Getting Creative: Building a Future Self

The illusion of linear time hypnotises us the second we come out of the womb. Quantum Physicists are discovering, however, that on the most fundamental level of reality, all things, people, places, realities, events─literally the entirety of creation co-exists, simultaneously in an invisible field of energy and information─this field is the Quantum Field. 

The darkness we experience behind closed eyes during deep meditation is this very field. When done correctly, we transcend our timebound mind, personality and identification with our mortal coil and go beyond linearity in the non-physical domain. This field cannot be experienced with the physical senses, but only perceived as awareness; it is from this place that all conscious creation takes place. 

The Quantum Field is the void from which all things in existence arise. Any reality you can conceive of already exists; including all the versions of yourself, you can imagine.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” ─Mohammed Ali 

Many allow their past experiences to define them. Yet, it is only the belief that those experiences are theirs, which keeps them defined by timelines which may not be relevant to who they are today. What do I mean? Stay with me here because these multi-dimensional concepts can be challenging to grasp initially.

Every change we make in our inner world a complete change, we not only change our future the past is just as malleable! In a nutshell, a total transformation is a shift to another timeline; when we move to a parallel reality more reflective of the new state of being or version of ourselves that we’ve become. 

I’ll give you an example to illustrate the point I’m making. My memories tell me that I used to be a drug addict from the tender age of fourteen to twenty-three. After a spiritual experience in 2010, however, (literally) everything changed. I won’t go into the details of the experience now, but I assure you that I woke up the next day a completely different person. I felt the shift, viscerally. I had new desires, new goals, motivations, but most importantly, I had no cravings for any form of intoxicants. I feel as if I never suffered from the addictions in the first place, and the reality is that it’s true! In this particular timeline, I never was a drug addict; even if my memories try to remind me that I was one. 

Fast forward over a decade later, and I’m still free from those addictions that were in my consciousness. When I reflect upon the memories between my ears, though, the majority of them feel like someone else’s. The changes that occurred within me were so radical, they feel like someone else’s experiences, and that’s because they are.

However, if we continue to believe the memories in our head are our own, thus allowing experiences from a different timeline to define us, they still affect our brain and biology the same way real experiences do. This is because our perception of ourselves signals our gene expression. Belief is a powerful force, and for the most part, it is an unconscious process within a person until they endeavour to become conscious of what’s going on inside them. 

Self-awareness is the basis of shadow work, but that is all its for─to know thyself. The Tibetan definition of the word, Meditation, means to become familiar with, but familiar with what? The more aware you become of your true self, then the more aware you become of what isn’t by contrast. Most people are programmed to resist their shadow, and this only reinforces the illusions of the past within them and consequently, keeps them defined by timelines they’re no longer on!

The good news is that in the same way one focuses on the past and reinforces tendencies and habits via their association, so too can we focus on the future selves we wish to become and prime our brain and body ahead of the experiences relevant to them.

“You’re either defined by a vision of the future or the memories of the past.” ─Dr Joe Dispenza 

How do we envision a future self?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to get clear on what you want your future to look like; a clear intention is vital. Once you know what you want, you can imagine being in that particular timeline, having the experiences that version of yourself is having in the eternal now. It is essential to be as specific and detailed as you can as this creates a clear intention. Think of intention as a blueprint you’re handing over to your higher self. The better the blueprint, the better the non-physical aspect of your consciousness can operate as it has more to work with. 

Most keep their dreams at arm’s length because they lack clarity on what they really want, or who they wish to become. So, the first step is to be clear on who you want to be. Changing your mind all the time is the same as handing one blueprint over to the universe, then while the higher self is in the process of building that reality, you tell it to scrap it and hand it another, and another, and another. Until you’ve become old a lot faster than you should have because you’ve allowed the hormones of stress to dictate your life. 

If you don’t know what you want, then I encourage you to do some soul searching to discover what you’re truly passionate about in life. Follow your passions, and they’ll lead you to your purpose. 

