Your Reaction to the Environment Signals the Gene

For decades, we believed genes created diseases and that there’s no way of avoiding our so-called hereditary curses. We assumed that we’re doomed by our DNA and that there’s no escape. Misconceptions such as these, are being blown out the water by the latest findings in science. We’re living in exciting times, indeed, as we’re not only dissolving generational curses but transcending the concept altogether.

Genes create proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of our body. When we’re living in elevated emotional states such as joy and appreciation, our genes respond by creating healthy proteins equal to those emotions. The autonomic nervous system begins to heal and restore the body, and the immune system is also strengthened when we live in joy and appreciation.

Conversely, when we live via the hormones of stress, the survival gene signalled uses up all of the bodies life force energy because it believes it needs to run, fight or hide to survive. The genes created as a result of the stress response aren’t of good quality─this is how overindulgence in the hormones of stress breaks down the physical body, creating disease.

Conditions such as stress and anxiety break the body down due to the maladaptive inner environment they generate over time. Being conscious of one’s emotional state is the first step one must take if they prefer to live a life of joy, vibrant health and wellbeing.

A bit of realism, of course, as it’s almost impossible to feel joy all the time. Everyone has their triggers─those events, people and circumstances which take them out of their natural state of inner peace and joy. Triggers only pull us out of our true self due to our unconscious reaction to them.

Circumstances, however, no matter how dismal, are rendered powerless without our reaction. The reason the stress response is called the stress response is that it’s our unconscious response to the outer environment, which signals the survival gene.

You’re human─we all get triggered as I just wrote. What matters isn’t that you’re triggered, but how long you choose to dwell in the stress response once you are. Shortening the refractory periods of negative emotional states begins the process of starving your cells of the addictive hormones generated in the brain the moment the survival gene is activated. The more you live in joy and appreciation then you’re body and cells respond positively to the new environment you’re giving them. Your body can be an inferno of hellish, tumultuous emotions or a utopia of light, joy and bliss. The choice becomes yours once you become conscious of your emotional state.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with hypochondria and panic disorder by a therapist because I kept having panic attacks. Losing my best friend of fifteen years, who was my dog, only compounded on top of other issues, I was unconsciously suppressing for years. As I grew up, Mother called me a hypochondriac and often said I was just like her Father, my Grandfather, who also struggled with hypochondria himself.

Knowledge is power. When I stumbled across the work of Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, everything changed. I realised that it wasn’t my genes creating the condition, but that the unconscious belief that I was a hypochondriac literally signalled my genes to express themselves in the same way as my Grandfather’s. The only thing perpetuating the condition was my misaligned perception.

What a profound realisation this was!

At first, it was very uncomfortable. The moment I became fully conscious of that pattern, it got worse. Maybe that’s why they say; ignorance is bliss? The heart palpitations, sweaty palms, bouts of dizziness, sleepless nights seemed to get worse while I integrated the emotional pain trapped in my body due to believing I was someone I was not.

I experienced what some call the dark night of the soul…

I realised, through meditation and shadow work that I had a plethora of fear-based beliefs hijacking my perception, which were perpetuating the condition. Even though it was so painful and uncomfortable for me to stay the same, it felt just as difficult, at first, to leave the familiar and embrace the unknown.

My mind believed I was going to die every day for years. As I look back, I’m thankful for these times, as the stars can’t shine at their brightest unless darkness surrounds them. These so-called, dark days, showed me that I not only yearned to survive but also to thrive. 

The moment I ceased believing that I’m doomed because of my genes, my perception of myself and the world radically changed for the better. Unconsciously gobbling up those beliefs from my Mother, signalled my genes to function in the same ways as my ancestors. And who knows how long that pattern has been in my family? I’m proud to state that it ends with me─no more! I wouldn’t wish that hell upon anyone.

My book, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind, is spreading like wildfire. I wrote it to teach people how to utilise honest methods of introspection and meditation to bring their unconscious programs into consciousness so they can transcend their habitual process and retrieve their energy from the old self:

“Repetition programmes the subconscious mind. You don’t have to think about how to open the refrigerator door, for example, as you’ve done it so many times that it’s become automatic. The subconscious is the habit mind, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. It also contains a host of mental and emotional patterns, that have a considerable impact, not only your behaviour but also the kind of people and situations you attract in your life.

The reprogramming of the subconscious becomes a challenge when a person develops a whirlwind of patterns that sabotage their experience of life. This book aims to help them transform these automatic processes.”

The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind

Our reaction to the outer world signals our genes. All circumstances are neutral until our mind defines them as either beneficial or life-threatening. The conditioned mind often defines situations automatically in a fear-based way because it’s desperate to survive; thus, it believes there’s a threat around every corner to stay safe.

This is no way to live; however, my friends. As I just wrote, you’re here to thrive, not only survive. None of us is getting out of this life alive. We might as well embrace the unknown, go ahead, take the dive!

Our environment is powerful. Quite often, the people we spend the most time with shape our personality. If we’re not careful and selective while interacting with others, we may take on certain traits, beliefs and behaviours which don’t benefit us. Some good people aren’t necessarily good for you. If you spend too much time around them, their destructive tendencies begin to rub off on you. We all have family members and friends with such traits, and may even have some self-sabotaging habits ourselves.

I’m an open book about my past. I was a drug addict for almost a decade of my life. From the tender age fourteen to twenty-three, I was taking all kinds of substances to run away from myself. Why? Because I couldn’t cope with the emotions of the survival gene I was unknowingly switching on at the time. When my addictions dissolved, over a decade ago now) I had to come to terms with why I was geared towards them in the first place.

“It is most important to know that sinners or saints are largely made through the company they keep. If a sinner is willing to mend his ways and decides to live in the company of saints, he is bound to change, while a careless spiritual man will deteriorate in the company of wicked people.”─Paramahansa Yogananda

Even though I’ve overcome the addictions and don’t feel tempted in any way, if I spent time with people doing the drugs in front of me all the time, my genes would (my reaction to my outer environment) express themselves in the same way they did when I was an addict! The result is that my cells would start to crave the drugs once more. Changing your outer environment for the better is tremendously vital for creating a better life. I write from experience and the bottom of my heart.

As Christ once said to his disciples; you can’t put new wine into old wineskins. What he means is you can’t create a new life from an old state of being, and you most certainly can’t if you’re still surrounded by the same people, situations which created your current life. Changes must be made within and without!

Get away from negative influences. Even if you have to leave behind someone you believe is your best friend, they’re most likely only keeping you around to reinforce their inclinations. I had to leave many of my friends behind because their substance abuse wasn’t good for me to be around. You can always fall back into negative patterns. Be careful, as the more you advance on the path, the more darkness you’re able to perceive around you.

Become more conscious of your patterns and habits. Take an honest look at yourself and see where you’re self-sabotaging. Also, take note of your triggers and shorten your refractory periods by meditating and changing your state of being once you’re triggered. The more you starve the old-self who feeds off your survival gene, the more you’re feeding the ever-new-self who feeds off your thrival gene.

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