Newsflash: You Don’t Kill the Ego!

I’ve heard so many people assert, with great conviction, that the path to enlightenment and true inner peace is to kill their ego; what they don’t understand, however, is that without ego, you couldn’t exist as an individual being. The individuality of the ego goes far beyond the physical realm.

Many mistakenly define the voice in the head as their ego; they correlate their conditioning with their individuality. But, if people are conditioned to fit in with society by adopting the same beliefs, perspectives and tendencies then that’s the complete opposite of individuality. All too often, people lose their true self by immersing themselves in the stream of society only to realise that they’re not being who they are; but who everyone else believes they should be.

“Most of the things we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us are false notions we have unconsciously bought into from the minds of other people as we were growing up. This is the complete opposite of individuality, yet many define our social conditioning as our ego; see the contradiction? Our ego is our individuality and has nothing to do with what we’re told to be by others!”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

The conditioning impressed upon the ego isn’t the ego, but simply beliefs and behaviours one has installed into their mind as a result of their past experiences.

In the picture above, we see a wonderful illustration of what I’m saying. The true ego is a blank canvas or in this case, a blank house. You get to decide what colour you’ll paint it, which door you’ll have, what kind of fence and so on.

Our true self isn’t even a person, but consciousness. In this cosmic drama, we call existence, we’re playing the role of a human being. If you’ve incarnated as a human (which I’m sure you have if you’re reading this), beyond this reality in the more subtle astral realm, you’ll still be you; a person, with a spark of individuality no other being in existence, is capable of replicating.

Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, so too is every sentient being in the universe dowered with individuality. No one is capable of being you, and that is your power so embrace it. Why would you want to kill that aspect of yourself? Your true personality is divine. ‘Spiritual’ people desiring the kill their ego are being fooled by the belief that they can’t be a soul and a person, simultaneously. That is what life is all about; finding that subtle balance, a foot in each world, being in the world but not off it.

“At the most fundamental level of our beings, we’re all projections of a single universal consciousness; we are all one in this sense. The ego, however, exists for a very divine and specific purpose; let us accept our oneness as a fact so we can simultaneously thrive in our God-given individuality. We maintain our individuality for a reason: without it, we wouldn’t even exist as physical beings! The reason we possess an ego is to enjoy our experience in the physical realm and to express our true selves through it. We are all musical instruments and God, the cosmic composer, plays a unique song through each of us; the ego is the instrument.” ─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind


The Hindu God, Sri Krishna, is often depicted playing the flute, which is symbolic of the spine and its seven chakras or energy centres. As I say in the Labyrinth in the quote above, the divine wishes to express itself through each and every one of us in a unique way; becoming homogenous isn’t the point of having a human life.

Your individual focus is your ego; you’ll always appear as separate from other beings and perceive the reality in front of you, whether its physical or astral, through a set of eyes. Refining your ego by dissecting the unconscious beliefs and behaviours that aren’t aligned with your true self is the purpose of the awakening journey. When you let go of what you’re not, you embody who you’ve always been.

The voice in your head isn’t your true ego, it’s a false entity who pretends to be you. When you believe in the lies between your ears, they define you. When you’re able to watch your thoughts without believing them, then you’re on the path of discovering your true self, not only as a soul but as personality.

When I look back throughout history at some of the most influential human beings, such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Beethoven, Mozart, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Bruce Lee or John Lennon; these people had a strong personality that was able to rouse the divine spark in others and influence them positively. They fully accepted themselves and their lives are reflective of that acceptance.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” ─Oscar Wilde

Contrary to popular belief, you can accept the truth of our oneness while simultaneously embracing our individuality. In fact; there’s no other way to live a happy life. Human beings are social creatures; a collective consciousness. We aren’t meant to live alone, but together, with our family and friends, embracing life in its totality.

Our collective resembles a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece representing a person. You’ve been designed by the divine as a specific shape and size; this is your true self. But if you’re being someone you’re not, then you won’t fit into the puzzle picture. By believing your fitting in, you’re actually ostracising yourself from the collective consciousness. Again, people believe their conditioning (who they’ve been told to be by others) is their ego but its the complete opposite. You can only fit in with the collective by shunning those lies and expressing your soul qualities through an untarnished ego, which is divine.

The soul, in a sense, is the ego if you think about it. If your consciousness is one with all that is, then the concept of an individualised soul is illusory; the ego is that illusion. Not all illusions are negative; this one is a necessary component to have a physical experience.

As you saw in the illustration above, the decoration of the house isn’t the house. Once you become truly present and mindful of what you’re doing the canvas of the ego turns blank again. I touch on this in my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. 

“This is why Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese master, said the universe surrenders to the mind that’s still. This is because the canvas of the physical realm turns blank every time you become still. He understood the neutrality of all things and that we can easily change how we look at the circumstance at hand when we’re able to go back to zero. When a challenging circumstance manifests in your life, go within, retreat into the core of your being and be still. All the answers to your questions, all the solutions to your challenges are inside of yourself, and nowhere else.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

So, embrace your individuality; you have it for a reason. There is nothing, nonspiritual about physical reality because every single atom is made from spirit, consciousness. Align with your integrity and strip the colours from your house that don’t truly represent who you are.

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