to experience something new through you; it desires to write a new story through your life─a story of victory, success and integrity.

As a result of the karmic themes, you, as an Oversoul chose for the individual soul, your North Node is aligned with your true passions and excitement. What is it thatsets your soul ablaze? What creative activity plunges your consciousness into the purifying fires of the present moment? Your passion is no coincidence; you love what you love because you’re here to do just that.

Eternal Students

Sometimes, what we love isn’t something we’re particularly good at. This is one of the major stumbling blocks in the awakening of the North Node. Most are afraid to suck at something initially while they go through the process of mastering a new skillset. Talents are rarely mastered without practice and dedication. Rafael Nadal, for example, never become a twenty-time grand slam champion simply because he was born to play tennis. He’s put in thousands of hours of hardwork and dedication, mastering the sport on the practice court.

So, whatever you choose to do, trust in the process and embrace the unknown, also have confidence in your ability to figure things out and get things done. You’re a lot smarter when you’re aligned with existence. Move into alignment, blossom like a rose, but even the rose has thorns. Allow your imperfections to be perfections─use them as contrast to see, where life wants to take you!

Thank you for reading.

-Rei Rei

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