Rewriting the Subconscious

The subconscious operates very much like a computer. Whatever is programmed into it via repetition of certain behaviours and our experiences is what controls the majority of our behaviour and experience of life as a whole until we become conscious of the program!

By the time we reach thirty-five years old, 95% of who we are as a personality is controlled by our subconscious or automatic mind. That means the conscious mind only has 5% of your energy to work with. This is why positive thinking doesn’t work for most people, as their emotions often contradict their thoughts. In order to truly rewrite the program, you have to change your state of being, not just your thoughts!

Your state of being comprises of how you act, how you think, how you feel and what you believe to be most true, at any given moment. Our beliefs are the foundation of all our behaviour. They are essentially the blueprint for our persona and physical reality experience as a whole.

“Your personality creates your personal reality.” ─Dr Joe Dispenza

Your current life is a reflection of the energy you’ve put out on a consistent basis. The external world is very much a mirror of your internal state. Ultimately, your outer world is the program made manifest into tangible form.

Defining your mental and emotional patterns as a computer program can actually help you more easily make the changes you desire. When you realise that most of your automatic thoughts and the emotional reactions to them aren’t really personal but habitual, then you won’t take them personally. You’ll begin to observe them impartially, separating yourself from them. The moment you observe thoughts without allowing them to define is when you disconnect your consciousness from them. This is known by neuroscientists as Metacognition; you literally prune synaptic connections in the brain when you no longer believe them!

The average person has around 80,000 thoughts per day and 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts they had the day before. When one becomes more conscious and lives in the meditative state for some portion of their day then the number of thoughts decreases. The conscious management of your state of being is one of the keys to rewriting the computer program of your subconscious.

If you have fear-based beliefs unknowingly hijacking your windows of perception then you’ll attract, not only circumstances reflective of those beliefs but also synchronicities as well. Responding differently to these signs which try and reinforce your conditioning is the key to going beyond being defined by the program. I touch on this in my book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind.

“Every time you respond differently to a circumstance or synchronicity attempting to reinforce an old belief; you’re dissolving the old self. Repetition rewires the subconscious; the more you react correctly to these illusions, the quicker you’ll dissolve your unconscious associations with them. Also, please remember to stay light-hearted throughout this process; it’s simply a game you’re playing with yourself. When you reach the point where you can laugh at the synchronicities trying to reinforce your old self, you’re on your way to blessedness.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

The majority of these programs were installed in your brain during the first seven years of your life. This is because the brain is in theta brainwaves during our first seven years, and they are literally hypnotic. Another way of getting into the operating system of the subconscious and changing the blueprint is via the practice of Meditation and visualisation. I recently wrote a blog on the benefits of mental rehearsal and how it affects the brain, please click the link below to read it:

The state between sleep and waking state is where the magic happens, so to speak. If you get to that state then you enter the quantum field; that domain where all potentials exist simultaneously. If you’re capable of imagining a specific version of yourself or an experience you wish to have then what you’re imagining already exists in some reality in space-time. All you have to do is consistently change your energy (your state of being) to match that reality and eventually, your outer world will bend to the change you make within yourself!


Here is another technique that’s in my book The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. Neville Goddard, the Christian mystic who taught the Law of Attraction in the United States during the mid-twentieth century, would often this to his students.

“As you lay in bed at night, before you sleep, lay flat on your back, and close your eyes. Now, can you imagine how you would feel if you were already free of the habit? How would you feel if you were the version of yourself you desire to be? What is their state of being? Can you attune to it? Remember, that linear time is an illusion; all versions of you already exist. Embody the state; feel what it would be like to be the person you prefer; think the thoughts you’d be thinking if you were that version. Imagine a friend, visualise them before you; converse with them in your imagination, hear their voice. Tell them that you used to have the habit and that you’ve overcome it, and that you’ll never go back to it again. Imagine them congratulating you; shake their hand, hug them, smell their hair as they embrace you. Visualise what would happen in the outer world if you were to become that version of yourself.

Fall asleep in the feeling of freedom and do it every night until you are. If you desire to be free of illegal substances, alcohol, pornography, or anything else you feel isn’t aligned with your integrity, fall asleep as that version of yourself. When you’re in bed in that lucid state between sleep and waking where you get beyond yourself, you’re in the domain of the Quantum Field. If you persist in falling asleep in the assumption of freedom, it eventually rewires the subconscious; thus, your beliefs and motivations automatically change.”

─The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

You can’t change the ego with the ego: you can’t fix the subconscious with the limited 5% of the conscious mind. Consciousness is required and consciousness means self-awareness─to first of all, become conscious of the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits which no longer serve you and modify them.

Once you change your energy on a consistent basis then your life will change to reflect your new state. Make gratitude your heartbeat and appreciation your breath. Joy is your natural state, once you truly know this you’ll do everything you can to embody it.

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