The next step is to accept the reality you’re in now. Acceptance is the key to any real, lasting changes because resistance to what you do not prefer only reinforces it in your reality. So, if you have certain tendencies or a living situation, you don’t like right now, first of all, acknowledge and accept it. The reality you’re in now is the result of your state of consciousness, and to shift your state you must, first of all, acknowledge and allow the energy of your present state to flow. Resistance to what is only blocks the energy, thus, you won’t be able to move through what you do not prefer. 

After accepting and acknowledging your present reality, it’s time to connect to the future reality, linearly speaking, of your preference. You can move as far up the timescale as you wish to. You might wish to connect with the you in a years time or five or ten─again, this is up to you. This process is different and unique for every person. 

Once you know the timescale you wish to connect to, then begin to build the blueprint of the self you wish to become within that time. Write down or copy and paste these questions below and then answer them; this will help you map out a clear intention. 

What has your future self achieved what you haven’t yet? What do they think and feel daily? What are their passions and excitements? How do they wake up each day? How do they sleep at the end of each day? What is their living situation? How do they treat their loved ones? How do they treat strangers? How do they communicate with others? What are their goals and ambitions? What dreams have they realised? How do they strive for self-improvement daily? What motivates them? What limiting beliefs have they dissolved? What bad habits have they overcome? 

If you can conjure up more questions to help you build a future self then, by all means, do so. The questions above are just examples, edit them in whatever way serves you best, they are to help you get a feel for the blueprint you wish to create. 

Once you’ve built the model, the next step is to take note of any beliefs or ideas within you that contradict your vision. If you have limiting beliefs in your unconscious that make you resist what you truly prefer, then your belief in such ideas will only keep your dreams at arm’s length. Clearing yourself out of the clutter that doesn’t align with your vision is essential in this process. 

We’re at our most creative when we get beyond what we’ve always believed defines us as a personality. In our natural state, there is no person; only pure consciousness. When we become no-thing, we merge with all that is in the Quantum Field, the realm of possibilities. To make ripples in the fabric of space-time, you’re going to have to, first and foremost, get beyond what you’ve always believed is your identity. This is where meditation comes into play, as meditation takes you beyond the you as a person and the masks that person wears, into your true, nonlinear nature.

The next step is visualisation. Meditate in a dark, quiet space. Disconnect from your outer environment, your body, your senses, become aware of awareness itself in the void of the Quantum Field. In deep stillness, with the blueprint of your clear intention already mapped out, imagine, envision what it would be like to be that person. How would it feel? What is their state of being─embody it now. What situations would you like to experience as that person? Imagine doing that from a deep meditative state. After some time of doing this─open your eyes but keep hold of the feeling for as long as you can. Drop the image! As the image you visualised is only there to connect you to the state of being of your future self. Once you connect to their state, and become that version, look out, the synchronicity in your outer world will begin to reflect those changes.

One thing I’d like to add is that just because you connect to the future self doesn’t mean you won’t have to work to have the life they’re already living. What connecting does is gives you their mindset, their insight and inspirations. You see the world through their eyes; thus, you’ll make better decisions from a higher level of perception. Your work will flow a lot easier, especially creative projects─you’ll feel the wisdom of your future self pour through you as I do right now as I write this blog. 

Consistency is key. You can’t do this once and expect things to change straight away; they might, but it’s highly unlikely. Also, the more energy you give your future self, then the more you’ll dissolve the impressions of the old self. Where you place your attention, your focus is where you place your creative power. Put your attention on a future self, and you’ll effortlessly begin to untangle yourself from those timelines you’ve always believed defines you. One day, you’ll wake up as the future self; ready to conquer the world with love at your centre! 

So, the steps are as follows. I call them the Seven Steps to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

  1. Get clear on what you want (clear intention) (Root Chakra
  2. Accept your present reality (Sacral Chakra)
  3. Move up the timescale (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  4. Build the blueprint of your future self (Heart Chakra
  5. Become aware of the beliefs that aren’t aligned with your vision (Throat Chakra
  6. Visualise being your future self, connect to their state of being (Third Eye Chakra
  7. Drop the image and keep hold of the state (Crown Chakra). 

If you require any assistance in building a Future Self, then why not check out my Future Self Builder.

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